AE4PV-9 messages

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AE4PV-9 K4MIA 10/27 02:24:14z Send another Do not use the reply feature as it locks the system into repeated r{001
AE4PV-9 K4MIA 10/27 02:18:19z Send another Hey Mike! This is the other Don waving a hand at you.{000
AE4PV-9 SMSGTE 10/04 01:22:26z Send another @9177405838 Hi. I t{084
AE4PV-9 K3LVC-9 10/01 02:34:31z Send another Hi Chet.{070
AE4PV-9 K3LVC 10/01 02:06:39z Send another HELLO SIR, HOW ARE YOU RECEIVING THIS MESSAGE?{069