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KJ4ERJ-AP KD5NJR-6 03/12 02:22:16z Reply When is your statewide APRS net?{JN}
KJ4ERJ-AP KD5NJR-6 03/11 23:04:13z Reply ?APRSP
KC5FM KD5NJR-6 03/11 22:00:13z Reply Thanks for callinng the net.{OF}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 03/11 20:03:17z Reply Message sent to: kc5fm@arrl.net{197
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:03:16z Send another /ex{KX}
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:03:11z Send another kd5njr{KW}
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:03:07z Send another scott{KV}
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:03:06z Send another 73{KU}
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:03:04z Send another stay dry{KT}
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:03:01z Send another have a good weekend.{KS}
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:02:34z Send another mentioned your traffic{KR}
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:02:21z Send another some with multiple radios, etc.{KQ}
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:02:14z Send another eight guys on net today.\{KP}
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:02:07z Send another hope wedding was fun.{KO}
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:02:01z Send another hi loyd{KN}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 03/11 20:01:25z Reply New message to: kc5fm@arrl.net. Send /EX when complete.{196
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:01:25z Send another sp kc5fm@arrl.net OKAPRS NET{KM}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 03/11 20:01:10z Reply Invalid message request: kc5fm@#arrl.net{195
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:01:09z Send another sp kc5fm@#arrl.net{KL}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 03/11 20:00:45z Reply Message sent to: kc5fm@arrl.net{194
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:00:44z Send another sms kc5fm@arrl.net eight checkins today{KK}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 03/11 20:00:18z Reply Message sent to: kc5fm{193
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 20:00:18z Send another sms kc5fm eight checkins today.{KJ}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:59:24z Reply Message sent to: kd5njr@gmail.com{192
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 19:59:24z Send another sms kd5njr@gmail.com we are okay.{KI}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:58:52z Reply SP, SMS, L, R#, K#, Y#, F#, P, G, A, I, PR, B (? + cmd for more){191
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 19:58:52z Send another ?
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:58:44z Reply 03/11/2017 19:58:45 No messages{190
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 19:58:43z Send another l{KH}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:58:28z Reply Hello KD5NJR-6{189
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 19:58:28z Send another 3EVRXP{KG}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:58:13z Reply Login [624]:{188
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 03/11 19:58:12z Send another l{KF}
KE5URG-9 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:56:52z Reply 73{05
KD5NJR-6 QST 03/11 19:50:11z Send another 73 and see you next month. net closed.
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 03/11 19:49:59z Send another N:OKAPRS see everyone next month. 73
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:49:58z Send another cq okaprs see everyone next month. 73{KE}
KD5NJR-6 QST 03/11 19:46:56z Send another last call for checkins today. message kd5njr-6
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 03/11 19:43:25z Send another N:OKAPRS don't forget hamfest in a month 7/8 april in claremore.
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:43:25z Send another cq okaprs don't forget hamfest in a month 7/8 april in claremore.{KD}
KD5NJR-6 KE5URG-9 03/11 19:37:29z Send another getting some practice making messages ?{KC}
KD5NJR-6 KE5URG-9 03/11 19:36:10z Send another thanks !!!{KB}
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 03/11 19:36:01z Send another yes.. looking forward to some good notes.{KA}0B
KE5URG-9 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:33:51z Reply checkKE5URG-9{03
AE5ME-10 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:33:02z Reply Cool, you are down to 177 messages, now.{0B}JT
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:32:56z Send another big things+ (*2-13:32:01) > going on 2015 Monday nights.{JZ}
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 03/11 19:32:44z Send another N:OKAPRS also, remember about Monday night VOIP nets. Jeff has+
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:32:44z Send another cq okaprs also, remember about Monday night VOIP nets. Jeff has+{JY}
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:32:40z Reply or ? GROUP
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:32:40z Reply L=My Groups, CQ/J=Join, U=Unjoin, D=Describe Groups, ?=All Groups,+
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:32:40z Reply D GROUP Description (if Owner)
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:32:40z Send another for ARRL+ (*2-13:29:09) > OK, let us know.{JX}
