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LY3I DO2ZZ 04/16 08:33:33z Reply DO2ZZ heard you via ISS{03
DO2ZZ Heard 04/16 08:32:00z Send another SP7DAD-6,IK3ZGB-2{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/16 08:30:21z Send another IW2DMO,EA6XQ-15,F4KMJ,OE5RPP,IU3MEY,DF1AKR-7{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/16 08:29:29z Send another IW2DMO,EA6XQ-15,F4KMJ,OE5RPP{UISS54}
SV3EXT DO2ZZ 04/14 13:29:07z Reply 73{G
DO2ZZ Heard 04/14 13:25:26z Send another EA1BA,EA2BJM-15,ON7EQ-6,OE5RPP,EA6WQ-6,EA6XQ-15{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/14 10:08:25z Send another DF1AKR-7,EA1G,SV2CPH-1,OE6PWE{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/14 10:08:24z Send another NA1SS,F4IPX,EA6XQ-15,SP7DAD-6,DL3TG,IK3ZGB-2,EA4GMY,SA0BSV,
DO2ZZ Heard 04/14 10:07:07z Send another DF1AKR-7,EA1G,SV2CPH-1{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/14 10:05:23z Send another NA1SS,F4IPX,EA6XQ-15,SP7DAD-6,DL3TG,IK3ZGB-2,EA4GMY{UISS54}
TA5AJC-10 DO2ZZ 04/13 14:19:27z Reply TA5AJC heard you via ISS{35
DO2ZZ Heard 04/13 14:11:39z Send another IK2PTR,SV2CPH-1,OE6PWE,IU5FFW,ON4BN,SV2CPH-4,SV3CIX,SV2CPH,
DO2ZZ IK2PTR 04/13 14:08:50z Send another ok 73 tnx Dennis
IK2PTR DO2ZZ 04/13 14:07:30z Reply hi from ik2ptr jn 45pb{m0003
DO2ZZ Heard 04/13 14:07:20z Send another IK2PTR,SV2CPH-1{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/13 14:07:20z Send another OE5RPP,PD5RT,G7UZN,OE5RPP-1,NA1SS,ON7KEI,IK3ZGB-2,SP7CHR-6,
R3PJR DO2ZZ 04/11 10:58:12z Reply Hello from Russia! QTH: Moscow city
DO2ZZ Heard 04/11 10:57:41z Send another OE9KBV,SP2CDN,IW7DOL,IT9BOF,OH5FI,SP7CHR-6,EU1MEV-7,OE6PWE{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/11 10:57:12z Send another EA4GMY,EA1JN-6,EA1CHG-6,G0GOO,EA2EPC,IW6DOA,LA4FPA-6,
ON2ACO DO2ZZ 04/11 10:56:51z Reply 599 73 STAY SAFE!!
DO2ZZ Heard 04/11 10:55:50z Send another OE9KBV{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/11 10:46:59z Send another EA4GMY,EA1JN-6,EA1CHG-6,G0GOO{UISS54}
DL5MCQ DO2ZZ 04/09 14:51:47z Reply ?APRST
SV3SMG DO2ZZ 04/08 16:32:38z Reply 73!!heard u too!!!{TN}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/08 16:27:59z Send another IT9BOF{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/08 16:27:57z Send another 2E1EBX-6,ON7KEI,ON1AJ,F4FEB,ON7BRT,EA7P,NA1SS,SV3SMG-2,
DO2ZZ Heard 04/08 16:27:40z Send another 2E1EBX-6,ON7KEI,ON1AJ,F4FEB,ON7BRT,EA7P,NA1SS,SV3SMG-2{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/07 15:39:22z Send another G1UVY,SQ5NWI-6,OE6PWE{UISS54}
SQ5NWI-6 DO2ZZ 04/07 15:37:48z Reply QSL and 73!{50
DO2ZZ ON4BN 04/07 15:37:37z Send another DO2ZZ thanx 73
ON4BN DO2ZZ 04/07 15:37:00z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS (jurgen)
OZ0AJ-7 DO2ZZ 04/07 14:13:17z Reply Tnx 73 de OZ0AJ
DO2ZZ Heard 04/07 14:02:56z Send another NA1SS,UA1WBM,IU3MEY,LA3SHA-9,OE5RPP,OZ0AJ-7,SQ9DHS,OE5RPP-1,
DO2ZZ Heard 04/07 14:01:14z Send another NA1SS,UA1WBM,IU3MEY,LA3SHA-9{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/07 14:00:34z Send another EA2BJM-15,2E1EBX-6,M7BCE-9,ON4SJB,PE1NTN,G7UZN,ON4BN{UISS54}
DO2ZZ 2E1EBX-6 04/07 13:59:57z Send another DO2ZZ heard you via ISS 73
