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KD5NJR-6 KB3KBR-3 02/15 03:47:20z Send another N:ROCKETS what rockets do you guys have ?
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 02/15 03:47:20z Send another cq rockets what rockets do you guys have ?{HV}
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:27:43z Reply N:ROCKETS 4 Messages Sent
KD5NJR-6 G6UIM 02/15 03:27:42z Send another N:ROCKETS good evening
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 02/15 03:27:42z Send another cq rockets good evening{HU}
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:27:03z Reply 5 Members In ROCKETS
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:27:03z Reply Members[ROCKETS]: G6UIM KB3KBR-1 N5BRJ KB3KBR-3 KD5NJR-6
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:27:03z Reply ROCKETS(5) for rocket launches Own:G6UIM
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 02/15 03:27:03z Send another d rockets{HT}
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 02/15 03:26:52z Send another j rockets{HS}
KD5NJR-6 AE5ME-10 02/15 03:22:16z Send another N:OKAPRS good eveving
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 02/15 03:22:15z Send another cq okaprs good eveving{HR}
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:21:51z Reply SHOW(1) SIEMENSHAM(1) SKYWARM(1) SKYWARN(3) SONTWX(1) SOTA(1)+
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:21:51z Reply ROCKLIN4(1) RPPNET(1) RPR(1) RPRNET(3) RPRSVR(1) RUSSIA(1) SARA(1)+
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:21:51z Reply O:OKPRS(1) P(1) PA6SHB(1) PAOEM(1) PCARC(1) PIT(1) PITTSCARES(1)+
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:21:51z Reply IOTA(1) IPRS(1) IQ8UN(1) IRELAND(1) IRLP(1) IRMA(1) ISS(4) ITM(1)+
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:21:51z Reply HB9MNP(1) HEARD(1) HELLO(1) HFMOBILE(1) HIII(1) HMCRACES(1)+
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:21:51z Reply COMNET(1) CONFIG(1) CQ(1) CQRPRNET(1) CQSRVR(1) CRPSVR(1) CSTG(1)+
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:21:51z Reply BLN1(1) BPQAPRS(1) BROSVR(1) C(1) C4FM(2) CAN(1) CDGAPRS(1)+
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:21:51z Reply ARES(1) ARISS(1) ARRL(1) ARS(1) AT(1) ATGP(1) B(1) BALLON(1)+
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:21:51z Reply APRSIS32(9) APRSISCAFE(1) APRSISCE(1) APRSSATS(1) APRSX(1) ARE(1)+
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:21:51z Reply APRSDROID(1) APRSHS(1) APRSI32(1) APRSICE32(1) APRSIS(1)+
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:21:51z Reply AGAIN(1) ALL(1) ALMOST(1) AMSAT(1) ANSRVR(1) APRI32(1) APRS(2)+
ANSRVR KD5NJR-6 02/15 03:21:51z Reply Active Groups: 10M(1) 123(1) 4(1) 4X4RNR(1) 73(1) A(1) AAREA(1)+
KD5NJR-6 ANSRVR 02/15 03:21:43z Send another j okaprs{HQ}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:49:56z Reply 02/15/2018 02:49:46 No messages{1851
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:49:56z Send another l{HP}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:49:55z Reply Message 2 Deleted{1850
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:49:55z Send another k2{HO}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:49:53z Reply Message 1 Deleted{1849
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:49:52z Send another k1{HN}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:49:44z Reply Message sent to: W4LCG{1848
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:49:43z Send another /ex{HM}
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:49:41z Send another thank you very much{HL}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:49:36z Reply Reply to: W4LCG Send /EX when done.{1847
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:49:36z Send another y2{HK}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:49:34z Reply Message sent to: W5WTC{1846
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:49:34z Send another /ex{HJ}
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:49:31z Send another thank you very much ! {HI}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:49:18z Reply Reply to: W5WTC Send /EX when done.{1845
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:49:17z Send another y1{HH}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:49:09z Reply //WL2K APRS net Fm:W4LCG Msg:please check me into the net{1844
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:49:09z Send another r2{HG}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:49:01z Reply ste Use: 2018-02-10 09:46:21;Net Check In;W5WTC;;TEST{1843
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:49:00z Reply ----------------------------------------- Spread Sheet Copy and Pa{1842
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:48:58z Reply ORRECT. PLEASE SIG= N MY WEB LOG ON QRZ =20 --------------------{1841
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:48:57z Reply Comments: check in from W5WTC, RANDAL. EM15RF ALL INFO ON QRZ C{1840
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:48:56z Reply TC -------------------------------------------------------------{1839
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:48:55z Reply rs:=20 Location: TEST =20 Call Sign or Tactical Call Sending: W5W{1838
