KB3AWQ-10 messages

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K5DNA KB3AWQ-10 05/01 15:48:47z Reply 73s from EM35{6
N1RCN KB3AWQ-10 05/01 15:48:42z Reply Hello From Florida via ISS
KB3AWQ-10 KB1CRN 04/28 04:24:15z Send another QSL 73 KB3AWQ
KB1CRN KB3AWQ-10 04/27 14:09:13z Reply Hello and 73 via ISS{36
K9NBG KB3AWQ-10 04/25 10:50:20z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{61
K9NBG KB3AWQ-10 04/25 10:50:17z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{60
K9NBG KB3AWQ-10 04/24 13:09:00z Reply Heard you via PSAT in Illinois!{40
WE4B KB3AWQ-10 04/23 20:38:29z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{93
K5DNA KB3AWQ-10 04/22 13:13:42z Reply 73s from EM35{57
KB3AWQ-15 KB3AWQ-10 04/13 09:48:54z Reply RP70{CV}
KB3AWQ-15 KB3AWQ-10 04/13 09:46:52z Reply ?IGATE?
KB3AWQ-15 KB3AWQ-10 04/13 09:46:34z Reply ?IGATE
K4KDR-6 KB3AWQ-10 04/12 21:08:21z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
9Z4DZ-1 KB3AWQ-10 04/08 14:34:20z Reply Greetings from Trinidad & Tobago Blessings 73's
WA2FHJ KB3AWQ-10 04/07 20:14:47z Reply hi doug fn13
KI4ASK-7 KB3AWQ-10 04/07 16:59:41z Reply 73 via ISS{3
KI4ASK-7 KB3AWQ-10 04/07 16:59:41z Reply 73 via ISS{2
KB3AWQ-10 NA1SS 04/07 04:58:36z Send another Williamsport, PA KB3AWQ.com be safe
KB3AWQ-10 N3VMM 04/07 04:51:48z Send another Good copy
KB3AWQ-10 KB3AWQ-10 03/23 18:42:27z Send another BITS.11111111,WX3in1Plus20 Telemetry
KB3AWQ-10 KB3AWQ-10 03/23 18:42:17z Send another EQNS.0,0.075,0,0,10,0,0,10,0,0,1,0,0,.9,-83.2
KB3AWQ-10 KB3AWQ-10 03/23 18:42:16z Send another UNIT.Volt,Pkt,Pkt,Pcnt,F,On,On,On,On,Hi,Hi,Hi,Hi
KB3AWQ-10 KB3AWQ-10 03/23 18:42:16z Send another PARM.Vin,Rx1h,Dg1h,Eff1h,T,O1,O2,O3,O4,I1,I2,I3,I4
N3VMM KB3AWQ-10 03/22 21:40:33z Reply hello testing my THD74A out.Have a good day{2
BAWQ-10 KB3AWQ-10 03/08 09:53:53z Reply .VoltPkt,Pkt,nO,iH,iH
3AW-10 KB3AWQ-10 03/08 04:38:03z Reply Ult,Pt,PcOn,OOn,Hi,HHi
KB3AWQ-10 BAQ1:AMVn 03/07 23:09:27z Send another 1,ghEfhTO,2O,4I,2I,4
KB3AWQ-10 WQ-1TS.11 03/07 18:08:03z Send another 1
KB3AWQ-10 KB3AW:BIT 03/03 16:08:18z Send another .111,WX3Plus20lemetr