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VK5EX-4 VK5AH-9 06/24 07:57:10z Reply by the fire !!!{03}
VK5EX-4 VK5AH-9 06/24 07:56:38z Reply Yuo should be home{02}
VK5EX-4 VK5AH-9 06/24 07:56:25z Reply How ya going ,{01}
VK5AH-9 VK5AH 06/15 02:42:51z Send another feeling better ere{8
VK5AH-9 VK5AH 05/17 09:18:10z Send another ok{7
VK5AH VK5AH-9 05/17 09:17:40z Reply thanks{47
VK5AH VK5AH-9 05/17 09:17:28z Reply can you bring dinner for two and milk please use card if need be{46