AG7OO-9 messages

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KF0BMD-6 AG7OO-9 08/22 14:55:37z Reply AA:Msg Rcvd Via ISS in Denver,CO QSL!
AG7OO-9 KF0BMD-6 08/22 14:55:30z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{88
KM6LYW AG7OO-9 08/22 14:54:22z Reply cm98 qsl, 73{2
AG7OO-9 N6RVI-6 08/22 14:53:54z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{87
AG7OO-9 KM6LYW 08/22 14:53:07z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{86
AG7OO-9 WD9EWK 08/21 20:30:23z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{83
AG7OO-9 WD9EWK 08/21 18:55:23z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{81
AG7OO-9 W7BMH-2 08/21 18:53:06z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{80
AG7OO-9 W7QL 08/21 17:17:44z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{79
KF0BMD-9 AG7OO-9 08/21 16:44:41z Reply Kevin to Kevin QSL (Grin) 14 degree pass here in Denver,CO
AG7OO-9 KF0BMD-9 08/21 15:43:14z Send another 73 de Kevin CN87 {78
KF0BMD-9 AG7OO-9 08/21 15:42:45z Reply AA:Via ISS (; Hello from Denver,CO 73s
AG7OO-9 KF0BMD-9 08/21 15:42:32z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{77
AG7OO-9 KM6LYW 08/21 15:41:13z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{76
KE8FZT-7 AG7OO-9 08/21 14:07:03z Reply Do you QSL? Andrew/KE8FZT EN72{0
AG7OO-9 KB9IQX-7 08/20 18:06:43z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{75
AG7OO-9 KM6LYW 08/19 20:28:42z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{74
AG7OO-9 KB9IQX-7 08/19 20:27:31z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{73
KF0BMD-6 AG7OO-9 08/19 15:42:16z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'{59
N6RVI-6 AG7OO-9 08/19 15:39:00z Reply Hello and 73 via Amateur Radio Satellite
AG7OO-9 N6RVI-6 08/19 15:38:48z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{70
WB7FHC-7 AG7OO-9 08/18 16:26:53z Reply cn88{HQ}
AG7OO-9 N6RVI-6 08/18 16:23:34z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{69
AG7OO-9 KC7MG-9 08/18 14:50:07z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{68
AG7OO-9 N6RVI-6 08/17 22:03:19z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{66
W4MBO AG7OO-9 08/17 17:17:57z Reply GREETINGS FROM NORFOLK VA FM16 UW.
AG7OO-9 KE7X 08/17 17:12:14z Send another 73 de Kevin CN87{65
KE7X AG7OO-9 08/17 17:11:46z Reply I HEAR U in OR CN85 via ISS 73{49
KE7X AG7OO-9 08/17 17:11:19z Reply AA:QSL - KE7X CN85
AG7OO-9 KE7X 08/17 17:11:16z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{64
AG7OO-9 W7OSG 08/16 19:36:58z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{63
AG7OO-9 W7OSG 08/16 18:01:07z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{62
AG7OO-9 KB9IQX-7 08/16 18:00:58z Send another 73 de Kevin CN87{61
KB9IQX-7 AG7OO-9 08/16 18:00:02z Reply 73 de KB9IQX Amy Seattle CN87UN{0
KB9IQX-7 AG7OO-9 08/16 17:59:34z Reply AA:Cheers and 73 de KB9IQX
AG7OO-9 KB9IQX-7 08/16 17:59:30z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{60
AG7OO-9 W7OSG 08/16 16:23:12z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{59
AG7OO-9 WB7FHC-7 08/16 16:22:34z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{58
AG7OO-9 W0SX-10 08/15 18:48:22z Send another CQ AG7OO CN87{57
AG7OO-9 KE7RTB-7 08/14 21:11:46z Send another 73 de Kevin CN87{56
KE7RTB-7 AG7OO-9 08/14 21:11:34z Reply qsl?t{01
AG7OO-9 KE7RTB-7 08/14 21:11:25z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{55
AG7OO-9 KE7RTB-7 08/14 21:10:56z Send another CQ AG7OO CN87{54
KE7RTB-7 AG7OO-9 08/14 21:10:45z Reply cn87{98
AG7OO-9 WB7FHC-7 08/14 19:35:43z Send another 73 de Kevin CN87{53
WB7FHC-7 AG7OO-9 08/14 19:35:26z Reply howdy
KE7RTB-7 AG7OO-9 08/14 19:34:17z Reply cn87{95
W7BMH-2 AG7OO-9 08/14 17:58:30z Reply TNX Kevin!
