KB2M-4 messages

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XE1DM KB2M-4 05/03 15:53:41z Reply TNX MY FRIEND 73{15
WG4K KB2M-4 05/03 15:53:37z Reply WG4K DAVE VIA ISS DIGI EL96eo 26.63N 81.59W
XE3N-1 KB2M-4 05/03 15:52:20z Reply Good Morning! Nice to hear You via ISS 73's
KB2M-4 XE3N-1 05/03 15:51:52z Send another 73
XE3N-1 KB2M-4 05/03 15:51:43z Reply QSL tu 73's!!
KB2M-4 BLNQSL3/3 05/03 15:51:00z Send another K3MRV-7,XE1DM{UISS54}
KB2M-4 BLNQSL1/3 05/03 15:50:59z Send another KD0YUJ-6,AA9VI-6,K5DNA,KI4ASK-7,N4DJC-7,W4LRA-9,KC9MEG,
KB6LTY-3 KB2M-4 05/03 15:50:11z Reply QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KB2M-4 KB6LTY-3 05/03 15:50:01z Send another Hi Christy el99
KB6LTY-3 KB2M-4 05/03 15:49:11z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
K5DNA KB2M-4 05/03 14:15:28z Reply 73s from EM35{18
N8EUL-7 KB2M-4 05/02 17:48:24z Reply QSL fm FN20 73{21
KN2K KB2M-4 05/01 14:14:10z Reply GM Jeff!
XE3ARV KB2M-4 04/29 17:28:23z Reply 73s{31
XE3N-1 KB2M-4 04/29 17:24:25z Reply Hello via ISS, 73's !!
KB2M-4 BLNQSL1/2 04/28 14:59:49z Send another KO4KXH,K3DQB,N2OIT,K0KOC-1,K4KDR-6,VE3FFB,AB0XE-6,KN2K,NA1SS,
KB2M-4 N1RCN 04/26 18:11:01z Send another good afternoon fletch
KB2M-4 BLNQSL2/2 04/26 18:09:33z Send another XE3ARV,K4HG-8{UISS54}
KB2M-4 KB6LTY-3 04/26 18:09:17z Send another Hi Christy fr EL99
KB2M-4 BLNQSL1/1 04/26 10:02:47z Send another K9ILU-9,AC2KU-2,K0KOC-1,VE3FFB,NA1SS{UISS54}
KN2K KB2M-4 04/23 17:18:08z Reply GOOD AFTERNOON!
KC9ELU KB2M-4 04/23 17:17:15z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
K9NBG KB2M-4 04/22 11:34:41z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS from IL{7
K9NBG KB2M-4 04/22 11:34:31z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS from IL{8
KB2M-4 BLNQSL1/1 04/22 11:33:09z Send another NA1SS,KB9VIC-9,WA0D-12,KI4ASK-7,K9NBG,KO4KXH{UISS54}
KI4ASK-7 KB2M-4 04/22 11:32:55z Reply 73 via ISS{0
K0KOC-1 KB2M-4 04/20 18:04:43z Reply rejQ
KB2M-4 BLNQSL1/1 04/20 18:04:42z Send another K9ILU-9,K0KOC-1,KL7JKC-6,KN2K,NA1SS,VE3FFB,WB8JAY,K1EHT-1{UISS54}
KB2M-4 BLNQSL1/1 04/20 18:02:40z Send another K9ILU-9,K0KOC-1,KL7JKC-6,KN2K,NA1SS,VE3FFB{UISS54}
KI4ASK-7 KB2M-4 04/20 11:33:23z Reply QSL & 73 via ISS{3
KB2M-4 BLNQSL2/2 04/20 11:32:08z Send another AC2KU-1,W9BOQ-1,NA1SS{UISS54}
KB2M-4 BLNQSL1/2 04/20 11:32:08z Send another K5DNA,KW4TOM,K4WSD-7,XE3N-1,KI4ASK-7,K1WY,W9QO,KL7JKC-6,
KB2M-4 BLNQSL1/1 04/20 11:30:24z Send another K5DNA,KW4TOM,K4WSD-7,XE3N-1,KI4ASK-7{UISS54}
K5DNA KB2M-4 04/20 11:29:35z Reply 73s from EM35{21
KB2M-4 BLNQSL2/2 04/19 12:18:09z Send another N5DGK-9{UISS54}
KB2M-4 KN2K 04/18 19:38:42z Send another QSL 73 fr el99
KN2K KB2M-4 04/18 19:38:17z Reply 59 FM18 QSL?
