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KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/26 04:11:38z Reply Hmmmm?{51
AB8JL-14 N9GQR 07/18 07:25:24z Send another Sounds good!{33
N9GQR AB8JL-14 07/18 07:23:24z Reply 73{46
AB8JL-14 N9GQR 07/18 07:23:15z Send another 73{32
N9GQR AB8JL-14 07/18 07:22:12z Reply Doing great enjoying retirement{45
AB8JL-14 N9GQR 07/18 07:20:51z Send another GM! How r u?{31
N9GQR AB8JL-14 07/18 07:20:32z Reply Catch U Later..bed time!{44
N9GQR AB8JL-14 07/18 07:20:27z Reply Hi John. Good to see you.{43
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 07/16 12:18:26z Reply GO GO GO!!!{12
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 07/15 12:15:55z Reply Gud mornin tuffguy!{02
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/15 01:18:46z Reply Ping!{34
KD7ONF-6 AB8JL-14 07/14 13:49:29z Reply HI{28
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 07/14 13:09:27z Reply Hurry up slowpoke!
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/13 21:46:06z Reply Ping!{32
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/13 21:28:55z Reply Ping!{30
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 07/13 13:04:49z Reply t on my list{33
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 07/13 01:46:44z Reply Is this thing working?{31
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 07/11 10:15:14z Reply Wake up & get some "John Deere Donuts"
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/10 22:27:35z Reply Are u there yet?{21
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/10 22:22:53z Reply Are u there yet?{20
N7JOR AB8JL-14 07/10 17:58:30z Reply I'm bk on APRS i THINK... HI HI...{50
N7JOR AB8JL-14 07/10 17:56:06z Reply Test I'm bk on APRS....{49
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/09 19:17:24z Reply Hmmm?{19
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/09 19:13:33z Reply Hmmm?{18
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 07/08 16:33:45z Reply UPS tra
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 07/08 16:33:41z Reply UPS tracking # 1Z3AF327
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 07/08 16:33:39z Reply UPS tracking # 1Z3AF3270340781224{09
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/08 06:03:39z Reply Boo!{12
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/07 23:25:43z Reply Boo!{11
K5ROK-14 AB8JL-14 07/07 18:34:03z Reply Memphis to Chicago
N7JOR AB8JL-14 07/07 14:23:01z Reply Howdy right bk to U Mister...{48
AB8JL-14 N7JOR 07/07 14:18:42z Send another Howdy Mister!{28
N7JOR AB8JL-14 07/07 14:06:10z Reply C U R in AR this AM... Hope U have a GD day...{47
AB8JL-14 KB0USY-1 07/06 16:55:44z Send another Howdy Mister! Just got loaded for Houston.{27
KB0USY-1 AB8JL-14 07/06 16:38:45z Reply john mister{5
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 07/06 14:17:13z Send another Thanks!{26
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 07/06 14:09:57z Reply Wall charger mailed!{08
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/06 10:11:07z Reply Been huggin tha pillow!