AG7OO-9 W7BMH-2 08/14 17:58:12z Send another 73 de Kevin CN87{52
W7BMH-2 AG7OO-9 08/14 17:57:42z Reply GM from CN84 73
AG7OO-9 W7BMH-2 08/14 17:57:15z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{51
AG7OO-9 KM6LYW 08/14 17:56:40z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{50
KE7RTB-7 AG7OO-9 08/14 16:21:11z Reply cn87{80
WB7VUF-7 AG7OO-9 08/13 23:36:17z Reply :Live OP!Hello Frm So. Or. CN82{14
AG7OO-9 W9XE 08/13 22:02:36z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{47
KC9YTT AG7OO-9 08/13 22:01:21z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
AG7OO-9 KB6LTY-3 08/13 22:01:13z Send another 73 de Kevin CN87{46
KB6LTY-3 AG7OO-9 08/13 22:00:50z Reply QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KB6LTY-3 AG7OO-9 08/13 22:00:46z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
AG7OO-9 KB6LTY-3 08/13 22:00:38z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{45
AG7OO-9 WB7FHC-7 08/13 21:58:30z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{44
KE7RTB-7 AG7OO-9 08/13 20:21:34z Reply qsl?{81
W7BMH-2 AG7OO-9 08/13 18:46:20z Reply QSL CN84 Eugene, THANKS
AG7OO-9 W7BMH-2 08/13 18:44:50z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{43
KF0BMD-7 AG7OO-9 08/13 17:11:25z Reply Msg Rcvd Via ISS{90
AG7OO-9 WB7VUF-7 08/13 17:09:04z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{41
WB7VUF-7 AG7OO-9 08/13 17:08:21z Reply :Live OP!Hello Frm So. Or. CN82{10
K0CFI AG7OO-9 08/13 00:24:36z Reply INT QSL
AG7OO-9 KF0G-9 08/13 00:24:18z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{40
W7QL AG7OO-9 08/12 22:50:11z Reply RR 73
AG7OO-9 WA5RR 08/12 22:50:04z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{39
AG7OO-9 W7QL 08/12 22:50:01z Send another 73 de Kevin CN87{38
W7QL AG7OO-9 08/12 22:48:00z Reply HELLO FROM FROM DN40
AG7OO-9 W7QL 08/12 22:47:43z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{37
AG7OO-9 VE7FED-12 08/12 22:47:40z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{36
WB7FHC-7 AG7OO-9 08/12 22:46:31z Reply howdy qsl
AG7OO-9 WB7FHC-7 08/12 22:46:02z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{35
AG7OO-9 WB7FHC-7 08/12 21:11:31z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{34
W7OSG AG7OO-9 08/11 18:44:26z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
AG7OO-9 W7OSG 08/11 18:44:12z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{31
AG7OO-9 W7BMH-2 08/11 18:44:07z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{32
W7OSG AG7OO-9 08/11 18:43:43z Reply I hear you in Boise, ID DN13
AG7OO-9 KE7X 08/10 19:31:50z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{30
KF0BMD-6 AG7OO-9 08/09 23:33:25z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'{23
AG7OO-9 VE7PCH-9 08/09 21:54:59z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{27
AG7OO-9 VE7WAJ 08/09 21:53:27z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{26
KF0BMD-6 AG7OO-9 08/09 20:33:43z Reply Got your msg here in Denver via ISS 73’s
AG7OO-9 KF1BUZ-4 08/09 20:19:59z Send another CQ AG7OO CN87{24
AG7OO-9 KF0BMD-6 08/09 20:19:38z Send another CQ AG7OO CN87{25
WD9EWK AG7OO-9 08/09 18:40:34z Reply Hi! DM33/DM43 in AZ {68
AG7OO-9 WB7FHC-7 08/08 21:06:48z Send another 73 de Kevin{23
WB7FHC-7 AG7OO-9 08/08 21:06:11z Reply cn88{OE}
AG7OO-9 WB7FHC-7 08/08 21:04:15z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{22
K7SAO AG7OO-9 08/07 01:55:07z Reply QSL, 73
KM6LYW AG7OO-9 08/07 01:54:54z Reply qsl cm98 california{1
AG7OO-9 KM6LYW 08/07 01:54:12z Send another CQ AG7OO CN87{21
K7SAO AG7OO-9 08/07 01:53:33z Reply HELLO DE K7SAO
AG7OO-9 K7SAO 08/07 01:53:14z Send another CQ AG7OO CN87{20
AG7OO-9 VE7FED-12 08/07 00:18:38z Send another QSL AG7OO CN87{19
KJ7UET-7 AG7OO-9 08/06 21:04:13z Reply Hi via ISS 73{56