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WW5RM-1 N5BAB-4 06/12 21:01:28z Send another Good to se U on the map! =]{48
WW5RM-1 N5BAB-4 06/12 20:53:38z Send another Good to see U on the map! =]{47
KE5QNV-9 WW5RM-1 05/25 21:34:58z Reply no phone!{F
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/21 12:38:39z Reply power off see WW5RM-15{S
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/21 12:03:34z Reply me 2! :){R
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/21 11:58:04z Send another yes{46
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/21 11:29:30z Reply U up?{Q
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/21 01:50:18z Reply is the sink leaking?{P
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/21 01:15:43z Send another what time you coming home{45
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/21 01:15:40z Reply as soon as i get packed up i head out{N
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/21 01:14:35z Reply idk{M
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/21 00:45:49z Send another what time you coming home{44
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/21 00:44:08z Reply at camp call U tomorow. :){I
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/20 02:48:25z Reply goin to bed! 88s :){H
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/20 01:50:24z Send another k{43
WW5RM-9 WW5RM-1 05/20 01:39:10z Reply Taz barkhng at the moon! lol{H
WW5RM-9 WW5RM-1 05/19 16:17:25z Reply see WW5RM-9{G
WW5RM-9 WW5RM-1 05/19 16:12:16z Reply ok{F
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/19 16:05:10z Send another i'm sorry. dad doesn't feel like it. {41
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/19 16:03:47z Send another I'll talk to you tonight or today; whichever you call{42
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/19 15:57:42z Reply ugh{G
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/19 15:55:13z Send another no{40
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/19 15:10:40z Reply coming up?{F
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/19 14:58:24z Send another hi{39
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/19 14:42:42z Reply yeah{E
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/19 14:32:02z Reply i think U need 2 add WIDE2-2 to the path 4 MSG to work{D
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/18 01:46:16z Reply 88s ;){C
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/15 11:18:29z Reply U u
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/15 11:18:24z Reply U up
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/15 11:13:42z Reply U up?{B
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/15 02:33:40z Reply signing off{A
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/15 01:15:35z Reply so im going 2 bed. i call tomorow. 88{9
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/15 01:14:04z Reply just eat N got everything put up & im tired! plus i had 2 Miller{8
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/14 02:37:23z Send another call me in the morning if you can{38
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/14 02:36:47z Send another call me in the morning if you can{37
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/14 02:36:38z Reply goin 2 bed! 88{7
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/14 00:42:16z Reply tired! i call tomorow{6
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/11 21:12:33z Send another what????{36
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/11 21:11:52z Reply got U a couple crystals! :) {1
NA0D-1 WW5RM-1 05/10 17:11:42z Reply no both NA0D-1 and 2 will be on as long as I can keep the gear+{BO}
WW5RM-15 WW5RM-1 05/09 01:37:57z Reply omw{19
WW5RM-15 WW5RM-1 05/08 18:41:35z Reply goin back 2 get alternator{18
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/08 03:19:55z Send another no{35
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/08 01:31:49z Reply tired! going 2 bed.88 {Z
WW5RM-15 WW5RM-1 05/07 21:21:54z Reply goin back 2 camp{17
WW5RM-15 WW5RM-1 05/07 21:20:34z Reply morning{16
WW5RM-15 WW5RM-1 05/07 21:19:09z Reply had 2 orer a alternator 4 Zuki! it be in Glenwod in the {15
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/07 02:54:33z Reply going 2 bed! gnight 88{Y
WW5RM-15 WW5RM-1 05/07 02:10:41z Reply he barking at the radio now! lol{14
WW5RM-15 WW5RM-1 05/07 00:54:44z Reply in the -15{13
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/06 23:57:03z Reply will call later. :){X
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/06 23:54:50z Reply was off the air saving bateries{W
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/06 03:23:47z Send another 88{34
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/06 03:13:42z Reply ok talk 2 U tomorow! 88!{V
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/05 13:21:48z Reply looking 4 KE5QNV-9{I
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/05 13:20:22z Reply so u guys ready?{H
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/05 13:09:28z Reply Taz & I partied 2 hard lastnight! :){G
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/05 13:06:08z Reply hey what?{F
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/05 13:05:13z Reply im up! :){E
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/05 13:02:41z Reply t{D
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/05 03:36:51z Reply U check the mail?{BBSW5PSX-2>APWW10,HOTSPR,WIDE1*,WIDE2-2/2: <>:
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/05 03:24:07z Send another yep{33
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/05 03:23:35z Reply U check the mail?{B
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/05 03:07:21z Reply Going 2 bed. 88{C
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/05 03:05:42z Send another yep{32
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/05 03:05:23z Send another hey{31
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/04 20:27:21z Reply Bring corn plse{A
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/04 12:28:18z Send another 88{30
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/04 12:27:51z Reply 88{9
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-5 05/04 12:24:23z Send another ok{29
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/04 12:23:54z Reply add Mayo & Mustard to your list please :){8
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/04 11:44:11z Reply rise and shine! :){6
WW5RM-1 WD5MHZ-1 05/04 02:36:17z Send another you have email? ww5rm@yahoo.com{20
WW5RM-9 WW5RM-1 05/04 02:00:01z Reply t{B
WW5RM-9 WW5RM-1 05/04 01:55:22z Reply t{9
WW5RM-9 WW5RM-1 05/04 01:51:36z Reply t{8
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/03 23:30:43z Reply see WW5RM-5{5
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/03 23:29:33z Reply se{4
WW5RM-5 WW5RM-1 05/03 21:13:38z Reply test{3
WW5RM-1 KE5QNV-9 05/02 22:48:46z Send another i see u!{28
KD5RJI-15 WW5RM-1 05/02 18:46:08z Reply 73{8
WW5RM-1 KD5RJI-15 05/02 18:45:39z Send another 73{27
KD5RJI-15 WW5RM-1 05/02 18:45:09z Reply AA:ACK
WW5RM-1 KD5RJI-15 05/02 18:45:08z Send another ok dont work to hard!{26
WW5RM-1 KD5RJI-15 05/02 18:44:39z Send another ok{25
KD5RJI-15 WW5RM-1 05/02 18:44:30z Reply 10 MIN LEFT{7
KD5RJI-15 WW5RM-1 05/02 18:43:44z Reply HAD REGGIES{6
WW5RM-1 KD5RJI-15 05/02 18:42:54z Send another what for lunch? =]{24
WW5RM-1 KD5RJI-15 05/02 18:41:26z Send another for that.{23
WW5RM-1 KD5RJI-15 05/02 18:41:12z Send another i digi TEMP1-1 from the mobile for my HT but you dont need UI digi{22
KD5RJI-15 WW5RM-1 05/02 18:40:22z Reply RGR{5
WW5RM-1 KD5RJI-15 05/02 18:39:58z Send another UI digi is for digipeater settings{21
KD5RJI-15 WW5RM-1 05/02 18:39:06z Reply maybe this will work _{4
WW5RM-1 KE5QNV-9 05/02 00:47:34z Send another =]{19
WW5RM-1 KF5LPX-9 05/01 13:04:28z Send another you have email? ww5rm@yahoo.com{18
WW5RM-1 NA0D-1 04/29 16:50:24z Send another so are we gonna loose this Igate when you move?{17
WW5RM-3 WW5RM-1 04/29 15:41:30z Reply rej16
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-3 04/29 15:41:26z Send another CMD VERSION{16
WW5RM-1 NA0D-9 04/28 21:11:23z Send another working now. =]{15
WW5RM-1 WA5LUY-9 04/28 20:56:29z Send another Mena Igate working good! =]{14