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 03/11 19:32:28z Send another N:OKAPRS also, does anyone want the Section Traffic Manager "job"+
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:32:27z Send another cq okaprs also, does anyone want the Section Traffic Manager "job"+{JW}
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:32:07z Send another going on 2015 Monday nights.{JV}
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:32:03z Send another also, remember about Monday night VOIP nets. Jeff has big things+{JU}
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 03/11 19:30:44z Send another im loading in messages now. had forgot to for a while.{JT}0A
KD5NJR-6 KC5FM 03/11 19:29:47z Send another roger !{JS}OE
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:29:16z Send another OK, let us know.{JR}
KC5FM KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:29:14z Reply Thanks! Be safe and have a blessed weekend.{OE}JD
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:29:12z Send another also, does anyone want the Section Traffic Manager "job" for ARRL+{JQ}
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:28:49z Send another west.{JP}
KD5NJR-6 KC5RBH-5 03/11 19:28:38z Send another N:OKAPRS kc5fm asks us to remember those in the wildfires out+
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:28:37z Send another cq okaprs kc5fm asks us to remember those in the wildfires out+{JO}
AE5ME-10 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:26:51z Reply messae.{0A}JM
AE5ME-10 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:26:04z Reply messages from the Arkansas crew. That's where I saw the COMEX{09}JM
KC5FM KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:26:04z Reply N:OKAPRS Please remember the VOIP nets on Monday night. See+
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 03/11 19:25:58z Send another rest of day .{JM}08
AE5ME-10 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:25:52z Reply in remotely to the AE5ME-10 system as I'm reading last week's{08}JN
KD5NJR-6 KC5RBH-5 03/11 19:25:40z Send another no {JN}
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 03/11 19:25:23z Send another rest of day .{JM}07
AE5ME-10 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:25:23z Reply Actually over at the in-laws and running OPENAPRS. Logged{07}JL
KC5FM KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:25:21z Reply N:OKAPRS Please remember our friends in NW OK, TX, and KS as they+
AE5ME-10 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:25:13z Reply a drone building event tomorrow at the downtown{05}JK
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 03/11 19:25:07z Send another ha ! watched pee-wee soccer in the rain. not fun. staying in+{JL}06
AE5ME-10 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:24:37z Reply library. Should be fun.{06}JK
AE5ME-10 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:24:09z Reply No drone racing today. Rain took care of that. Having{04}JK
KC5RBH-5 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:23:59z Reply do i have to use quotes?{15
AE5ME-10 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:23:54z Reply a communication exercise in April.{03}JK
AE5ME-10 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:23:48z Reply Read your messages on the packet BBS as Bruce is having{02}JH
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 03/11 19:23:32z Send another you home ? you at drone races ?{JK}01
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 03/11 19:23:21z Send another yes, 8 hams. variety of methods.{JJ}01
KD5NJR-6 KC5RBH-5 03/11 19:23:09z Send another cq okaprs "hi scott and all"{JI}
KD5NJR-6 KC5RBH-5 03/11 19:23:00z Send another yes... address a message to ansrvr with this content:{JH}
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 03/11 19:22:38z Send another N:OKAPRS who's on ?
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:22:38z Send another cq okaprs who's on ?{JG}
AE5ME-10 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:22:07z Reply Hello again. Hope net is going well.{01}JF
KC5RBH-5 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:21:59z Reply cq aprs Ok.{14
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 03/11 19:21:36z Send another N:OKAPRS "hi jeff"
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 03/11 19:21:36z Send another cq okaprs "hi jeff"{JF}
KD5NJR-6 KC5RBH-5 03/11 19:21:15z Send another lurkers. hang on.{JE}
KD5NJR-6 QST 03/11 19:20:57z Send another reply to message to check in. de kd5njr-6
KD5NJR-6 QST 03/11 19:20:47z Send another ok statewide aprs net in progress
KC5RBH-5 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:20:25z Reply yeah, i don't see anything coming from there though.{13
KD5NJR-6 KC5FM 03/11 19:20:12z Send another no problem{JD}NV
KD5NJR-6 KC5RBH-5 03/11 19:19:57z Send another yes. exactly. sending that message to ansrvr{JC}
KC5RBH-5 KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:19:32z Reply "j okaprs"{12
KC5FM KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:19:26z Reply application. Please pass the word. 73{NV}IP
KC5FM KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:19:25z Reply wants the job, N0IRW@ARRL.ORG is the person taking the+{NU}IP
KC5FM KD5NJR-6 03/11 19:19:24z Reply the new Section Traffic Manager, acting. If someone up there+{NT}IP