AE7QT-14 messages

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AE7QT-14 WB7TIM-9 09/06 18:22:48z Send another hi! how are you?{33
WB7TIM-9 AE7QT-14 09/06 04:20:53z Reply yo{53
WB7TIM-9 AE7QT-14 09/06 04:13:55z Reply hey{52
AE7QT-14 AE7QT-8 09/06 00:53:23z Send another Test h i{29
AE7QT-14 W7DG-5 09/01 18:04:34z Send another thx 73!{32
W7DG-5 AE7QT-14 09/01 18:00:40z Reply just testing out the new APRS station. have a good trip.{m0002
AE7QT-14 W7DG-5 09/01 17:57:37z Send another thx i wont make it. on myway to phoenix az{31
AE7QT-14 K6TDI-10 08/26 22:46:55z Send another thx 73{28
K6TDI-10 AE7QT-14 08/26 18:18:35z Reply Safe travels!{1
AE7QT-14 KP4IA-1 07/31 06:26:34z Send another hi!{27
KP4IA-1 AE7QT-14 07/23 22:41:35z Reply Greetings from Puerto Rico !{25
N8MOR-3 AE7QT-14 07/19 23:09:55z Reply 73 de n8mor{3