KE0LX KB2M-4 04/18 19:35:50z Reply QSL and 73 de Bruce EN25 Willmar MN
N3CRT KB2M-4 04/16 19:38:23z Reply HI FROM CHARLIE IN FN20 QSL?
W4BAE-9 KB2M-4 04/16 13:01:16z Reply Greetings from EL96{1
N1RCN KB2M-4 04/16 13:01:12z Reply Good Morning from EL87!
9Z4DZ-2 KB2M-4 04/16 11:28:40z Reply Greetings from Trinidad & Tobago, Blessings 73
XE3ISS KB2M-4 04/15 22:04:06z Reply Saludos desde Cancun de Fher 73s EL61
AI9IN-7 KB2M-4 04/15 20:29:54z Reply Hi de EM79{38
N3FZX-1 KB2M-4 04/15 14:00:39z Reply heard at FM18ox{m0005
KC4LE KB2M-4 04/15 13:59:19z Reply hello frm EM63
KN2K KB2M-4 04/15 13:59:13z Reply QSL 73!
WN9Q KB2M-4 04/15 13:59:04z Reply 599 en64 QSL
KB2M-4 VE3FFB 04/14 14:41:31z Send another Hi fr el99
KB2M-4 N1RCN 04/13 22:04:38z Send another Hi Fletch
N1RCN KB2M-4 04/13 22:04:19z Reply n1rcn EL87 Florida
KB2M-4 BLNQSL1/1 04/12 14:37:29z Send another K4KDR-6,KN2K,N1HMT,W9QO,K0KOC-1,W8MRR,KE4AZZ-9,K3DQB{UISS54}
DB0LUH-1 KB2M-4 04/12 14:37:14z Reply rejUISS54}
KB2M-4 BLNQSL1/1 04/12 14:37:14z Send another K4KDR-6,KN2K,N1HMT,W9QO,K0KOC-1,W8MRR,KE4AZZ-9{UISS54}
N1RCN KB2M-4 04/11 23:33:43z Reply Good Evening!
KP3RP KB2M-4 04/10 22:47:58z Reply 73 de kp3rp1@gmail qsl?{52
KB2M-4 N8URE 04/10 22:43:43z Send another good evening fr EL99
N8URE KB2M-4 04/10 22:42:57z Reply de Stephen FM19{31
CO7SV KB2M-4 04/09 00:27:03z Reply 73 CORDIALES CO7SV
KB2M-4 N1RCN 04/07 15:25:25z Send another RR
KB2M-4 N1RCN 04/07 15:21:12z Send another good morning fletch
N1RCN KB2M-4 04/07 15:19:33z Reply hello Jeff!
KB2M-4 XE3N-1 04/07 15:18:20z Send another good morning fr el99
KM4HRR-7 KB2M-4 04/05 18:36:31z Reply 73 de KM4HRR via ISS{39
W5CBF KB2M-4 04/02 19:13:51z Reply Hi from EM30, LA
WN9Q KB2M-4 04/02 19:13:41z Reply 599 en64
WE4B KB2M-4 04/02 19:11:50z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{35
KM4HRR-7 KB2M-4 03/31 19:16:47z Reply 73 de KM4HR{8
WA2FHJ KB2M-4 03/31 19:14:40z Reply hi doug fn13
N1RCN KB2M-4 03/31 19:13:48z Reply Gotcha!
CO7YP KB2M-4 03/29 19:10:24z Reply Hi all ISS ,QSL via LOTW or QRZ.COM
KC9YTT KB2M-4 03/27 22:25:55z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
WE4B KB2M-4 03/25 22:23:55z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{4
WE4B KB2M-4 03/25 22:20:51z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{2
WE4B KB2M-4 03/24 21:31:32z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{87
K0PHP KB2M-4 03/23 23:59:36z Reply k0php@arrl.org Hello...
KE4AZZ KB2M-4 03/23 20:43:50z Reply de KE4AZZ via International Space Station
KE4AZZ KB2M-4 03/23 20:42:48z Reply QSL and 73
KB2M-4 KE4AZZ 03/23 20:42:32z Send another good afternoon fr el99
KE4AZZ KB2M-4 03/23 20:41:31z Reply de ke4azz el87
KB2M-4 W4BCX-3 03/20 23:04:57z Send another GE
KB2M-4 NWS 03/19 14:29:15z Send another hello test