KO4PJB-7 messages

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KO4PJB-7 NA1SS 07/21 07:23:19z Send another Listening from Tampa,FL EL87rw Godspeed 73'{41
KO4PJB-7 NA1SS 07/20 08:12:08z Send another Listening from Tampa,FL EL87rw Godspeed 73'{38
KO4PJB-7 NA1SS 07/20 08:08:55z Send another Listening from Tampa,FL EL87rw Godspeed 73'{35
KN2K KO4PJB-7 07/18 23:10:03z Reply heard you qsl?
NY3W-6 KO4PJB-7 07/18 23:09:58z Reply Grt 2 cu via SAT{99
KO4PJB-7 NA1SS 07/18 23:09:05z Send another Listening from Tampa,FL EL87rw Godspeed 73'{25
N1RCN KO4PJB-7 07/18 23:08:58z Reply Great to see you on the ISS!
SMSGTE KO4PJB-7 06/24 11:40:33z Reply @8137324883 Talk later{M8079
KO4PJB-7 SMSGTE 06/24 11:37:54z Send another @8137324883 Hey man{22
KO4PJB-9 KO4PJB-7 06/21 05:12:06z Reply 22a Hey via EL87rw{10
KO4PJB-9 KO4PJB-7 06/21 05:11:35z Reply 2a Hey via EL87rw{09
KO4PJB-7 KO4PJB-9 06/21 05:08:57z Send another 1b Hello via EL87rw{21
KO4PJB-9 KO4PJB-7 06/21 05:07:08z Reply 1- Hello via EL87rw{08
KO4PJB-7 SMSGTE 06/21 01:30:57z Send another @8137324883 hey yall from space 73{20
SMSGTE KO4PJB-7 06/21 01:15:47z Reply @8133903323 That cool{M7739
SMSGTE KO4PJB-7 06/21 01:00:02z Reply @8133400605 Ok{M7732
KO4PJB-7 SMSGTE 06/21 00:57:51z Send another @8133400605 this from my radio Gil{19
KO4PJB-7 SMSGTE 06/21 00:56:20z Send another @8133903323 this from my radio Gil{18
SMSGTE KO4PJB-7 06/21 00:33:44z Reply @8137324883 It works when the right frequency is programmed{M7722
KO4PJB-7 SMSGTE 06/21 00:32:56z Send another @8137324883 144.390 Hi via EL87rw{17
SMSGTE KO4PJB-7 05/30 23:14:19z Reply @8133903323 Wow. I got it but just now open it. Easy pease. Lol{M4594
KO4PJB-7 SMSGTE 05/30 22:45:05z Send another @8133903323 hey this is Gil. This is my 1st message from my radio{14
KO4PJB-7 EMAIL2 05/30 11:10:11z Send another ggarcia1969@gmail.com email test{13
KO4PJB-7 SMSGTE 05/30 10:53:20z Send another ggarcia1969@gmai.com 1st email{12
SMSGTE KO4PJB-7 05/30 10:46:35z Reply @8137324883 Go for it{M4506
KO4PJB-7 SMSGTE 05/30 10:39:43z Send another @8137324883 trying email next{11
SMSGTE KO4PJB-7 05/30 10:33:43z Reply @8137324883 Hey, testing{M4505
SMSGTE KO4PJB-7 05/30 10:26:32z Reply @8137324883 2- That's for letting me know. Be careful, stay safe an{M4504
KO4PJB-7 SMSGTE 05/30 10:22:55z Send another @8137324883 All is good. Still hiking{10
SMSGTE KO4PJB-7 05/30 10:13:07z Reply @8137324883 N j him l{M4502
SMSGTE KO4PJB-7 05/30 10:13:04z Reply @8137324883 73s{M4500
SMSGTE KO4PJB-7 05/30 09:59:27z Reply @8137324883 22222{M4503
SMSGTE KO4PJB-7 05/30 09:53:26z Reply @8137324883 Hey{M4501
SMSGTE KO4PJB-7 05/30 09:44:35z Reply @8137324883 Thanks 73s{M4499
KO4PJB-7 SMSGTE 05/30 09:44:13z Send another @8137324883 test 4{07
KO4PJB-7 SMSGTE 05/28 10:18:24z Send another @8137324883 test1{03
KO4PJB-7 SMSGTE 05/28 10:11:09z Send another @8137324883 test1{02