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AB8JL-14 N7JOR 04/21 14:58:31z Send another Yep still here. Delivered now waiting for something to do.{W
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/21 14:17:50z Reply C U R still in OK at least U were when I check this AM.....{83
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/21 14:12:00z Reply GM Mister...{82
AB8JL-14 N7JOR 04/21 10:33:36z Send another GM!{V
KC4ZPL-2 AB8JL-14 04/21 10:33:06z Reply AA:Message received*
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL-2 04/21 10:32:46z Send another Did you enjoy looking for your Easter eggs yesterday?{U
KC4ZPL-2 AB8JL-14 04/21 08:06:33z Reply Ok,tha'bunny's gone...back to work!{01
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/21 02:13:08z Reply cell Phone...{81
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/21 02:12:48z Reply Was thinking about U today though about giving U a call on the{80
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/21 02:10:32z Reply BOO right bk to U...{79
AB8JL-14 W5CCL 04/21 02:04:50z Send another Yes sir! 73{T
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/21 02:03:34z Reply Have a good nite! u unload tomorrow?{29
AB8JL-14 N7JOR 04/21 02:03:32z Send another BOO from OK City, OK!{S
AB8JL-14 W5CCL 04/21 02:02:30z Send another RR.. Sounds like a good idea!{R
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/21 01:57:39z Reply all gone...lakes still iced over...ready to go fishing!{28
AB8JL-14 W5CCL 04/21 01:56:29z Send another Snow melt yet?{Q
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/21 01:54:30z Reply Nice up here today{27
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/21 01:43:46z Reply [AA] Not at the keyboard. 73's{26
AB8JL-14 W5CCL 04/21 01:43:44z Send another Howdy! Cooler than I expected.{P
AB8JL-14 N7JOR 04/21 01:41:28z Send another BOO frow OK City, OK!{O
AB8JL-14 W5CCL-1 04/21 01:40:52z Send another Howdy! h[6:W5CCL-1 :Howdy! Cooler than I expected.{N
AB8JL-14 W5CCL-1 04/21 01:40:52z Send another Howdy! h[6:W5CCL-1 :Howdy! Cooler than I expected.{N
AB8JL-14 W5CBL-1 04/21 01:39:44z Send another Howdy! Cooler than I expected.{N
AB8JL-14 W5CGP 04/21 01:38:17z Send another Same old same old here. Trying to keep my head above water.{M
AB8JL-14 W5CGP 04/21 01:35:42z Send another Hi Ken, been a long time. Hope your doing well. {L
W5CCL-1 AB8JL-14 04/20 23:17:59z Reply How is OKC tonight?{22
W5CGP AB8JL-14 04/20 21:52:53z Reply Hi John. Hope your doing ok. Fine here. Good to see you. 73 de Ken{11
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/19 13:33:57z Reply Mornin Sir. Ur sure staying busy!{24
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/18 18:49:35z Reply busy fella!{18
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/18 13:56:23z Reply Hit the wrong key and lost everything...{78
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/18 13:52:46z Reply GM Mister... Hope UR day is going well....{77
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/16 20:49:54z Reply isn't KY the opposite direction?{16
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/14 13:06:51z Reply Stuck in Colorado? lol{06
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/12 13:15:14z Reply hopefully it will be behind you{04
AB8JL-14 W5CCL 04/12 13:13:59z Send another Think I may have some stormy WX later today but it's nice now.{K
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/12 12:31:27z Reply beautiful day{02
AB8JL-14 W5CCL 04/12 12:30:42z Send another GM!{J
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/12 12:08:54z Reply movin right along!{01
AB8JL-14 W5CCL-1 04/12 01:12:18z Send another Deliver monday so I'm in pretty good shape now.{I
W5CCL-1 AB8JL-14 04/12 00:30:51z Reply 10-4{21
AB8JL-14 W5CCL-1 04/12 00:30:42z Send another about 100 miles{H
W5CCL-1 AB8JL-14 04/12 00:29:21z Reply goin far tonight?{20
AB8JL-14 W5CCL-1 04/12 00:28:50z Send another Roger!{G
W5CCL-1 AB8JL-14 04/12 00:28:03z Reply Short home stay!{19
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/09 14:10:36z Reply Howdy Mister...{76
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/06 23:58:02z Reply Where is John????{75
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/06 14:42:41z Reply Howdy Mister...{74
AB8JL-14 W5CCL-1 04/06 01:30:43z Send another Think I may ride for a little.{F
AB8JL-14 W5CCL-1 04/06 01:29:11z Send another I was havin din din.{E
W5CCL-1 AB8JL-14 04/06 00:59:22z Reply 73's{18
W5CCL-1 AB8JL-14 04/06 00:50:08z Reply yep. Dixie Trucker's Home!{17
W5CCL-1 AB8JL-14 04/06 00:46:59z Reply doin fine. u parked 4 the nitee?{16
AB8JL-14 W5CCL-1 04/06 00:45:49z Send another Howdy Mister!{D
W5CCL-1 AB8JL-14 04/05 23:35:06z Reply how goes it?{15
K8HSQ AB8JL-14 04/05 12:58:58z Reply ?APRSP
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/04 14:56:24z Reply Did u avoid the storms?{44
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/03 15:05:25z Reply Mornin John{42
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL-2 04/02 21:10:41z Send another I reckon so!{C
KC4ZPL-2 AB8JL-14 04/02 21:08:46z Reply Oh I forgot u is a smarty pants....lol
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL-2 04/02 21:06:15z Send another yep{B
KC4ZPL-2 AB8JL-14 04/02 21:05:28z Reply Do you know what tody is??
