DC2JR-8 messages

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DC2JR-8 DC2JR-1 09/16 12:51:24z Send another das ist ein Test{38
DC2JR-8 DC2JR-1 09/10 09:26:39z Send another das ist ein Test{37
DC2JR-1 DC2JR-8 09/08 08:05:42z Reply ok{0f}
DC2JR-1 DC2JR-8 09/08 07:59:37z Reply test{0e}
DC2JR-1 DC2JR-8 09/07 08:49:23z Reply das ist ein test{M0001
DC2JR-8 DC2JR-11 09/05 11:51:57z Send another das ist ein Test{36
DC2JR-8 DC2JR-11 09/05 11:43:43z Send another das ist ein Test{35
DC2JR-8 DC2JR-11 09/04 19:09:46z Send another Directs= DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8{34
DC2JR-8 DC2JR-11 09/04 18:10:08z Send another Directs= DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8{33
DC2JR-8 DC2JR-11 09/04 15:20:52z Send another Directs= DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8{32
DC2JR-8 DC2JR-11 09/04 15:17:06z Send another ?APRSD{31
DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8 09/04 15:13:59z Reply Directs=none (APRS-IS only)
DC2JR-8 DC2JR-11 09/04 14:55:03z Send another @ajmpt = DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8{30
DC2JR-8 DC2JR-11 09/04 12:26:02z Send another test test{29
DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8 09/04 12:24:59z Reply {M0001
DC2JR-8 DC2JR-11 09/04 11:58:02z Send another test test{28
DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8 09/04 11:57:26z Reply test test{M0001
DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8 09/03 07:34:49z Reply testmail heute{M0001
DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8 09/02 14:40:58z Reply test test{M0003
DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8 09/02 14:38:28z Reply test von yacc{M0001
DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8 09/01 11:07:01z Reply AA:Autoreply from DC2JR - No one is at the keyboard{0d}27
DC2JR-8 DC2JR-11 09/01 11:07:01z Send another AA:Autoreply- No one is at the keyboard{27
DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8 09/01 11:05:35z Reply AA:Autoreply- No one is at the keyboard{0c}26
DC2JR-8 DC2JR-11 09/01 11:05:35z Send another moin{26
DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8 09/01 10:48:02z Reply Das ist ein Test{0b}
DC2JR-11 DC2JR-8 09/01 10:44:47z Reply Hallo{M0002