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:48:54z Reply : Net Check In Date/Time: 2018-02-10 09:46:21=20 Assigned Operato{1837
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:48:53z Reply //WL2K Winlink Check In-W5WTC-TEST-Net Check In Fm:W5WTC Msg:Status{1836
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:48:52z Send another r1{HF}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:48:38z Reply 2) 02/15/2018 02:48:26 //WL2K APRS net 414 bytes{1835
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:48:37z Reply In 2858 bytes{1834
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:48:36z Reply 1) 02/15/2018 02:48:26 //WL2K Winlink Check In-W5WTC-TEST-Net Check{1833
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:48:35z Send another l{HE}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:48:32z Reply Hello KD5NJR-6{1832
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:48:31z Send another 3EVRXP{HD}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:48:09z Reply Login [546]:{1831
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/15 02:48:09z Send another l{HC}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/15 02:45:54z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{1830
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:18:46z Reply //WL2K APRS net Fm:W4LCG Msg:please check me into the net{1589
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/13 03:18:46z Send another r2{AW}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:18:39z Reply 2) 02/13/2018 03:18:32 //WL2K APRS net 414 bytes{1588
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:18:38z Reply In 2858 bytes{1587
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:18:37z Reply 1) 02/13/2018 03:18:32 //WL2K Winlink Check In-W5WTC-TEST-Net Check{1586
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/13 03:18:37z Send another l{AV}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:18:35z Reply Message 5 Deleted{1585
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/13 03:18:35z Send another k5{AU}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:18:32z Reply Message 4 Deleted{1584
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/13 03:18:32z Send another k4{AT}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:18:29z Reply Message 3 Deleted{1583
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/13 03:18:29z Send another k3{AS}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:18:25z Reply Message 2 Deleted{1582
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/13 03:18:25z Send another k2{AR}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:18:21z Reply Message 1 Deleted{1581
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/13 03:18:21z Send another k1{AQ}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:18:04z Reply t no text..{1580
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:18:03z Reply APRS Fm:N5YSQ Msg:Hi Scott Got a msg from you on my APRSIS32 bu{1579
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/13 03:18:02z Send another r3{AP}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:17:58z Reply aprs 905 bytes{1578
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:17:57z Reply 5) 02/13/2018 03:17:49 Re: hello. test message de scott kd5njr via{1577
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:17:57z Reply 4) 02/13/2018 03:17:49 Address 405 bytes{1576
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:17:56z Reply 3) 02/13/2018 03:17:49 APRS 342 bytes{1575
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:17:55z Reply 2) 02/13/2018 03:17:49 APRS Update 445 bytes{1574
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:17:54z Reply 1) 02/13/2018 03:17:49 More Info 674 bytes{1573
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/13 03:17:54z Send another l{AO}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:13:21z Reply lly in Paris{1572
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:13:20z Reply you might like persons like this.. I don't See ya N5YSQ Bi{1571
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:13:19z Reply .us/SexOffenderRegistry/Search/Rapsheet?Sid=05126956) Is possible{1570
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:13:19z Reply gistry/Search/Rapsheet?Sid=05126956 (https://records.txdps.state.tx{1569
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:13:18z Reply nLink... N5JEP https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/SexOffenderRe{1568
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:13:17z Reply here is a possibility that you might see this station on APRS or Wi{1567
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:13:16z Reply More Info Fm:N5YSQ Msg:Hi Scott Just in case you didn't know.. T{1566
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/13 03:13:16z Send another r1{AN}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:12:55z Reply ago.. Not working now.. n5ysq Billy in Paris.{1565
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:12:54z Reply etired out, and I aborted after 6 RETRIES Worked good not long{1564
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:12:53z Reply APRS Update Fm:N5YSQ Msg:I tried responding to your message.. It r{1563
KD5NJR-6 WLNK-1 02/13 03:12:53z Send another r2{AM}
WLNK-1 KD5NJR-6 02/13 03:12:48z Reply aprs 905 bytes{1562