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KC1HHO-9 AB1PH-12 07/08 23:50:03z Reply lets hope all goes well.just a little rain,windier on cape cod{78
AB1PH-12 KC1HHO-9 07/08 23:48:15z Send another yup{20
KC1HHO-9 AB1PH-12 07/08 23:39:00z Reply sounds good to me.{77
AB1PH-12 KC1HHO-9 07/08 23:38:13z Send another we are training for tommarow{19
KC1HHO-9 AB1PH-12 07/08 23:33:36z Reply just hope my antennas fair well.good test for them i guess{76
AB1PH-12 KC1HHO-9 07/08 23:31:39z Send another i home as well{18
KC1HHO-9 AB1PH-12 07/08 23:28:34z Reply i have been off from work all week glad i will be home tomorrow{75
AB1PH-12 KC1HHO-9 07/08 23:26:18z Send another yup{17
KC1HHO-9 AB1PH-12 07/08 23:23:45z Reply hello,ready for the storm?{74
AB1PH-12 KC1GHR-10 07/08 23:23:35z Send another hi{16
AB1PH-12 KC1HHO-9 07/08 23:19:17z Send another hi{15
WR2X-9 AB1PH-12 07/08 22:57:49z Reply Howdy{4A5B2
AB1PH-12 WR2X-13 07/08 22:54:25z Send another hi{14
AB1PH-12 W1CPR-9 07/08 22:52:55z Send another hi{13
AB1PH-12 K2VUD-1 07/08 22:51:51z Send another hi{12
AB1PH-12 KC1MSN-4 07/08 22:51:16z Send another AA:TNX 4 MSG!
KC1MSN-4 AB1PH-12 07/08 22:50:58z Reply Hi back at ya{593A6
AB1PH-12 KC1MSN-B 07/08 22:49:53z Send another hi{11
AB1PH-12 WR2X-13 07/08 22:47:35z Send another hi{10
AB1PH-12 W1JT 06/17 23:52:11z Send another hi{9
AB1PH-12 W1BFT-N 06/17 23:47:02z Send another hi{8
AB1PH-12 WR2X-2 06/17 23:42:55z Send another hi{7
AB1PH-12 W1BFT-N 06/17 23:37:42z Send another hi{6
AB1PH-12 KC1MSN B 06/17 23:35:44z Send another hi{5
AB1PH-12 KC1MSN-B 06/17 23:35:00z Send another hi{4
AB1PH-12 K2VUD-1 06/17 23:34:24z Send another hi{3
AB1PH-12 K1BOS-B 06/17 23:09:18z Send another hi{2
AB1PH-12 W1BRI 06/17 23:07:24z Send another hi{0
AB1PH-12 K2VUD-1 06/17 23:04:23z Send another hi{1
AB1PH-12 WR2X-13 06/17 23:00:56z Send another hi{99