AB0XE-6 messages

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K9NBG AB0XE-6 05/04 11:49:18z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS from IL{85
AB0XE-6 VE3FFB 05/04 10:12:08z Send another HI FROM EN34{21
AB0XE-6 KF0BMD-6 05/01 14:09:37z Send another TKS FOR CONTACT EN34{19
K9NBG AB0XE-6 05/01 14:09:06z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{19
K9NBG AB0XE-6 05/01 14:08:52z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{20
KF0BMD-6 AB0XE-6 05/01 14:07:04z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'{63
W7BMH-2 AB0XE-6 04/30 14:57:40z Reply Catch you on a better orbit - 73 de Brian in Eugene, OR
AB0XE-6 W7BMH-2 04/30 14:55:27z Send another QSL TKS FROM EN34{18
W7BMH-2 AB0XE-6 04/30 14:53:20z Reply Hear you in CN84 - QSL?
AB0XE-6 W6WW 04/30 10:05:31z Send another QSL AND GM, 73 EN34{17
N8TAR-7 AB0XE-6 04/30 10:04:36z Reply Heard you via ISS, MI EN82{10
W6WW AB0XE-6 04/30 10:03:30z Reply HELLO VIA ISS QSL?? 73 DE W6WW DM14
AB0XE-6 K5DNA 04/28 16:31:40z Send another [AA] QSL TKS for contact to EN34{16
K5DNA AB0XE-6 04/28 16:30:28z Reply 73s from EM35{87
AB0XE-6 AG7OO-9 04/28 16:29:17z Send another [AA] QSL TKS for contact to EN34{14
KE7RTB-7 AB0XE-6 04/28 16:28:36z Reply qrl {94
AG7OO-9 AB0XE-6 04/28 16:28:15z Reply 73 de Kevin CN87{20
KE7RTB-7 AB0XE-6 04/28 16:26:04z Reply cn87{91
KE7RTB-7 AB0XE-6 04/28 16:25:09z Reply cn87{88
K4KDR-6 AB0XE-6 04/28 14:58:51z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KN2K AB0XE-6 04/28 14:58:41z Reply QSL 73
AB0XE-6 KN2K 04/28 14:58:16z Send another QSL FROM EN34{13
AB0XE-6 KE7RTB-7 04/28 14:54:32z Send another HELLO FROM EN 34{12
K9YO AB0XE-6 04/20 13:06:46z Reply Heard nr Chicago EN62 QSL?
KD0UHS AB0XE-6 04/20 13:06:34z Reply UR 59 in Kansas EM29PD 73 via ISS
AB0XE-6 K5DNA 04/20 13:05:33z Send another [AA] QSL TKS for contact to EN34{10
K5DNA AB0XE-6 04/20 13:05:14z Reply 73s from EM35{29
KB6LTY-3 AB0XE-6 04/19 13:56:44z Reply QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
AB0XE-6 KB6LTY-3 04/19 13:56:32z Send another QSL FROM EN34{09
AB0XE-6 KF0BMD-6 04/18 16:24:11z Send another [AA] QSL TKS for contact to EN34{08
KF0BMD-6 AB0XE-6 04/18 16:19:42z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'{23
K0CFI AB0XE-6 04/18 14:40:23z Reply INT QSL
AB0XE-6 VE6WK 04/16 16:19:05z Send another GM FROM EN34{06
K5DNA AB0XE-6 04/16 14:41:07z Reply 73s from EM35{89
K5DNA AB0XE-6 04/16 14:40:56z Reply AA:QSL and 73s EM35sc
KN2K AB0XE-6 04/16 14:40:53z Reply 59 FM18 QSL?
AB0XE-6 K5DNA 04/16 14:40:45z Send another TKS FOR CONTACT 73 EN34{05
AB0XE-6 K9YO 04/16 14:39:39z Send another QSL TKS FOR CONTACT EN34{04
AB0XE-6 K5DNA 04/16 14:39:02z Send another [AA] QSL TKS for contact to EN34{03
K5DNA AB0XE-6 04/16 14:38:58z Reply 73s from EM35{86
K9YO AB0XE-6 04/16 14:38:41z Reply Heard by K9YO nr Chicago QSL?
