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KJ7TLV KJ7MHR 05/12 01:30:58z Send another hey from North Juanita! 73{RQ}
KJ7TLV W7ALK-7 05/11 19:53:13z Send another hey are you doing SOTA?{RP}
KC1HHO-7 KJ7TLV 05/11 10:49:48z Reply GM..going to be a nice day here.you get card?{46
TA5AJC-10 KJ7TLV 05/11 06:40:59z Reply sorry wrong msg :)){98
TA5AJC-10 KJ7TLV 05/11 06:40:03z Reply i send you qrzcom log can you confirm qso? 144.800 mode pkt 05:28{96
KJ7TLV KC1HHO-7 05/11 06:31:34z Send another Hi Peter,{IU}
KJ7TLV-9 KJ7TLV 05/10 15:14:54z Reply test $$$may10{15
KJ7TLV-9 KJ7TLV 05/07 20:08:04z Reply test $$${14
KJ7TLV W7VXS-3 05/07 05:10:56z Send another get it going this weekend. How are you doing?{PK}
KJ7TLV W7VXS-3 05/07 05:09:24z Send another Hi Don, I'm doing great thanks. Just got a 220 radio, looking to+{PJ}
KJ7TLV K7DCJ 05/07 04:50:24z Send another hello from Kirkland! 73{PI}
KB7ZDD-9 KJ7TLV 05/06 22:44:47z Reply sorry about the slow response I was mobile and behind schedule 73{37
KB7ZDD-9 KJ7TLV 05/06 22:39:55z Reply greatings from Port Angeles {36
KJ7TLV KB7ZDD-9 05/06 17:04:41z Send another hello from Kirkland! 73{PH}
KJ7TLV KJ7PHQ-9 05/06 15:29:35z Send another hello from Juanita! 73{PG}
KJ7TLV-9 KJ7TLV 05/04 23:47:36z Reply test $$${12
KJ7TLV-9 KJ7TLV 05/04 22:14:58z Reply test ${10
KJ7TLV K7JJC-9 05/03 18:21:11z Send another safe travels from Kirkland! 73{JA}
KJ7TLV KE7DQC-9 05/03 18:15:33z Send another safe travels from Kirkland! 73{IZ}
KJ7TLV W7VXS 05/03 16:56:40z Send another Got your QSL card! 73{ZX}
W7BMH-2 KJ7TLV 05/03 15:43:47z Reply TNX for QSL, will reply today 73
KJ7TLV NG7N-7 05/03 14:28:45z Send another packet heard via ISS{BA}
KJ7TLV NA1SS 05/03 14:23:53z Send another QSL de KJ7TLV CN87VR 73!{AZ}
KJ7TLV-9 KJ7TLV 05/03 02:17:44z Reply test{8
KJ7TLV W7VXS 05/02 18:10:16z Send another I got your QSL card! 73{WW}
WA6RLR-3 KJ7TLV 05/02 16:37:10z Reply DM13ek in San Clemente, CA
KJ7TLV AI6DO 05/02 16:35:45z Send another QSL Hi from CN87vr 73
AI6DO KJ7TLV 05/02 16:32:25z Reply Hi from Ryan AI6DO DM03 QSL?{0
KJ7IRL-10 KJ7TLV 05/02 15:00:15z Reply KJ7TLV ... Hi from North Bend ! 73{RL}
KJ7TLV N6RVI-6 05/02 10:03:54z Send another Heard you through ISS CN87vr {FS}
KG5ZZV KJ7TLV 05/01 15:45:31z Reply Received you in Tulsa OK EM26ac{2
VA7SHG-6 KJ7TLV 05/01 15:41:07z Reply QSL & 73! VA7SHG in CN99AE
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-6 05/01 15:40:49z Send another Good Morning! From CN87vr 73{PL}
VA7SHG-6 KJ7TLV 05/01 15:40:10z Reply I heard you via ISS in Chilliwack, BC CN99AE
KB6LTY-3 KJ7TLV 05/01 15:39:52z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KJ7TLV W6WW 05/01 09:41:11z Send another QSL via ISS. Confirmed. 73{KN}
KJ7TLV W6WW 05/01 09:38:41z Send another QSL via ISS. Confirmed. 73{KM}
KJ7TLV KJ7TLV-1 05/01 09:28:49z Send another AA:QSL de KJ7TLV CN87vr
KJ7TLV-1 KJ7TLV 05/01 09:27:05z Reply test{4E62C
W6WW KJ7TLV 05/01 09:14:56z Reply HELLO VIA ISS QSL?? 73 DE W6WW DM14
KJ7IRL-9 KJ7TLV 05/01 05:22:36z Reply Hi, yes message received{CF4BF
KJ7TLV-9 KJ7TLV 05/01 03:42:31z Reply test{7
KJ7TLV N5XMT-1 04/30 15:58:59z Send another TGIF! 73{FK}
KJ7TLV W7VXS 04/30 06:02:12z Send another hey Don, how are you doing?{EL}
KJ7TLV KI7GVM-9 04/30 00:08:02z Send another i see you on the map!{PQ}
KJ7TLV VE7ZKI-8 04/30 00:07:01z Send another hi from Kirkland WA! 73{PP}
VE7NV-8 KJ7TLV 04/29 15:40:39z Reply good morning from Vancouver Canada{1
KJ7TLV VE7NV-8 04/29 15:38:27z Send another Top of the morning to you! From Kirkland WA{KW}
KJ7JXM-2 KJ7TLV 04/29 15:27:41z Reply Well might not. Might have been too slow. FYI -3 is the new radio{AE137
KJ7TLV KJ7JXM-9 04/29 14:50:11z Send another TT3 TFW! Nice{KV}
KJ7TLV KJ7JXM-2 04/29 14:49:58z Send another cool! {KU}
KJ7TLV KJ7JXM-2 04/29 14:47:03z Send another Yeah I heard on a net that you picked up the older 710. Very+{KT}
KJ7JXM-2 KJ7TLV 04/29 14:43:08z Reply Also getting a pair of TT3+ with gps. More beacons!{F1338
KJ7JXM-2 KJ7TLV 04/29 14:42:26z Reply Very very nice!! Working on adding gps to the 710a I just got.{F7AC3
KJ7TLV KJ7JXM-9 04/29 14:38:42z Send another I got TM-V71a with Mobilinkd 3 setup. APRS and Winlink in HQ!{KS}
KJ7TLV KB9IQX-7 04/29 01:56:36z Send another yup exactly. :) {OO}
