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VK5AH VK5AH-9 09/02 07:12:52z Reply test{38
VK5AH-9 VK5AH 09/02 06:55:45z Send another yo!{1
VK5AH-9 VK5AH 08/28 10:02:35z Send another yo!{0
VK5AH-9 VK5AH 08/27 08:48:03z Send another on the way{Z
VK5AH-9 VK5AH 08/27 08:45:11z Send another yo !yo!{Y
VK5ZM-9 VK5AH-9 08/27 07:05:29z Reply yep{90
VK5AH-9 VK5ZM-9 08/27 07:01:46z Send another Buntaaaaaaaa ! !{X
VK5AH-9 VK5ZM-9 08/27 06:56:23z Send another hows he going with his aprs beacon? its even fast when hes stopd{W