ISS-10 messages

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IT9FTP ISS-10 05/04 23:55:50z Reply GREETINGS FROM JM68QC SICILY IS.
KJ7TLV-9 ISS-10 04/23 17:17:05z Reply hello from kirkland wa usa{91
9Z4DZ-1 ISS-10 04/16 09:46:51z Reply Greetings from Trinidad & Tobago, Blessings 73
9Z4DZ-1 ISS-10 04/11 12:08:55z Reply Hpe all is well at ur end, Stay safe , Blessings
9Z4DZ-1 ISS-10 03/27 17:30:25z Reply Greetings from Trinidad & Tobago Blessings 73's
9Z4DZ-1 ISS-10 03/25 05:48:50z Reply Grt cing u on this pass..73, Stay safe
VK4EM ISS-10 03/17 06:31:28z Reply Hello to the World VK4EM ---Merv
VK4EM ISS-10 03/17 06:28:52z Reply Hello Geoff thank you for the message !!
VK4EM ISS-10 03/15 23:06:50z Reply Hello you are 5 x 9 into QG52th..73's