KJ7TLV VE7PLD-9 04/28 23:38:56z Send another hi from Kirkland WA! 73{ON}
KJ7TLV K7JBS 04/28 18:51:35z Send another hi from Kirkland WA. 73{OM}
KJ7TLV VA7GFZ 04/28 05:31:19z Send another hi from Kirkland WA{IO}
KJ7TLV KJ7IRL-10 04/28 04:49:56z Send another hello from Kirkland! 73{IN}
KJ7TLV WY7W 04/28 04:48:58z Send another hello from Kirkland! 73{IM}
KM6NVM-9 KJ7TLV 04/28 02:26:24z Reply thats cool ive wanted to try that{3
KJ7TLV K7KCA-8 04/27 21:24:02z Send another I love the tour de lopez bike tour. 73 from Kirkland{GO}
KJ7TLV AE7ZE-1 04/27 20:57:33z Send another Thanks for the comeback. 73!{GN}
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:51:10z Send another many objects until now. Up to north Vancouver!{GM}
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:51:03z Send another on APRSIS32 , north of the boarder just opened up! I never saw so+{GL}
VA7SHG-9 KJ7TLV 04/27 16:49:44z Reply Nice Ty, Jim here. Good chatting w/you. I'll email you shortly. 73{7
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:48:33z Send another see that on APRS. :){GK}
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:48:28z Send another The name here is Ty. I'm from Kirkland WA. But you probably can+{GJ}
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:48:09z Send another you like. I have the card ready. :){GI}
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:48:04z Send another yeah, missing the street address. e-mail me at KJ7TLV @ gmail if+{GH}
VA7SHG-9 KJ7TLV 04/27 16:47:27z Reply I've never got one, so yes. My info is in qrz I think{6
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:46:05z Send another hey do you accept QSL cards in the mail?{GG}
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:45:42z Send another nice setup ya{GF}
VA7SHG-9 KJ7TLV 04/27 16:42:01z Reply Nice.VE7TGZ is mine, it's the igate.VA7SHG is aprsdroid TNC3 TH-F6{5
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:40:05z Send another base radio, Kenwood TM-V71a with mobilinkd TNC 3{GE}
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:39:42z Send another its cool to see the pathing real time of the data packets{GD}
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:39:23z Send another APRSIS32{GC}
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:39:17z Send another I'm running simulaneous 2 ports RF and APRS-IS (internet) using+{GB}
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:38:29z Send another yeah exactly. it's flowing now!{GA}
VA7SHG-9 KJ7TLV 04/27 16:37:05z Reply Makes aprs msging pretty cool.{4
VA7SHG-9 KJ7TLV 04/27 16:36:43z Reply see the acks and msgs stall and then start to 'flow' (like now){3
VA7SHG-9 KJ7TLV 04/27 16:36:04z Reply I run my own msging igate @ qth which helps, but sometimes I can +{2
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:31:05z Send another out there, and high chance of collision. :) Power helps too. {FZ}
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:31:01z Send another Yeah, probably just luck of the draw. There are so many packets+{FY}
VA7SHG-9 KJ7TLV 04/27 16:28:32z Reply Then suddenly things start flowing quick, acks and msgs. 73{1
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:27:11z Send another same way the message doesn't always make it. 73!{FX}
KJ7TLV VA7SHG-9 04/27 16:27:04z Send another QSL. I experience that too. The ack* doesn't always make it. The+{FW}
KJ7TLV KM6NVM-9 04/27 15:47:57z Send another it's instant automatic reply (if) I receive a message.{FV}
KJ7TLV KM6NVM-9 04/27 15:47:49z Send another for the ISS I use the Kenwood TM-D710G. It's easy to set up with+{FU}
KJ7TLV KM6NVM-9 04/27 15:02:43z Send another chasing the ARISS in about 20 minutes!{FT}
KJ7TLV W7VXS 04/27 06:20:21z Send another Glad the card made it, thanks for letting me know. 73{OO}
KJ7TLV KG7SML-1 04/27 06:17:10z Send another hi from Kirkland 73{OP}
W7VXS-3 KJ7TLV 04/27 05:25:08z Reply Ty - Recd ur QSL Tnx{UL}
WHO-IS KJ7TLV 04/27 05:12:09z Reply T/Tyrone R So/WA/United States{2D}YC
KJ7TLV WHO-IS 04/27 05:12:08z Send another KJ7TLV{YC}
KJ7TLV KJ7TLV-4 04/27 05:05:13z Send another yes, yes it works{YB}
KJ7TLV-4 KJ7TLV 04/27 05:05:01z Reply Testing without wifi{6