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KB9IQX-7 KJ7TLV 07/21 07:14:50z Reply 73 de KB9IQX Amy Seattle CN87UN{5
KB9IQX-7 KJ7TLV 07/21 07:14:24z Reply 73 de KB9IQX Amy Seattle CN87UN{3
KB9IQX-7 KJ7TLV 07/21 07:12:11z Reply 73 de KB9IQX Amy Seattle CN87UN{1
KE7X KJ7TLV 07/20 04:45:28z Reply I HEAR U in OR CN85 via ISS 73{14
KJ7TLV-9 KJ7TLV 07/18 16:16:10z Reply test at the ballpark in or{2
KJ7IRL-9 KJ7TLV 07/17 16:54:29z Reply Sorry for late response, all good here{E3E7F
KJ7IRL-9 KJ7TLV 07/17 16:26:52z Reply Sorry for delayed responses, doing good{782BE
KJ7TLV KD7RYN-1 07/09 16:24:51z Send another Hello from Kirkland WA! TGIF. 73{CQ}
W0ULF KJ7TLV 07/08 16:10:51z Reply I need to get back to work. Have great day!{34
W0ULF KJ7TLV 07/08 16:10:05z Reply Im always pleasantly surprised.{33
KJ7TLV W0ULF 07/08 16:09:53z Send another Happy Thursday from CN87vr. Will log you on QRZ! 73{ZM}
W0ULF KJ7TLV 07/08 16:09:02z Reply Happy thursday from CN84nm!{32
KJ7TLV W0ULF 07/08 16:02:31z Send another today{ZL}
KJ7TLV W0ULF 07/08 16:02:16z Send another I'm surprised via RF and a couple hops, APRS is reaching OR well+{ZK}
KJ7TLV KK7EK 07/08 16:00:06z Send another Hello from Kirkland WA! 73{ZI}
W0ULF KJ7TLV 07/08 15:58:23z Reply Hello!{31
KJ7TLV W0ULF 07/08 15:57:16z Send another Hello from Kirkland WA! 73{ZJ}
KJ7TLV-9 KJ7TLV 07/07 23:36:06z Reply test at the ballpark{1
KJ7TLV-9 KJ7TLV 07/07 22:57:07z Reply test july 7{0
KJ7TLV-9 KJ7TLV 07/06 23:04:59z Reply test july 6{5
KJ7TLV K7MJQ-9 07/06 18:25:16z Send another hello from Kirkland! 73{OU}
KJ7TLV VE7CBH-9 07/06 16:50:41z Send another hi from Kirkland WA! 73{OV}
KJ7TLV W7NWP-9 07/06 15:23:13z Send another nvmind, it was a glitch. I thought the packet skipped that far. {OT}
W7NWP-9 KJ7TLV 07/06 15:22:44z Reply gps lock cold{1
KJ7TLV W7NWP-9 07/06 15:17:53z Send another via RF APRSIS32 says u r in Kanas City - is that correct?{OS}
KJ7TLV KJ7IRL-9 07/05 23:29:40z Send another Thank you! How have you been?{VD}
KJ7IRL-9 KJ7TLV 07/05 19:53:55z Reply Congratulations{7AE56
KJ7TLV KJ7IRL-9 07/03 23:03:25z Send another been playing around with HF. How have you been?{ZS}
KJ7TLV KJ7IRL-9 07/03 23:03:20z Send another haven't been able do any of that. Just got my general, so I've+{ZR}
KJ7TLV KJ7IRL-9 06/29 16:19:24z Send another oh hey, APRS is going well. The ISS digipeater is offline, so I+{ZQ}
KJ7IRL-9 KJ7TLV 06/29 02:10:37z Reply How is your APRS testing / set up going ?{D9F76
KJ7TLV-1 KJ7TLV 06/23 19:54:02z Reply test from Raymond{1493D
KJ7TLV W7VXS 06/10 06:37:19z Send another hi Don!{TG}
KJ7TLV N7AKD-7 06/09 19:31:21z Send another got you on APRS! Cheers from North Juanita. 73{TF}
KJ7MHR KJ7TLV 06/08 00:58:23z Reply Hello! qsl dmr msg?{01
KJ7TLV-9 KJ7TLV 06/07 19:22:14z Reply june 7{27
KJ7TLV KJ7TLV-9 06/07 19:02:37z Send another AA:QSL de KJ7TLV CN87vr
KJ7TLV KB9IQX-3 06/06 04:33:04z Send another Hey Amy, I don't hear any crackle in your signal{NY}
KJ7TLV KB9IQX-11 06/06 03:51:55z Send another Hi Amy, I don't hear any crackle in your signal at all.{NV}
KJ7TLV KD7LSK-7 06/02 20:02:07z Send another happy trails! 73{NU}
KJ7TLV-9 KJ7TLV 06/01 23:51:57z Reply june 1{26
KF4ULD-7 KJ7TLV 05/27 22:36:04z Reply AA:https://cerowireless.com/acc
KJ7TLV KF4ULD-7 05/27 22:35:52z Send another D710 for the win! 73{HI}
KJ7TLV KJ7RCB-9 05/27 21:41:16z Send another Hello from Kirkland! 73{HH}
KJ7TLV W7FCL-9 05/27 21:37:30z Send another Hello from Kirkland! 73{HG}
KJ7TLV KJ7DUP-10 05/27 14:47:28z Send another oh that's cool. I'm running a TM-V71a with mobilinkd 3. on+{ED}
KJ7DUP-10 KJ7TLV 05/27 06:49:00z Reply Whats up, I am testing a few different setups at one time haha{JA}EC
KJ7TLV KJ7DUP-10 05/27 06:36:05z Send another oh hey what's up from Kirkland. 73{EC}
KJ7JXM-2 KJ7TLV 05/26 22:34:59z Reply Hump Day! HiHi HJR is rockin!{5D286
KJ7TLV KJ7IRL-15 05/25 15:16:31z Send another Hello from Kirkland. 73{IP}
KJ7TLV KB7ZDD-9 05/25 15:15:26z Send another D710 for the win! 73{IO}
KJ7TLV-9 KJ7TLV 05/24 15:43:10z Reply may 24{25
KJ7JXM-9 KJ7TLV 05/21 14:03:49z Reply Amen! Happy Friday !{5
KJ7TLV KJ7JXM-9 05/21 13:41:18z Send another TGIF! 73{JL}
KJ7TLV KB0JWR-9 05/21 13:38:14z Send another TGIF! 73{JK}
KJ7TLV KJ7JXM-9 05/21 04:36:37z Send another happy early TGIF! {FR}
KJ7TLV W7AUW-7 05/20 22:37:18z Send another hi from Kirkland! 73{HE}
KX3O KJ7TLV 05/20 02:23:54z Reply hello from mt vernon!{35
VE7JBY-9 KJ7TLV 05/20 01:34:24z Reply hello and 73 to U2 {6
KJ7TLV VE7JBY-9 05/20 00:22:09z Send another hello from Kirkland WA! 73{YH}