XE3ISS messages

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XE3ISS 9Y4QA 09/25 18:37:43z Send another saludos desde el61
XE3ISS KE4AZZ 09/25 18:37:14z Send another qsl qsl gracias 73s
KE4AZZ XE3ISS 09/25 18:35:51z Reply QSL / 73 KE4AZZ
N1RCN XE3ISS 09/25 18:34:49z Reply Hello from EL87 (Live)
XE3ISS KE4AZZ-3 09/25 18:34:39z Send another Greeting de XE3ISS EL61 Cancun 73s
XE3ISS KE4AZZ-1 09/24 21:01:15z Send another Greeting to all de XE3ISS EL61 Cancun 73s
KC9YTT XE3ISS 09/24 21:00:51z Reply You are 599 in Williamsfield Illinois! 73'
XE3ISS BLNQSL1/2 09/24 21:00:24z Send another XE3ISS-7,XE3ISS-1,WA0D-5,XE2OCM,KE4AZZ,W7BAZ,KE4AZZ-1,
XE3ISS ALL 09/24 20:56:24z Send another saludos 73 abrazo
XE3ISS BLNQSL1/1 09/24 19:26:52z Send another XE3ISS-8,KF6FES-7,W4TBD-6,N1RCN,KG4WKX-9,N4WXB{UISS54}
K4KDR-6 XE3ISS 09/24 19:26:29z Reply 73 from FM17
XE3ISS ALL 09/24 19:26:13z Send another saludos 73 abarzo
KF6FES-7 XE3ISS 09/24 19:25:12z Reply John 3:16 {42
KF6FES-7 XE3ISS 09/24 19:24:45z Reply Hi from EL98 in Florida{44
KF6FES-7 XE3ISS 09/24 19:24:39z Reply Have a Blessed Week!!! {41
DB0LUH-1 XE3ISS 09/24 19:24:06z Reply rejUISS54}
XE3ISS BLNQSL1/1 09/24 19:23:22z Send another XE3ISS-8,KF6FES-7,W4TBD-6,N1RCN,KG4WKX-9{UISS54}
XE3ISS-7 XE3ISS 09/22 21:11:22z Reply 398565{62
XE1R XE3ISS 09/21 21:45:09z Reply SALUDOS
XE3ISS-1 XE3ISS 09/20 22:40:20z Reply Greetings de XE3ISS EL61 Cancun 73{46
XE3ISS ALL 09/20 20:55:40z Send another Greetings de XE3ISS EL61 Cancun 73