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PU7ISS XQ8FGC 09/22 13:12:45z Reply AA:deixe seu QTC 84996114584 Zap{0x}05
XQ8FGC PU7ISS 09/22 13:12:44z Send another Abrazos desde la Patagonia Chilena.{05
PU7ISS XQ8FGC 09/22 12:38:14z Reply bom dia Abracos do Nordeste Brasileiro{0v}04
PU7ISS XQ8FGC 09/22 12:02:51z Reply AA:deixe seu QTC 84996114584 Zap{0u}04
XQ8FGC PU7ISS 09/22 12:02:48z Send another Bom dia amigo !!!{04
PU7ISS XQ8FGC 09/22 01:43:03z Reply buenas noches amico{0q}
XQ8FGC N2YYZ-5 09/22 00:31:36z Send another All the Best from Punta Arenas - Patagonia Chilena{03
N2YYZ-5 XQ8FGC 09/22 00:25:56z Reply Best 73s from Boston USA. Be well my friend{9212C
XQ8FGC N2YYZ-5 09/22 00:25:27z Send another Best 73s{02
XQ8FGC N2YYZ-5 09/22 00:25:07z Send another Yes, although now only Internet, easier for friends.{01
N2YYZ-5 XQ8FGC 09/21 21:17:32z Reply I haven't seen a packet BBS in years! I hope yours is well loved{F0D49