OH6KNW messages

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OH6KNW OH8JYO-1 05/23 16:17:33z Send another rej7
OH6KNW OH8JYO-1 05/23 14:21:20z Send another rej6
TA5AJC-10 OH6KNW 05/03 06:27:57z Reply HI ALL VIA ISS{92
OH6KNW DL3RCE 05/03 06:24:45z Send another rej64
R3PJR OH6KNW 05/02 04:00:52z Reply QSL and 73! de Pavel - R3PJR
OH6KNW SP7CHR-6 05/02 03:59:02z Send another rejQ
OH6KNW SP7CHR-6 04/30 05:30:11z Send another rejUISS5
OH6KNW CT1EBQ 04/30 05:29:58z Send another rej420
RW6HP-6 OH6KNW 04/30 03:58:55z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
OH6KNW SV2CPH 04/29 07:57:54z Send another rej60
SA0BSV OH6KNW 04/29 04:43:24z Reply qsl 73
OH6KNW 2E1EBX-6 04/26 05:28:17z Send another rej77
TA5AJC-10 OH6KNW 04/26 04:17:59z Reply QSL and 73! via ISS de Noyan TA5AJC
OH6KNW PSAT 04/25 10:49:12z Send another rej2
DO1AM OH6KNW 04/25 07:38:11z Reply 59 in JO51WL
YO8RBY OH6KNW 04/25 06:19:49z Reply QSL,and'73 via ISS:YO8RBY-Narcis >>eqsl.cc
OH6KNW SP7CHR-6 04/25 06:17:21z Send another rej72
SA0BSV OH6KNW 04/23 06:16:08z Reply Hello from Sweden via ISS JO89xb
OH5KUY OH6KNW 04/21 09:27:51z Reply HI FROM KP41DB {57
OH6KNW SP7CHR-6 04/13 14:12:01z Send another AA:73 de Teemu
SP7CHR-6 OH6KNW 04/13 14:11:52z Reply QSL {33