KE7RTB-7 messages

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KE7RTB-7 N7AZG-6 05/07 10:59:51z Send another qsl{44
K7ORV-9 KE7RTB-7 05/06 05:38:30z Reply hello back i just now came back to theshack after MC repair work{12
DGDAVE KE7RTB-7 05/05 23:53:52z Reply Use "Help" for topics{95
KE7RTB-7 DGDAVE 05/05 23:53:40z Send another tnx "Help" for topics{05
KE7RTB-7 VCAPK 05/05 23:53:05z Send another hello{03
DGDAVE KE7RTB-7 05/05 23:52:25z Reply Use "Help" for topics{94
KE7RTB-7 DGDAVE 05/05 23:52:09z Send another hello{04
KE7RTB-7 JUPITR 05/05 23:49:16z Send another hello{02
KE7RTB-7 K7ORV-9 05/05 23:46:53z Send another hello{01
KB9VIC-9 KE7RTB-7 05/05 10:58:39z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73 EM58
VE7OK-9 KE7RTB-7 05/04 14:56:32z Reply 73 cn89la ve7ok{0H}33
KE7RTB-7 VE7OK-9 05/04 14:56:09z Send another cn87{33
KE7RTB-7 KB9VIC-9 05/04 14:54:38z Send another Qsl{31
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 05/04 14:54:29z Send another qsl{28
KE7RTB-7 W0VFK-4 05/04 14:54:23z Send another cn87{26
KE7RTB-7 VE3FFB 05/04 14:54:17z Send another cn87{23
KE7RTB-7 VE3FFB 05/04 14:54:05z Send another cn87{20
KE7RTB-7 VA7SHG-6 05/04 14:54:02z Send another 73{19
VA7SHG-6 KE7RTB-7 05/04 13:18:10z Reply QSL & 73! VA7SHG in CN99AE
KE7RTB-7 VA7SHG-6 05/04 13:17:45z Send another Heard you via ISS in Chilliwack, BC CN99AE{18
KE7RTB-7 VE7FED-12 04/29 15:42:09z Send another qsl{16
KE7RTB-7 VA7SHG-6 04/29 15:38:39z Send another cn87{98
KF0BMD-6 KE7RTB-7 04/29 14:30:33z Reply Good Morning, I got you here in Denver,CO QSL 73's
KF0BMD-6 KE7RTB-7 04/29 14:30:15z Reply QSL - Packet received via ISS here in Denver,CO DM79NR
KE7RTB-7 KF0BMD-6 04/29 14:04:46z Send another qsl{10
KE7RTB-7 KF0BMD-6 04/29 14:04:36z Send another qsl{09
KE7RTB-7 KF0BMD-6 04/29 14:04:05z Send another qsl{08
KE7RTB-7 KF0BMD-6 04/29 14:03:45z Send another qsl{07
KE7RTB-7 VE3FFB 04/29 14:03:01z Send another cn87{06
KE7RTB-7 VA7SHG-6 04/29 14:02:05z Send another qsl{03
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 04/29 14:01:43z Send another gOod {02
KE7RTB-7 AB0XE-6 04/28 16:28:36z Send another qrl {94
W7BMH-2 KE7RTB-7 04/28 16:28:11z Reply Hello from CN84 - QSL?
KE7RTB-7 VA7SHG-6 04/28 16:25:50z Send another cn87{90
AB0XE-6 KE7RTB-7 04/28 14:54:32z Reply HELLO FROM EN 34{12
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-14 04/28 14:53:27z Send another hello{85
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/28 14:51:10z Send another good morning{82
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/28 14:50:55z Send another good morning{81
KE7RTB-7 VE8CK 04/28 14:49:24z Send another cn87 {79
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/28 14:48:43z Send another good morning{78
KE7RTB-7 W1QC 04/28 14:47:23z Send another cn87{74
KE7RTB-7 WD9EWK-6 04/28 13:15:04z Send another cn87 -7,WB4FAY,KJ7TLV-9,KN6HIP-7,WD9EWK,KQ6OT,{72
KE7RTB-7 WD9EWK-6 04/28 13:14:40z Send another cn87 -7,WB4FAY,KJ7TLV-9,KN6HIP-7,WD9EWK,KQ6OT,{71
KE7RTB-7 WD9EWK-6 04/28 13:14:16z Send another KJ7UCP-7,WB4FAY,KJ7TLV-9,KN6HIP-7,WD9EWK,KQ6OT,{70
KE7RTB-7 WD9EWK-6 04/28 13:14:01z Send another KJ7UCP-7,WB4FAY,KJ7TLV-9,KN6HIP-7,WD9EWK,KQ6OT,{69
KE7RTB-7 VA7SHG-6 04/27 14:00:45z Send another qsl{67
