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WX4C AB8JL-14 12/14 13:04:32z Reply Happy Holidays {51
AB8JL-14 KC9BOZ 12/02 14:37:13z Send another Hi Bob, Thanks! 73{71
KC9BOZ AB8JL-14 12/02 14:35:40z Reply G/m John, be safe. de Bob{64
AB8JL-14 K5JEI-9 11/30 14:54:29z Send another Test 123{68
W3ATE AB8JL-14 11/12 00:28:43z Reply ?APRSH KA2DDO-9{H0001
WX4C AB8JL-14 11/11 08:49:47z Reply AA:WX4C's Radio received your message
AB8JL-14 WX4C 11/11 08:49:09z Send another GM!{70
AB8JL-14 WX4 : 11/11 08:46:49z Send another M!{70
AB8JL-14 WX4 : 11/11 08:43:23z Send another ck41
WX4C AB8JL-14 11/11 08:43:18z Reply Happy Trails{41
KF5TOT AB8JL-14 11/01 21:27:24z Reply ?APRSS
AB8JL-14 KC9BOZ 10/31 14:34:35z Send another Hi Bob! 73{69
KC9BOZ AB8JL-14 10/31 14:33:20z Reply G/M John, drive safe. 73 de Bob{47
KE4FGW-9 AB8JL-14 10/28 20:28:39z Reply rej68
K8CPA AB8JL-14 10/26 17:45:31z Reply howdy{94
K8CPA AB8JL-14 10/26 17:30:34z Reply AA:I am away from the shack.Leave a msg
AB8JL-14 K8CPA 10/26 17:30:27z Send another Hi Chuck! 73 de John{67
K8CPA AB8JL-14 10/26 17:28:06z Reply Hello from Chuck K8CPA!{90
AB8JL-14 KB0VMZ 10/20 00:42:37z Send another Sitting here looking out the office window!{66
KC9BOZ AB8JL-14 10/07 13:56:29z Reply Talk 2 Mike Va3fes, taking a break from Trucking{52
AB8JL-14 KC9BOZ 10/07 13:50:33z Send another Hi Bob! {65
KC9BOZ AB8JL-14 10/07 13:48:06z Reply G/M John, nice 2 see ya. De Bob{48