KC4ZPL-2 AB8JL-14 04/02 21:05:26z Reply Do you know what today is??
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/02 19:34:07z Reply C U finely got out of ND....{73
AB8JL-14 W5CCL-1 04/02 16:13:55z Send another Couple of close calls! But I can see light at end of tunnel.z
AB8JL-14 W5CCL-1 04/02 16:11:46z Send another Couple of close calls! But I can see light at end of tunnel.{A
AB8JL-14 W5CCL-1 04/02 15:48:05z Send another Trying{9
W5CCL-1 AB8JL-14 04/02 15:42:16z Reply watch out 4 those crazy msp drivers!{14
AB8JL-14 N7JOR 04/01 23:21:36z Send another Howdy{8
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/01 22:00:19z Reply Howdy Mister...{72
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/01 21:56:08z Reply Howdy Mister....{71
AB8JL-14 W5CCL 04/01 21:28:51z Send another RR 73{7
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/01 21:27:04z Reply will holler later 73s{33
AB8JL-14 W5CCL 04/01 21:26:34z Send another Yep, good to go now.{6
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/01 21:24:52z Reply should be ok now with the sun out{32
AB8JL-14 W5CCL 04/01 21:22:43z Send another A little icy driving out of there this morning.{5
AB8JL-14 W5CCL 04/01 21:18:35z Send another Wasn't to bad up where I was.{4
W5CCL AB8JL-14 04/01 21:14:20z Reply u survived the snow storm!{31
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/01 01:15:19z Reply Howdy We're bk in PHX....{70
W5CCL-1 AB8JL-14 03/31 19:38:31z Reply lots of snow there?{12
W5CCL-1 AB8JL-14 03/27 23:26:42z Reply on my laptop...4 inches of new snow today!{11
VA3FES-14 AB8JL-14 03/27 22:35:18z Reply lol. but yer northbound{A
AB8JL-14 VA3FES-14 03/27 22:24:10z Send another Make money!{3
VA3FES-14 AB8JL-14 03/27 22:20:28z Reply yep yep! be there saturday. what v doing?{9
AB8JL-14 VA3FES-14 03/27 22:09:27z Send another I know! You headed home now?{2
VA3FES-14 AB8JL-14 03/27 22:07:43z Reply I was in stillwater earlier{8
AB8JL-14 VA3FES-14 03/27 22:03:04z Send another Ride Truckdriver Ride{1
VA3FES-14 AB8JL-14 03/27 21:58:56z Reply dude!{7
AB8JL-14 VA3FES-14 03/27 20:55:54z Send another BOO{0
W5CCL AB8JL-14 03/27 15:48:08z Reply aprs him{29
AB8JL-14 W5CCL 03/27 15:47:51z Send another I'm up north now.{Z
W5CCL AB8JL-14 03/27 15:47:11z Reply actually Hurst{28
W5CCL AB8JL-14 03/27 15:46:25z Reply East Ft Worth{27
AB8JL-14 W5CCL 03/27 15:45:54z Send another Where?{Y
W5CCL AB8JL-14 03/27 15:43:52z Reply give a shout to Mike WB5QLD a friend of mine down there{26
AB8JL-14 W5CCL 03/27 15:43:44z Send another GM! ND when I get loaded.{X
W5CCL AB8JL-14 03/27 15:41:28z Reply Where to now?{25
AB8JL-14 VA3FES-14 03/26 22:09:26z Send another U Da-Man!{W
VA3FES-14 AB8JL-14 03/26 22:04:12z Reply done for the day:){6
AB8JL-14 VA3FES-14 03/26 21:58:58z Send another Howdee-do!{V
VA3FES-14 AB8JL-14 03/26 21:57:02z Reply I see you{5