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WW5RM-1 VA3MJM-4 03/26 03:15:34z Send another I just saw your MSg from 3-15. {87
WW5RM-1 VA3PPI-4 03/26 03:14:10z Send another I just saw your MSG from 3-15. =]{86
WW5RM-7 WW5RM-1 03/26 03:13:06z Reply ?APRSP{4
WW5RM-7 WW5RM-1 03/26 03:12:15z Reply ?APRS?{3
WW5RM WW5RM-1 03/26 03:10:18z Reply ?APRS?
WW5RM WW5RM-1 03/26 03:08:09z Reply Test
WW5RM-1 KI5BHV-1 03/19 18:49:05z Send another TH-D7G yeah its nice. old but it works. =]{84
WW5RM-1 K7MT-11 03/01 21:47:56z Send another ok tnx{83
K7MT-11 WW5RM-1 03/01 21:28:22z Reply Yes I have noticed signals are slim.. Bill{MS}
WW5RM-1 K7MT-11 03/01 21:20:41z Send another shape now. not favoring your direction.{82
WW5RM-1 K7MT-11 03/01 21:20:28z Send another i made some changes to my full wave loop though. mor of a diamond{81
WW5RM-1 K7MT-11 03/01 21:19:43z Send another has 30m been dead? ive lost you the last few days.{80
WW5RM-1 K7MT-11 02/28 18:09:25z Send another =]{79
WW5RM-1 K7MT-11 02/28 18:08:20z Send another to cold there for me! i got the heater going and its just 40F here!{78
WW5RM-1 K7MT-11 02/28 18:07:28z Send another oh ok i was confused. lol{77
K7MT-11 WW5RM-1 02/28 16:57:47z Reply GM fm Bill Yes I sent it yesterday. Tks{CR}
WW5RM-1 K7MT-11 02/28 16:22:51z Send another I see a MSG u sent w my call in it but was delivered to K7MT-11{76