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KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 05/24 13:38:05z Reply make home today?{14
KC0MYW AB8JL-14 05/22 23:27:25z Reply hello{67
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 05/22 20:55:35z Send another Howdy! Been busy on the phone today. Lunchtime now!{9
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/22 19:15:27z Reply It worked! Yahoo!{13
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/22 19:13:33z Reply test{12
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/22 18:18:28z Reply Sunny in hobotown here today!
N7JOR AB8JL-14 05/21 13:07:15z Reply For some reason my computer disconnected so I had to reboot...{35
N7JOR AB8JL-14 05/21 12:42:02z Reply We try to leave the Holidays for the working folks...{34
N7JOR AB8JL-14 05/21 12:38:56z Reply BOO right bk to U... We're in PHX this Holiday weekend....{33
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/21 12:27:46z Reply Burrrr!{11
AB8JL-14 N7JOR 05/21 12:19:21z Send another BOO! {8
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 05/21 12:19:08z Send another WX is awesome here! 40 degrees!{7
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/21 12:13:57z Reply Getting ready to rain here this morning.
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 05/21 01:41:07z Reply rain +cooler{13
AB8JL-14 KB0USY-14 05/21 01:41:03z Send another 43 here!{6
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/18 11:53:57z Reply Hello hamfest dude!{4
N7JOR AB8JL-14 05/17 21:21:56z Reply Howdy Mister.... Where is John today???{32
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/17 11:14:55z Reply Hello hamfest dude!{3
N7JOR AB8JL-14 05/11 20:11:43z Reply We're bk in PHX....{31
K5ROK AB8JL-14 05/08 17:02:15z Reply going home{14
K5ROK AB8JL-14 05/08 17:00:52z Reply hi john{13
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/04 11:40:08z Reply I'm still waitin on Shania Twain to get here!{98
N7JOR AB8JL-14 05/03 17:42:54z Reply Howdy Mister...{30
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/03 17:35:12z Reply AA:Message received
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/03 16:00:34z Reply I'm still waitin on Shania Twain to get here.
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/03 15:47:47z Reply I'm still waitin on Shania Twain to get here.{97
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 05/03 15:18:01z Send another Howdy!{5
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/03 15:15:07z Reply Git er'done!{96
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 05/03 15:12:23z Reply Git er'done{95
AB8JL-14 VA3FES-14 05/02 23:52:06z Send another BOO!{4
K5ROK-14 AB8JL-14 04/24 02:56:09z Reply howdy{06
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/22 15:20:33z Reply Howdy Mister...{18
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/22 13:05:05z Reply Howdy Mister...{17
AA0OS-2 AB8JL-14 04/21 00:26:15z Reply ?APRST
KC0CRX-1 AB8JL-14 04/19 15:06:07z Reply listening to 40meters{5
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/18 18:37:39z Reply Howdy Mister...{16
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 04/15 19:43:03z Reply Il. going north or south{2
VA3FES-14 AB8JL-14 04/15 00:36:10z Reply 562 204 7196{X
AB8JL-14 KD5PSX 04/14 23:39:53z Send another Hi! de John{3
KD5PSX AB8JL-14 04/14 23:38:19z Reply hello{KK}
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/14 15:35:37z Reply Sure hope UR having a GD day...{15
AB8JL-14 N7JOR 04/14 15:23:11z Send another Howdy!{1
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/14 15:21:29z Reply GM Mister...{14
AB8JL-14 KB0USY-14 04/13 01:30:58z Send another You ain't scared!{0
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 04/13 01:23:18z Reply afraid{99
AB8JL-14 KB0USY-14 04/13 01:22:21z Send another BOO!{99
AB8JL-14 KB0USY-14 04/12 21:10:06z Send another Rahgee!{98
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 04/12 21:09:06z Reply AA:Thank's for the message!
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 04/12 21:08:55z Send another whodatt?{97
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 04/12 20:08:30z Reply dallas in 4.5 hrs{97
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 04/12 18:58:43z Reply Wake up sleepyhead!{61
KC5FM AB8JL-14 04/11 23:42:34z Reply Glad you are being safe out there! 73{AK}
KC5FM AB8JL-14 04/10 16:47:15z Reply Hope you are being safe out there! 73 {KG}
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/08 17:49:43z Reply Howdy Mister.. C U R bk on the road....{13
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/08 02:49:31z Reply C U R bk on the road again tonight....{12
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/06 23:37:20z Reply R U bk on the road tonight???{10
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/03 15:01:42z Reply freezer...{00
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/03 14:59:41z Reply Howdy Mister I'm in to making Grapefruit juics this AM for the ...{99
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/03 02:26:18z Reply Howdy Mister...{98
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/01 02:15:31z Reply Can't type or spell tonight....{97
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/01 02:09:24z Reply We'r4 bk in PHX got her around 3:45 PL local time...{96
AB8JL-14 N7JOR 04/01 01:49:21z Send another Howdy{96
N7JOR AB8JL-14 04/01 01:26:15z Reply Howdy Mister...{94
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 03/30 12:54:05z Reply we be blue {92
AB8JL-14 KB0USY-14 03/27 18:51:57z Send another Yellow!{95
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 03/27 18:49:38z Reply Howdy John!{91
N7JOR AB8JL-14 03/19 17:28:46z Reply Howdy Mister...{91