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WX4FLY-5 KG4WZA 11/30 13:15:32z Send another hows the fishing at the cape? {1
WX4FLY-5 N2UBI-1 11/30 13:15:09z Send another either you're in a boat or your house is flooding :) 73.{1
WLNK-1 WX4FLY-5 10/24 21:11:47z Reply Log off successful{3607
WX4FLY-5 WLNK-1 10/24 21:11:46z Send another b{4
WLNK-1 WX4FLY-5 10/24 21:11:42z Reply 10/24/2018 21:11:34 No messages{3606
WX4FLY-5 WLNK-1 10/24 21:11:42z Send another l{3
WLNK-1 WX4FLY-5 10/24 21:11:38z Reply Hello WX4FLY-5{3605
WX4FLY-5 WLNK-1 10/24 21:11:38z Send another WX4FLY{2
WLNK-1 WX4FLY-5 10/24 21:11:30z Reply Login [256]:{3604
WX4FLY-5 WLNK-1 10/24 21:11:30z Send another l{1