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AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 01/17 10:50:58z Send another GM!{34
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 01/17 10:50:35z Reply Yummie!!!{42
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 01/17 10:47:55z Reply You should see PopEye's all around that area your at.{41
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 01/12 23:42:58z Reply Florida soom{22
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 01/11 21:28:01z Reply St Louis behind me{21
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 01/10 10:30:20z Reply 7 deg here this morning*{32
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 01/09 15:21:12z Reply -0.5 deg here this morning!!{31
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 01/05 20:39:43z Reply Is it cold? Not bad here!{16
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 12/17 12:08:55z Reply Icy here also.{33
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 12/17 11:49:39z Send another GM! Bad roads.{32
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 12/17 11:47:07z Reply Guess u won't see any bikini's anywhere there in Wiscosin!{32
VE4DS-14 AB8JL-14 12/15 22:48:51z Reply AA:busy trucking 73
AB8JL-14 VE4DS-14 12/15 22:48:44z Send another Boo{31
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 12/15 15:32:34z Send another Rhagee{30
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 12/15 15:32:13z Reply AA:Message receidf@@ஒb@ஒf@@⮒d@'g_l h/]
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 12/15 15:31:55z Reply AA:Message received
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 12/15 15:23:38z Reply Howdy an all that stuff!{28
AB8JL-14 KC9BOZ 12/14 22:28:52z Send another RR.. Merry Christmas!{29
KC9BOZ AB8JL-14 12/14 22:11:03z Reply Hi John, see ya next time thro{56
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 12/13 12:11:38z Reply AA:Message received*
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 12/13 12:11:21z Send another Hoping for something to do today!{28
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 12/13 12:09:05z Send another GM!{27
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 12/13 11:00:07z Reply It's 33deg here this morning in tha hood.{24
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 12/13 10:53:27z Reply Okay driver,lets hurry that load up!!{23
AB8JL-14 KB0USY-14 12/12 22:22:01z Send another test{26
AB8JL-14 KB0USY-14 12/12 17:57:27z Send another Howdy{25
KB0USY-14 AB8JL-14 12/12 16:39:04z Reply trashing along{10
AB8JL-14 W5CGP-9 12/10 17:24:38z Send another Good to hear from you Ken! 73{24
AB8JL-14 W5CGP-9 12/10 17:22:31z Send another Roger! Delivering a new milk tank out there.{23
W5CGP-9 AB8JL-14 12/10 16:59:56z Reply GM John. Good to see you. I grew up in Portales. 73 sir...Ken{25
KM4FZA AB8JL-14 12/03 00:31:59z Reply you rx{01}
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 11/29 15:33:52z Reply Do you see Shania Twain anywhere down there?
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 11/29 13:30:38z Reply Booski!{03
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 11/29 13:28:25z Reply Booski!{02
K5ROK-14 AB8JL-14 11/24 03:19:56z Reply hi{79
K5ROK-14 AB8JL-14 11/22 19:20:19z Reply hello{75