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VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:36:48z Reply ok bye 73{62
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:36:41z Reply I see big picture club meeting{61
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:36:32z Send another '73 bye...bye... :){UR}
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:36:15z Send another ok Art nice QSO, thx{UQ}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:35:43z Reply yes I will see it now standby{60
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:35:23z Send another you also can check my callsign on QRZ.com{UP}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:35:21z Reply ok fine{59
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:34:55z Send another ok i will check it{UO}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:34:42z Reply http://vk4go.net{58
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:34:31z Reply see my webpage{57
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:34:25z Send another waow great... :D{UN}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:34:04z Reply I do aprs since 1992{56
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:33:32z Reply I was JA1OGS from Japan{55
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:33:10z Reply and Yogyakarta{54
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:33:03z Send another you also can demo receive APRS from Satellite{UM}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:32:57z Reply main demo was in Sonar Bali{53
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:32:34z Send another oooh nice{UL}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:32:20z Reply Doing APRS demostrations{52
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:32:11z Send another this is my club callsign YC1ZT, my callsign is YD1SCC {UK}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:31:53z Reply VK4GO{51
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:31:42z Reply I was 3 times in YB land{50
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:31:33z Send another what is your callsign ?{UJ}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:31:26z Reply yes I can see that{49
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:31:10z Send another i am using APRSIS32{UI}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:30:44z Reply I am using for APRS UI-View{48
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:30:41z Send another JT65 i think can work on WSJT too{UH}
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:30:27z Send another 2012/08/30 09:19: APRSIS32 Win v5.1 b2600 p2 0.0/0.4%
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:30:19z Reply ok understand{47
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:29:59z Send another i can in 80, 40, 15, and 10m Band{UG}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:29:45z Reply install software JT65{46
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:29:33z Send another Oh I'm Sorry i cant in 20m Band{UF}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:29:13z Reply to many station{45
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:29:01z Reply FT8 is boring{44
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:28:45z Reply I am now on 14.076 JT65{43
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:28:32z Send another yeah FT8{UE}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:28:14z Reply do you have also Digital on HF ?{42
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:28:06z Send another hi Art :){UD}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:27:41z Reply Sonny{41
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:27:36z Reply Hi Sunny{40
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:27:22z Send another hi my name is Sonny{UC}
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:26:57z Reply my name is Art{39
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/21 03:26:40z Reply hi{38
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/21 03:24:37z Send another Hello too ur 5/9 '73{UB}
YC1ZT VK4GO 05/19 20:53:45z Send another 2012/08/30 09:19: APRSIS32 Win v5.1 b2600 p2 0.0/0.3%
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/19 20:53:45z Reply ?ver?
VK4GO YC1ZT 05/19 20:53:35z Reply hello{33
YC1ZT YB9GWR-10 05/13 01:15:41z Send another Mantab '73{JS}
YB9GWR-10 YC1ZT 05/12 04:44:27z Reply tes{1
YC1ZT YC1ZT 04/07 02:09:24z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
YC1ZT YC1ZT 04/07 02:09:23z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
YC1ZT YC1ZT 04/07 02:09:23z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,N/A,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
YC1ZT YC1ZT 04/04 01:56:47z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,A4,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
YC1ZT WHO-IS 03/28 01:58:02z Send another YC1ZT{EN}