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WW5RM-8 WW5RM-1 11/07 05:28:54z Reply 88{D
WW5RM-8 WW5RM-1 11/07 05:26:52z Reply :){C
WW5RM-8 WW5RM-1 11/07 03:28:11z Reply ht works{A
WW5RM-8 WW5RM-1 11/07 03:26:10z Reply Test{9
WW5RM-8 WW5RM-1 11/07 03:25:40z Reply Test{8
WW5RM-15 WW5RM-1 11/07 02:39:14z Reply going 2 bed. 88{4
WW5RM-1 WW5RM-15 11/06 04:25:37z Send another Call when u can
WW5RM-15 WW5RM-1 11/04 06:56:24z Reply i will call tomorow. 88{3
WW5RM-15 WW5RM-1 11/04 06:51:09z Reply rode all day. went 2 bed eaply. luv U!{2
WW5RM-1 NA0D-10 10/04 02:16:01z Send another 73{71
NA0D-10 WW5RM-1 10/04 02:16:00z Reply thanks for coming back to me i am still learning over here 73!{YI}
WW5RM-1 NA0D-10 10/04 02:15:55z Send another good to see you on the map!{70
WW5RM-1 NA0D-10 10/04 02:15:49z Send another ok i gotta run{69
WW5RM-1 NA0D-10 10/04 02:15:36z Send another yeah gotcha{68
NA0D-10 WW5RM-1 10/04 02:15:24z Reply that isnt a fortune{YH}
NA0D-10 WW5RM-1 10/04 02:15:23z Reply it really is a waste haha but wanted to play until i can get a tnc+{YG}
WW5RM-1 NA0D-10 10/04 02:15:11z Send another hf sound device{67
WW5RM-1 NA0D-10 10/04 02:15:02z Send another yeah that seems a wste of a good {66
NA0D-10 WW5RM-1 10/04 02:14:30z Reply until i can get a tnc{YF}
NA0D-10 WW5RM-1 10/04 02:14:28z Reply this seems to work. and a signalink because thats what i have+{YE}
NA0D-10 WW5RM-1 10/04 02:14:26z Reply i got it figured out was using yaac but had trouble there. so far+{YD}
WW5RM-1 NA0D-10 10/04 02:14:07z Send another wow! signalink? why signalink?{65
WW5RM-1 NA0D-10 10/04 02:13:46z Send another yeah i tried aprs32 and had all kinds of trouble{64
NA0D-10 WW5RM-1 10/04 02:13:26z Reply aprsis32 with soundmodem and a signalink usb{YC}
WW5RM-1 NA0D-10 10/04 02:13:03z Send another what software you runnig?{63
NA0D-10 WW5RM-1 10/04 02:12:26z Reply and messed up.{YB}
NA0D-10 WW5RM-1 10/04 02:12:24z Reply because i was trying to recenter where it is moving to this week+{YA}
NA0D-10 WW5RM-1 10/04 02:12:22z Reply you arent now. maybe it was the way my stuff is reading. it moved+{XZ}
WW5RM-1 NA0D-10 10/04 02:12:16z Send another are you using fixed coords?{62
WW5RM-1 NA0D-10 10/04 02:11:52z Send another and youir station moves sometimes{61
WW5RM-1 NA0D-10 10/04 02:11:43z Send another im not using ambulance{60
NA0D-10 WW5RM-1 10/04 02:11:30z Reply awhile{XY}
NA0D-10 WW5RM-1 10/04 02:11:27z Reply you had an ambulance as your icon it popped up here like that for+{XX}
WW5RM-1 NA0D-10 10/04 02:11:03z Send another what ambulance?{59
NA0D-10 WW5RM-1 10/04 02:10:24z Reply i liked the ambulance!{XW}
KE5QNV-9 WW5RM-1 09/27 23:32:20z Reply forgot my phone{3