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AB8JL-14 W5CGP 04/24 11:07:09z Send another Hope all is well for you! 73{84
AB8JL-14 W5CGP 04/24 11:04:47z Send another Hi Ken! Doing good here. Thanks {83
W5CGP AB8JL-14 04/24 11:02:31z Reply GM John. Hope all is well. Good here. 73 sir....Ken{33
AB8JL-14 KC9BOZ 04/08 19:07:57z Send another 73{82
KC9BOZ AB8JL-14 04/08 18:56:40z Reply Be safe, catch ya next time.73, Bob{03
AB8JL-14 KC9BOZ 04/08 18:32:08z Send another RR{81
KC9BOZ AB8JL-14 04/08 18:31:15z Reply He has been elected to take care of all her business{00
AB8JL-14 KC9BOZ 04/08 18:30:19z Send another I seen that on facebook.{80
KC9BOZ AB8JL-14 04/08 18:29:35z Reply His MOM got sick and passed away{99
AB8JL-14 KC9BOZ 04/08 18:27:43z Send another Hi Bob! Watt did Mickey have to say?{78
KC9BOZ AB8JL-14 04/08 18:26:14z Reply He is taking a break from trucking{98
KC9BOZ AB8JL-14 04/08 18:24:41z Reply Hello John, talked 2 Mike Va3fes{97
W9YOY-12 AB8JL-14 03/18 19:03:45z Reply how ru John?{3
VA3FES-1 AB8JL-14 03/12 18:37:51z Reply Howdy John{IE}
AB8JL-14 W9YOY-12 03/11 17:28:38z Send another Hi, de John! Stopped for a short break in Leavenworth, IN.{77
W9YOY-12 AB8JL-14 03/11 16:54:57z Reply i rcvd packet 683 miles east of my QTH in OKC{L
W9YOY-12 AB8JL-14 03/11 16:47:29z Reply where ru now?{K
W9YOY-12 AB8JL-14 03/11 16:42:01z Reply hi{J
W9YOY-12 AB8JL-14 03/08 02:32:16z Reply r u there?{9
W9YOY-12 AB8JL-14 03/08 02:26:26z Reply r u there?{4
AB8JL-14 KC9BOZ 03/06 15:14:45z Send another Thanks Bob!{76
KC9BOZ AB8JL-14 03/06 15:10:15z Reply Be Safe out there,73 Bob{82
AB8JL-14 KC9BOZ 03/06 15:06:25z Send another RR... Enjoy! 73{75
KC9BOZ AB8JL-14 03/06 15:04:22z Reply Good, off 2day{81
AB8JL-14 KC9BOZ 03/06 14:59:03z Send another Real good! You?{74
KC9BOZ AB8JL-14 03/06 14:53:37z Reply Hiya John, How ya been?{80
W9YOY-12 AB8JL-14 03/04 17:56:53z Reply @ dest, 73{X
W9YOY-12 AB8JL-14 03/04 17:51:32z Reply hi John. de Rans{W
W9YOY-12 AB8JL-14 03/04 17:43:17z Reply hi John, de Rans{T
W9YOY-12 AB8JL-14 03/04 17:40:09z Reply WILL REPLY ASAP
AB8JL-14 W9YOY-12 03/04 17:39:49z Send another Hi! de John{73
W9YOY-12 AB8JL-14 03/04 17:28:13z Reply hello from OKC{P
VA3FES-1 AB8JL-14 03/03 20:26:39z Reply Hiya!{GU}
K8CPA AB8JL-14 02/19 11:16:06z Reply Hello from K8CPA, Chuck EN82JF!{27