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AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 03/12 00:54:11z Send another BOO...{47
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 03/12 00:25:45z Reply Hmmmm?{1
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL-10 03/11 08:59:04z Send another RR{46
KC4ZPL-10 AB8JL-14 03/11 08:57:06z Reply Yikes,it worked....hee hee{2
KC4ZPL-10 AB8JL-14 03/11 08:57:01z Reply I'm using a cellphone app!{3
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL-10 03/11 08:53:27z Send another GM! Good buddy!{45
KC4ZPL-10 AB8JL-14 03/11 08:52:03z Reply Hiya richguy!{1
KC4ZPL-10 AB8JL-14 03/10 04:16:00z Reply Howdy dude!{1
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 03/02 11:41:38z Reply Hurry up with all that stuff!{48
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 03/01 20:38:03z Reply Storms around here last nite{41
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 02/28 10:54:08z Send another Howdy rich guy!{44
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 02/28 10:49:32z Reply Good mornin tuffguy!{42
WX4C AB8JL-14 02/19 15:46:49z Reply Happy Trails{78
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 02/17 11:17:39z Reply 20 deg here in Hobotown this morning.{55
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 02/07 12:05:45z Reply AA:Message received*
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 02/07 12:04:49z Reply Hammer down...push em'outta ur way!!{46
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 02/07 12:03:03z Send another GM! Heavey traffic.{43
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 02/07 11:56:24z Reply Gud morning tuffguy!{45
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 02/07 02:34:01z Reply ok{34
AB8JL-14 KB0USY-14 02/07 02:32:38z Send another test 123{42
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 01/29 16:50:53z Reply Good morning, 44 deg an no bikini's yet*{40
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 01/29 12:12:41z Reply Smell a Avom lady that was rumovep{30
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 01/29 11:49:03z Reply Good morning,29 deg here now*{39
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 01/28 02:31:28z Reply You wakeup wlth 6" of snow on ground hihi{29
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 01/28 02:29:34z Reply Florida soom{28
KC4ZPL-1 AB8JL-14 01/27 12:18:44z Reply Wake up sleepyhead!{QS}
KF6WAX AB8JL-14 01/26 21:19:39z Reply {32
AB8JL-14 KF6WAX 01/26 21:18:49z Send another RR.. 73{41
KF6WAX AB8JL-14 01/26 21:17:09z Reply Hasta la vista baby!{31
KB7KFC-1 AB8JL-14 01/26 16:23:06z Reply Yes traffic going to get nasty 73 {03
AB8JL-14 KB7KFC-1 01/26 16:22:20z Send another Awesome! Can't see this radio very good. I better pay attention.{40
KB7KFC-1 AB8JL-14 01/26 16:18:18z Reply Yes enjoying retirement busy with Son and playing radios.{02
AB8JL-14 KB7KFC-1 01/26 16:17:30z Send another Hi, hope everyone is doing good!{39
KB7KFC-1 AB8JL-14 01/26 16:15:57z Reply Hi John good to see you out west,{01
KF6WAX AB8JL-14 01/26 13:16:42z Reply I thought you said you were picking up{29
AB8JL-14 KF6WAX 01/26 09:37:45z Send another Not sure what you mean. Just delivering a new trailer.{38
KF6WAX AB8JL-14 01/25 22:36:41z Reply R U collecting from Walmart distribution center{28
AB8JL-14 KF6WAX 01/25 22:35:43z Send another Hi, I'm taking a new trailer into Walmart DC.{37
KF6WAX AB8JL-14 01/25 22:30:44z Reply where you headed in CG John?{27
AB8JL-14 KI0DJ-1 01/24 13:10:24z Send another Roger... Have safe trip Mister!{36
KI0DJ-1 AB8JL-14 01/24 13:07:33z Reply you have a safe trip..{20
KI0DJ-1 AB8JL-14 01/24 13:03:21z Reply pickup a propane trailer..{19
KI0DJ-1 AB8JL-14 01/24 13:02:13z Reply going to kimball, ne today..{18
AB8JL-14 KI0DJ-1 01/24 13:01:30z Send another GM!{35
KI0DJ-1 AB8JL-14 01/24 13:00:00z Reply gm mr john..{17
KI0DJ-1 AB8JL-14 01/23 12:55:08z Reply GM Mr John...{16
KI0DJ-1 AB8JL-14 01/23 12:51:41z Reply {15
KI0DJ-1 AB8JL-14 01/23 12:46:54z Reply GM mr john...{14
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 01/21 21:16:34z Reply U are flying{24
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 01/17 10:51:17z Reply AA:Message received
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 01/17 10:50:58z Send another GM!{34
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 01/17 10:50:35z Reply Yummie!!!{42
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 01/17 10:47:55z Reply You should see PopEye's all around that area your at.{41