LA3SHA-9 DO2ZZ 04/07 12:33:26z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
DO2ZZ Heard 04/07 12:32:43z Send another PD5RT,ON7EQ-6,IK3SVW-1,PE1NTN,IW2DMO,ON4BN{UISS54}
IU3MEY DO2ZZ 04/07 12:32:33z Reply OK QSL '73
DO2ZZ IU3MEY 04/07 12:32:17z Send another roger 73
DO2ZZ Heard 04/07 12:31:34z Send another IU3MEY,EA1JN-6,G0GOO,CT1EBQ,ON1AJ,G7UZN{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/07 12:30:46z Send another IU3MEY,EA1JN-6,G0GOO,CT1EBQ,ON1AJ{UISS54}
IU3MEY DO2ZZ 04/07 12:30:36z Reply QSL? '73
DO2ZZ Heard 04/07 12:29:57z Send another IU3MEY,EA1JN-6,G0GOO{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/05 14:00:45z Send another NA1SS,SP7DAD-6,LA3SHA-9,LA3ZA,ON4SJB,SM0TGU,SV2CPH-4{UISS54}
LA3SHA-9 DO2ZZ 04/05 14:00:01z Reply
DO2ZZ Heard 04/05 13:59:04z Send another NA1SS{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 04/05 13:59:04z Send another 2E1EBX-6,EA1JN-6,EB1AO,ON7BRT,ON4BN,SP7CHR-6,SV2CPH-1,
DO2ZZ Heard 04/05 12:29:13z Send another IW7DOL{UISS54}
DO8DC DO2ZZ 04/04 16:57:09z Reply test von do8dc{00
EB1AO DO2ZZ 04/04 16:29:48z Reply RX OK -- 73s Via SAT EB1AO IN52
DO2ZZ Heard 04/04 16:29:22z Send another G0GOO,2E1EBX-6,LA4FPA-6,2E0GZD-7,IK6GZM,DO1THG-9,IW7DVM-6{UISS54}
SQ2KTE DO2ZZ 04/04 14:49:54z Reply Hi from Poland Marcin, 73!{33
SQ2KTE DO2ZZ 04/04 14:49:45z Reply QSL ,73 via ISS{32
DO2ZZ Heard 04/04 14:46:18z Send another EA4GMY,M6MTN-6,IK3ZGB-2,ON4QI,G1UVY,NA1SS,PD5SW-9,ON4SJB{UISS54}
EA1FDQ-6 DO2ZZ 04/01 18:44:30z Reply Heard you via ISS in IN52QK QSL?
DO2ZZ DM2FDO 03/31 16:28:53z Send another ok 73
DM2FDO DO2ZZ 03/31 16:28:43z Reply
DO2ZZ Heard 03/31 16:24:19z Send another PE1NTN,ON7BRT,DM2FDO,PD0RLX,SQ9ONX-6,SM3XLY{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 03/31 16:22:28z Send another PE1NTN,ON7BRT,DM2FDO{UISS54}
DO2ZZ YO8RBY 03/30 17:07:51z Send another ok 73 tnx
IW7DOL DO2ZZ 03/30 17:07:40z Reply 73 QSL!
DO2ZZ Heard 03/30 17:06:29z Send another EA1BA,G4DCQ-2,G7NIR-7,NA1SS,PE1NTN,M7SYN-7,IW7DOL,PD0RLX{UISS54}
DO2ZZ Heard 03/30 17:05:40z Send another EA1BA,G4DCQ-2,G7NIR-7,NA1SS,PE1NTN,M7SYN-7{UISS54}
2E1DWP DO2ZZ 03/29 18:22:55z Reply going be running it fron now on. so all are WELCOME{2
2E1DWP DO2ZZ 03/29 18:19:50z Reply chears bud{1
YO8RBY DO2ZZ 03/29 17:57:55z Reply QSL,and '73 via ISS : YO8RBY-Narcis
IW7DOL DO2ZZ 03/29 17:57:54z Reply 73 QSL?
DO2ZZ Heard 03/29 17:57:36z Send another 2E1DWP,PE1NTN,EB1AO,ON2ACO,G4DCQ-2,ON4BN,NA1SS,OE6PWE,SQ3MP-7,
DO2ZZ Heard 03/29 17:56:05z Send another 2E1DWP,PE1NTN,EB1AO,ON2ACO,G4DCQ-2,ON4BN,NA1SS,OE6PWE{UISS54}
DO2ZZ 2E1DWP 03/29 17:52:59z Send another DO2ZZ heard you via ISS
F5VKV DO2ZZ 03/18 20:09:03z Reply see you soon on iss, 73 !
DO2ZZ F5VKV 03/18 20:08:50z Send another tnx 73 gl
F5VKV DO2ZZ 03/18 20:07:17z Reply Hello from France, 59 in jn33rr
F5VKV DO2ZZ 03/17 20:59:32z Reply Hello from France via ISS
DO2ZZ Heard 03/17 20:59:30z Send another F5VKV,LY3I,OE6PWE{UISS54}
IK5JRZ DO2ZZ 03/16 20:09:06z Reply QSL!
DO2ZZ Heard 03/16 20:06:32z Send another IK5JRZ,EA7P,ON4BN,NA1SS,G4DCQ-2,IU5FFW{UISS54}
IK5JRZ DO2ZZ 03/16 20:04:46z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
IK5JRZ DO2ZZ 03/16 20:04:40z Reply qsl?