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N1RCN AG5DL 08/21 19:04:53z Reply Good Afternoon! de n1rcn EL87
XE3ISS AG5DL 08/20 21:24:37z Reply Greeting from Cancun EL61 de XE3ISS
N6DAN-9 AG5DL 08/07 01:58:59z Reply Hello from Dan{64
AG5DL N6DAN-9 08/07 01:58:49z Send another Hello from AG5DL
AG5DL KE4AZZ 08/04 02:49:47z Send another Greetings
N1RCN AG5DL 07/27 20:52:13z Reply Great to see you on the ISS!
AG5DL N1RCN 07/27 20:52:01z Send another Greetings from AG5DL in Alamo, TX
N1RCN AG5DL 07/27 20:51:41z Reply de n1rcn via ISS
KD9KDH-7 AG5DL 07/26 21:42:19z Reply Hello from Terre Haute, Indiana!X{19
AG5DL ALL 07/26 21:40:40z Send another Hello All from AG5DL in Alamo, TX
N7AR AG5DL 07/26 21:37:02z Reply Hello from Texas!
AG5DL N7AR 07/26 21:37:00z Send another Hello All from AG5DL