AB0XE-6 K7MT-6 04/15 20:25:40z Send another HI BILL 73 STEVE EN34{02
AB0XE-6 WA2FHJ 04/15 17:07:37z Send another t5ks for rs-44 cw this am 73{00
KB9IQX-7 AB0XE-6 04/14 22:38:31z Reply 73 de KB9IQX Amy Seattle CN87{1
KE7RTB-7 AB0XE-6 04/14 22:37:13z Reply cn87{84
KI5NMJ-7 AB0XE-6 04/14 19:36:55z Reply heard you{57
AB0XE-6 VE3FFB 04/14 19:31:15z Send another HI FROM EN34{99
AB1OC AB0XE-6 04/14 19:31:15z Reply UR 599 FN42er NH USA de AB1OC
KI5BUV-8 AB0XE-6 04/11 17:39:41z Reply QSL?{18
AB0XE-6 K9NBG 04/11 17:04:41z Send another [AA] QSL TKS for contact to EN34{97
K9NBG AB0XE-6 04/11 17:04:00z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS from IL{55
AB0XE-6 WG0A 04/11 17:00:54z Send another [AA] QSL TKS for contact to EN34{96
WG0A AB0XE-6 04/11 17:00:47z Reply QSL 73{m0002
AB0XE-6 WD9EWK 04/11 16:59:08z Send another [AA] QSL TKS for contact to EN34{95
WD9EWK AB0XE-6 04/11 16:58:46z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {85
KF0BMD-9 AB0XE-6 04/10 22:38:42z Reply Msg Rcvd Hello (; Via ISS 73s{96
AB0XE-6 K9ILU-8 04/10 21:03:09z Send another HI FROM EN34, 73 STEVE{93
AB0XE-6 K3DQB 04/10 17:55:07z Send another HI FROM EN 34 73{92
K3DQB AB0XE-6 04/10 16:15:24z Reply Hello From FM19{85
AB0XE-6 W1QC 04/07 23:29:33z Send another QSL THANKS FOR CONTACT{91
AB0XE-6 K7MT-6 04/07 23:29:12z Send another HELLO BIL, 73 STEVE EN34{90
W1QC AB0XE-6 04/07 23:28:58z Reply W1QC in EN54 heard you via ISS. 73
AB0XE-6 W1QC 04/07 23:28:52z Send another HELO FROM EN34,73 STEVE{89
WA2FHJ AB0XE-6 04/07 18:36:25z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
AB0XE-6 WA2FHJ 04/07 18:36:10z Send another TKS FOR CONTACT TO EN34{88
AB0XE-6 WD9EWK 04/07 18:33:27z Send another [AA] QSL TKS for contact to EN34{87
KC7MG-9 AB0XE-6 04/07 18:33:05z Reply Jack in grid DM42 Arizona
WD9EWK AB0XE-6 04/07 18:32:07z Reply TNX for call. DM43 in AZ {61
AB0XE-6 WD9EWK 04/07 18:31:45z Send another Hi Patrick, 73 Steve{86
K9NBG AB0XE-6 04/04 01:02:44z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{12
KD9JJR AB0XE-6 04/04 01:02:37z Reply 59 in Wisconsin{27
K9NBG AB0XE-6 04/04 01:02:30z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{11
K9NBG AB0XE-6 04/03 23:27:03z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{5
KD9BBB AB0XE-6 04/02 22:33:46z Reply CQ from EN62 de KD9BBB via ISS
K9NBG AB0XE-6 04/01 21:43:11z Reply tnx 4 qsl carc{1
K9NBG AB0XE-6 04/01 21:43:08z Reply tnx 4 qsl card{99
WA2FHJ AB0XE-6 04/01 21:41:26z Reply hi doug fn13
K9NBG AB0XE-6 04/01 21:39:59z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS from IL{95
KB6LTY-3 AB0XE-6 04/01 21:38:37z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
K9NBG AB0XE-6 03/30 00:02:48z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{77
K9NBG AB0XE-6 03/28 23:16:28z Reply EN52 TX 73{44
K9NBG AB0XE-6 03/28 23:14:56z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois! {40
AB0XE-6 K9NBG 03/28 23:14:19z Send another [AA] QSL TKS for contact to EN34{83
K0PHP AB0XE-6 03/27 22:24:50z Reply k0php@arrl.org Hello...
K9NBG AB0XE-6 03/26 01:39:53z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{10
KE0LX AB0XE-6 03/26 01:34:40z Reply QSL and 73 de Bruce EN25 Willmar MN
KD9PML-6 AB0XE-6 03/26 00:00:00z Reply HI FROM EN53 73'
AB0XE-6 WD9EWK 03/25 23:59:15z Send another [AA] QSL Tks from EN34, 73 AB0XE{78
WD9EWK AB0XE-6 03/25 23:59:13z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {94
KC9YTT AB0XE-6 03/24 23:08:41z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's