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL-7 07/06 10:06:19z Send another Already did! Where you been?{25
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/06 09:52:14z Reply Time to "Git er'done"!{51
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/05 22:59:34z Reply test from my FT2D{50
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/05 22:54:01z Reply test from my FT2D{49
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL-7 07/05 22:21:17z Send another Over!{24
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 07/05 22:16:47z Reply Ok,I guess ur path is gud then.{07
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/05 22:16:17z Reply Hmmm?{05
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 07/05 22:09:51z Reply AA:Message received...*
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 07/05 22:00:03z Send another Can't reach it now any way.{23
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 07/05 21:58:24z Send another Why? aprs.fi sayes good path!{22
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 07/05 21:48:08z Reply APRS menue item #18{06
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 07/05 21:44:37z Reply Check ur APRS path on ur FT2D{05
N7JOR AB8JL-14 07/05 16:15:27z Reply CU R bk on the road this AM....{46
AB8JL-14 KB0USY-1 07/05 15:27:12z Send another Howdy{21
KB0USY-1 AB8JL-14 07/05 15:18:52z Reply are{2
N7JOR AB8JL-14 07/04 15:22:23z Reply Howdy Mister...{45
N7JOR AB8JL-14 07/04 09:33:08z Reply Reboot computer...{43
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/02 00:12:28z Reply Another test!{37
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/02 00:10:54z Reply Another test!{36
N7JOR AB8JL-14 07/01 18:12:17z Reply Howdy Mister...{41
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 07/01 05:45:49z Reply Yoo hoo!{27
AB8JL-14 K5JEI-14 07/01 03:14:03z Send another Roger that! I'm headed h
AB8JL-14 K5JEI-14 07/01 02:47:50z Send another Roger that! I'm headed home for the holiday.{20
K5JEI-14 AB8JL-14 07/01 02:43:36z Reply I'm sitting at the airport waiting for Marsha.{I
K5JEI-14 AB8JL-14 07/01 02:35:32z Reply Your msg ack'd by K5JEI's D-700. 73, Jerry
AB8JL-14 K5JEI-14 07/01 02:34:13z Send another Hello, just sitting here looking out the office window.{19
K5JEI-14 AB8JL-14 07/01 02:31:40z Reply Hi John, What's up?{H
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 06/30 19:15:44z Reply john 98 degrees{29
AB8JL-14 N7OJV 06/30 18:08:39z Send another Hi Ron! de John 73{18
N7OJV AB8JL-14 06/30 18:04:53z Reply GA FM RON IN S.SIOUX CITY,NE{KH}
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 06/30 09:26:30z Reply Wake up sleepyhead!{16
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 06/29 00:24:59z Reply Test from my FT2DR{13
KC4ZPL-7 AB8JL-14 06/29 00:18:22z Reply Test from my FT2DR{12
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 06/28 20:13:51z Send another Awesome!{17
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 06/28 20:04:47z Reply Got ur radio ready for Post Office tommorrow!{94
AB8JL-14 VA3FES-14 06/24 21:50:57z Send another BOO!{15
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 06/22 17:04:28z Reply roooger{28
N7JOR AB8JL-14 06/19 15:55:33z Reply Howdy Mister...{40
KC0IEB-14 AB8JL-14 06/19 14:12:45z Reply u on facebook{3
KC0IEB-14 AB8JL-14 06/18 14:08:52z Reply hey stranger{2
KC0IEB-14 AB8JL-14 06/18 13:16:18z Reply hey{1
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 06/17 20:31:45z Reply rub it in{26
AB8JL-14 KB0USY-14 06/17 20:30:36z Send another 71 and humid here!{13
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 06/17 20:29:00z Reply 99 n humid{25
AB8JL-14 KB0USY-14 06/15 16:44:49z Send another 10 dash 4{12
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 06/15 16:44:32z Reply Rolling !{23
AB8JL-14 KC8RWD-14 06/15 12:43:53z Send another Howdy!{10
KC8RWD-14 AB8JL-14 06/15 12:43:12z Reply GM!{4
N7JOR AB8JL-14 06/10 15:02:01z Reply Howdy Mister C UR bk on the road again....{39
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 06/10 14:28:53z Reply I see ya in North Carolina{81
N7JOR AB8JL-14 06/08 18:32:02z Reply Howdy Mister...{38
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 05/24 13:38:06z Reply make home today?{14
KC0MYW AB8JL-14 05/22 23:27:25z Reply hello{67
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 05/22 20:43:18z Send another Howdy! Been busy on the phone today. Lunchtime now!{9
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/22 19:15:27z Reply It worked! Yahoo!{13
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/22 19:13:33z Reply test{12
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/22 18:18:28z Reply Sunny in hobotown here today!
N7JOR AB8JL-14 05/21 13:04:32z Reply For some reason my computer disconnected so I had to reboot...{35
N7JOR AB8JL-14 05/21 12:39:16z Reply We try to leave the Holidays for the working folks...{34
N7JOR AB8JL-14 05/21 12:38:14z Reply BOO right bk to U... We're in PHX this Holiday weekend....{33
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/21 12:25:44z Reply Burrrr!{11
AB8JL-14 N7JOR 05/21 12:19:21z Send another BOO! {8