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YF1ZQA-2 HS6KLJ-13 04/18 01:23:31z Send another Hello...Greetings From LAPAN-PUSTEKSAT INDONESIA Via ISS '73
E24TVS-2 YF1ZQA-2 04/10 12:16:04z Reply Nice to meet you
E24TVS-2 YF1ZQA-2 04/10 12:13:48z Reply Hello from Thailand 73
YF1ZQA-2 HS6KLJ-11 04/10 01:53:27z Send another Hello ..,Greetings From LAPAN-PUSTEKSAT ur 599 '73
YF1ZQA-2 E24TVS-2 04/10 01:49:27z Send another Hello ..,Greetings From LAPAN-PUSTEKSAT INDONESIA
E24TVS-2 YF1ZQA-2 04/07 13:33:51z Reply E24TVS Your 59 Good Luck Thank you
E24TVS-2 YF1ZQA-2 03/28 12:29:02z Reply ningnong_kung@hotmail.com
E24TVS-2 YF1ZQA-2 03/27 12:12:58z Reply E24TVS 599 OK17 Thx.
E24TVS-2 YF1ZQA-2 03/20 13:05:30z Reply https://www.qrz.com/db/E24TVS
E24TVS-2 YF1ZQA-2 03/20 13:02:26z Reply Have a good day