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KD2UCJ-3 AB1JC-4 08/01 18:17:56z Reply Your beacon made it to Watertown, NY!
KD2UCJ-3 AB1JC-4 08/01 18:17:39z Reply Enjoy your time in Watertown! 73 KD2UCJ{C0001
NE1CU-4 AB1JC-4 05/28 19:18:20z Reply See you at breakfast{CF1DA
KB1LTW-9 AB1JC-4 05/28 18:30:47z Reply qsl{5
AB1JC-4 KB1LTW-9 05/28 18:24:06z Send another Got you on rte 22, yer gettin' there ...{7757A
AB1JC-4 KB1LTW-9 05/28 14:44:49z Send another Hi back{F7CFC
KB1LTW-9 AB1JC-4 05/28 14:44:27z Reply hi from pa{3
AB1JC-4 KB1LTW-9 05/28 14:44:20z Send another I see you near bloomsburg{D0A0C
AB1JC-4 KB1LTW-9 05/28 14:42:15z Send another Hello from AB1JC !! Have a good trip!{736AD
AB1JC-4 KB1LTW-9 05/28 13:30:00z Send another Hello from AB1JC !! Have a good trip!{E5629