VA7SHG-6 KE7RTB-7 04/27 14:00:17z Reply Heard you via ISS in Chilliwack, BC CN99AE
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 04/27 14:00:14z Send another cn87{66
KE7RTB-7 VA7SHG-6 04/27 13:59:53z Send another cn87{65
W7QL KE7RTB-7 04/26 16:27:51z Reply THANKS AND 73
W7QL KE7RTB-7 04/26 16:27:13z Reply CHECK LOTW
KE7RTB-7 W7QL 04/26 16:26:38z Send another qsl {55
KE7RTB-7 KJ7TLV-9 04/26 16:23:21z Send another yo{51
KJ7TLV KE7RTB-7 04/26 15:21:38z Reply message received from APRISS and logged in QRZ. Question what+{MI}
KJ7TLV-5 KE7RTB-7 04/26 15:08:38z Reply logged in QRZ.{7479C
KE7RTB-7 VE3FFB 04/26 14:51:16z Send another cn87{49
KJ7TLV-9 KE7RTB-7 04/26 14:50:35z Reply cn87vr{3
KC9ELU KE7RTB-7 04/26 14:49:50z Reply KC9ELU EM79 IN pse kn
KE7RTB-7 KJ7TLV-9 04/26 14:48:46z Send another cn87{45
KE7RTB-7 KJ7TLV-9 04/26 14:48:43z Send another c87{44
KF0BMD-6 KE7RTB-7 04/26 13:14:35z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'{47
KE7RTB-7 KB6LTY-3 04/26 13:11:41z Send another qsl{33
KE7RTB-7 KC0KVX-9 04/26 13:10:05z Send another cn87{35
KE7RTB-7 KB6LTY-3 04/26 13:10:02z Send another qslLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14{34
KE7RTB-7 AB7KT 04/26 13:09:44z Send another cn87{42
KE7RTB-7 KI7QAZ 04/26 13:09:41z Send another qsl{41
KJ7TLV KE7RTB-7 04/24 18:27:28z Reply QSL CN87VR{JO}
KE7RTB-7 AB7KT 04/24 18:01:22z Send another cn87{43
KE7RTB-7 VE7CCY 04/24 17:59:53z Send another cn87{39
KE7RTB-7 KI7QAZ 04/24 17:59:13z Send another cn87{37
KE7RTB-7 W7QL 04/24 16:22:53z Send another qsl{32
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/24 16:22:35z Send another tnx{31
KE7RTB-7 VE7FED-12 04/24 16:22:01z Send another cn87{30
KE7RTB-7 KB6LTY-3 04/24 16:21:27z Send another cn{28
KE7RTB-7 N6RVI-6 04/24 16:21:10z Send another KJ7UCP-7,WB4FAY,KJ7TLV-9,KN6HIP-7,WD9EWK{UISS54}{22
KE7RTB-7 N7NEV-6 04/24 16:20:58z Send another c n87{18
KE7RTB-7 W7BMH-2 04/24 14:46:12z Send another Qsl {27
W7QL KE7RTB-7 04/24 14:45:57z Reply HELLO FROM FROM DN40
KE7RTB-7 W7QL 04/24 14:45:45z Send another qs l{26
KE7RTB-7 KE7RTB-7 04/24 14:44:49z Send another cn87{15
KE7RTB-7 W6TKD 04/24 14:44:43z Send another qsl{14
KE7RTB-7 W5SAT-6 04/24 14:44:37z Send another cn8/{12
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/24 14:43:19z Send another tnx{23
KE7RTB-7 N7NEV-6 04/24 14:43:04z Send another c n87{20
KE7RTB-7 N7NEV-6 04/24 13:10:55z Send another qsl{21
KE7RTB-7 KE7RTB-7 04/24 13:09:23z Send another hello {17
KE7RTB-7 KJ7UET-7 04/24 13:06:52z Send another cn87{08
W5SAT-6 KE7RTB-7 04/23 18:50:05z Reply Hi Chriusty from DM26.{LO}
KE7RTB-7 W5SAT-6 04/23 18:47:59z Send another cn8/{13
KE7RTB-7 KJ7TLV-9 04/23 18:47:13z Send another cn87{11
KE7RTB-7 KJ7UET-7 04/23 18:46:58z Send another cn87{09
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/23 18:46:46z Send another and.w{06
KE7RTB-7 KJ7TLV-9 04/23 18:45:40z Send another cn87{10
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/23 18:43:56z Send another hello{07
KE7RTB-7 VE7CCY 04/23 15:32:57z Send another cn87{05
KE7RTB-7 W6TKD 04/23 15:32:16z Send another cn87 qsl{04
KE7RTB-7 KF0BMD-6 04/22 14:43:18z Send another cn87{01
W6TKD KE7RTB-7 04/22 14:42:57z Reply Cm98{85BCD
KE7RTB-7 W6TKD 04/22 14:42:41z Send another cn87{99
KE7RTB-7 AG7LR 04/22 14:40:49z Send another 73 AG7LR cn88xc{94