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XE3N-1 N1UW 05/03 15:48:58z Reply Hello My Friend via ISS !!
KB6LTY-3 N1UW 05/03 15:47:40z Reply QSL BILL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KJ7TLV N1UW 05/02 16:36:07z Reply QSL Hi from CN87vr 73
K0PHP N1UW 05/02 16:34:15z Reply k0php@arrl.net Hello...
WA6RLR N1UW 05/01 17:22:04z Reply QSL From DM13ek TNX 73
WA6RLR N1UW 05/01 17:21:37z Reply DM13ek in San Clemente, CA
K0CFI N1UW 05/01 17:20:37z Reply INT QSL /K
K0CFI N1UW 05/01 17:20:22z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
KC7MG-9 N1UW 04/30 16:32:54z Reply Jack in grid DM42 Arizona Live operator !
XE3ARV N1UW 04/29 17:22:22z Reply qsl ??{27
KE0LX N1UW 04/29 17:21:55z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS EN25 MN
KJ7UCP-7 N1UW 04/27 11:22:22z Reply I received your beacon via ISS
N1UW KB6LTY-3 04/16 14:34:48z Send another GREETINGS FROM DM42NH -FRANK IN SUNNY TUCSON, AZ!
KB6LTY-3 N1UW 04/14 16:10:28z Reply HELLO QSL TNX 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
N6RVI-6 N1UW 04/14 16:10:27z Reply QSL and 73 via Amateur Radio Satellite
W5MLM-1 N1UW 04/14 14:34:40z Reply Message Received - 73 from Mark W5MLM{5
KE4AZZ N1UW 04/13 23:33:41z Reply de KE4AZZ EL87{4G}
KF0BMD-6 N1UW 04/13 15:31:19z Reply Packet received via ISS here in Denver,CO 73's
XE2ML N1UW 04/13 15:22:46z Reply Hi from Durango 599 QSL?
K0CFI N1UW 04/13 00:15:26z Reply Hello
N1ROE-7 N1UW 04/10 17:41:00z Reply 73 DE N1ROE DM04 Palmdale CA{37
AI6DO N1UW 04/10 17:40:49z Reply Hi from Ryan AI6DO DM03 QSL??{2
XE2KK-1 N1UW 04/08 17:39:39z Reply tks, 73 de XE2KK
N1UW WD9EWK 04/07 18:30:46z Send another DE FRANK USING IC-9700 / ELK ANT / UISS / UZ7HO.
WD9EWK N1UW 04/07 18:30:29z Reply TNX/73! {57
WD9EWK N1UW 04/07 18:30:27z Reply ?APRSP
WD9EWK N1UW 04/07 18:30:25z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {55
KF0BMD-9 N1UW 04/05 01:57:38z Reply Got your msg here in Denver via ISS 73’s
KF0BMD-5 N1UW 04/05 00:34:20z Reply Got ya here in Denver,CO 73's{0A156
WN9Q N1UW 04/04 19:16:54z Reply qsl 599 en64
WN9Q N1UW 04/04 19:15:10z Reply 599 en64
KK6OTJ N1UW 04/04 19:12:23z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{53
KK6OTJ N1UW 04/04 19:12:01z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{52
XE2ML N1UW 04/04 19:11:21z Reply RR Thanks 73
N1ROE-7 N1UW 04/04 04:31:21z Reply 73 DE N1ROE DM04 Palmdale CA{14
N6UTC-6 N1UW 04/04 04:10:29z Reply 73 de N6UTC DM03{55
WD9EWK N1UW 04/03 20:01:08z Reply TNX/73! {47
KC7MG-9 N1UW 04/03 20:00:42z Reply ACK Thanks and 73 from Grid DM42
WD9EWK N1UW 04/03 20:00:39z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {44
KN6JSZ N1UW 04/03 20:00:00z Reply hello from Lakewood California{24
XE2ML N1UW 03/30 19:59:12z Reply HI From Durango DL74 QSL?
XE2ML N1UW 03/30 00:02:41z Reply Also thanks LOTW ok !
KE4AZZ N1UW 03/29 20:44:49z Reply de KE4AZZ via International Space Station
W5CBF N1UW 03/29 20:43:49z Reply QSL from EM30, LA 73!
W5CBF N1UW 03/29 20:43:23z Reply Hi from EM30
XE2ML N1UW 03/29 20:43:07z Reply qsl 73 in DL74
K6POO-5 N1UW 03/28 00:37:13z Reply Hey there! Got it on my phone but not my HT. Sunny in CA too :){4ED3B
AC6OT-12 N1UW 03/27 03:00:34z Reply 73' de ac6ot from SFBay nice to meet u !
KB6LTY-3 N1UW 03/27 00:41:36z Reply QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KB6LTY-3 N1UW 03/27 00:40:48z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KC7MG-9 N1UW 03/26 23:05:25z Reply ACK 73 Good contact !
W0SX-10 N1UW 03/26 23:04:16z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
W0SX-10 N1UW 03/26 23:03:56z Reply Hello from Larry in Utah DM37
AI6DO N1UW 03/25 23:58:38z Reply Hi from Ryan AI6DO DM03 QSL?{1
K7MT-6 N1UW 03/25 23:58:31z Reply hOWDY FROM bILL IN MT DN46
WD9EWK N1UW 03/25 23:58:30z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {90
KC7MG-9 N1UW 03/25 22:16:25z Reply Jack in grid DM42 Arizona
N1UW KC7MG-9 03/25 22:16:21z Send another TNX FER QSO AND PSE QSL VIA LOTW - 73, FRANK
KC7MG-9 N1UW 03/25 22:15:47z Reply ACK Thank you and best 73 from grid DM42
N1UW KC7MG-9 03/25 22:15:12z Send another GREETINGS FROM DM42NH - SUNNY TUCSON, AZ!
K0PHP N1UW 03/22 01:29:59z Reply k0php@arrl.org Hello...
AI6DO N1UW 03/22 01:28:56z Reply Hi from Ryan AI6DO DM03 QSL? {0