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AB8JL-14 KB0USY-14 09/26 09:44:08z Send another Howdy{5
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 09/26 09:34:54z Reply cool mormhng!{89
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 09/21 14:42:12z Send another Give her my address if ya see her!
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 09/21 14:39:33z Reply See Shania Twain anywhere in Texas??
KC4ZPL-9 AB8JL-14 09/08 15:49:58z Reply Hiya richguy!!{09
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 08/29 13:40:35z Reply Ur on my list Jokn!{80
K5ROK-4 AB8JL-14 08/24 15:41:33z Reply hi John{L
KI0DJ-14 AB8JL-14 08/19 16:38:21z Reply AA:Thanks 73s
AB8JL-14 KI0DJ-14 08/19 16:37:50z Send another BOO{4
KC5FM AB8JL-14 08/19 12:56:20z Reply Be safe out there. Arrive Alive! :) 73{FW}
W5CGP AB8JL-14 08/19 12:03:58z Reply GM John. Good to see you. I grew up in Portales. Be safe 73 Ken{24
W5CGP AB8JL-14 08/19 02:24:51z Reply GE sir. Good to see you. I grew up in Portalas. 73 bud....Ken{23
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 08/15 19:57:35z Reply Guess I'll have to call "Flo" about this!{11
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 08/15 19:13:30z Reply Flo might be able to get ya into California..
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 08/15 18:43:44z Reply AA:Message received*
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 08/15 18:43:26z Send another Can't go to CA anymore. Trucks to old they won't let me in.{3
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 08/15 18:12:49z Reply Put your "Zoom" on!{10
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 08/15 18:09:34z Reply Maybe a California run is waitin on ya*{09
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 08/15 18:05:51z Reply Ok lets roll!!{08
KC0CRX-1 AB8JL-14 08/14 15:31:01z Reply Was last{G
KC0CRX-1 AB8JL-14 08/14 15:28:58z Reply Was{F
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 08/14 13:24:39z Reply Hope your AC in your truck is working!!{53
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 08/14 13:20:49z Reply AA:Message received
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 08/14 13:20:41z Send another BOO...{2
AB8JL-14 KC0CRX-1 08/14 13:03:21z Send another Boo.....
AB8JL-14 KC0NUK-9 08/02 01:54:19z Send another Think I'm being gated to RF by someone in KS.{1
KC0NUK-9 AB8JL-14 08/02 01:52:02z Reply 800 miles ?away nice{12
KC0NUK-9 AB8JL-14 08/02 01:50:47z Reply AA:KC0NUK@ARRL.NET
AB8JL-14 KC0NUK-9 08/02 01:50:39z Send another Howdy! de John{0
KC0NUK-9 AB8JL-14 08/02 01:48:33z Reply 73s{11
KC0NUK-9 AB8JL-14 07/27 21:07:39z Reply 73 s from EN00tv{10
WX4C AB8JL-14 07/26 12:23:24z Reply AA:WX4C's Radio received your message
AB8JL-14 WX4C 07/26 12:22:49z Send another Howdy Mister!{99
WX4C AB8JL-14 07/26 12:20:48z Reply Keep on truckin!{58