WM7X-9 messages

fromtotime message
WM7X-9 SMSGTE 09/28 23:52:39z Send another @3603379217 hi nate message from my ftm 400 thru aprs{12
SMSGTE WM7X-9 09/28 23:45:18z Reply @5094206102 You appear to be mobile again{M2761
SMSGTE WM7X-9 09/28 18:59:48z Reply @5094206102 How about this one?{M2685
SMSGTE WM7X-9 09/28 18:52:31z Reply @5094206102 Reply to this one{M2684
WM7X-9 SMSGTE 09/28 18:51:57z Send another @5094206102 No problem! gddhmgftg{11
WM7X-9 SMSGTE 09/28 18:51:47z Send another @5094206102 thanks fur the help?{10
WM7X-9 SMSGTE 09/28 18:51:40z Send another @5094296102 thanks fur the help?{09
SMSGTE WM7X-9 09/28 18:50:50z Reply @5094206102 No problem!{M2682
WM7X-9 SMSGTE 09/28 18:46:28z Send another @5094296102 thanks fur the hekp!!!{08
SMSGTE WM7X-9 09/28 18:42:01z Reply @5094166727 Dncgbcgbvdhjjndddx vhj{M2680
WM7X-9 SMSGTE 09/28 18:40:53z Send another @5094166727 n spo-sane{07
WM7X-9 SMSGTE 09/28 18:40:34z Send another @5094166727 owsy howdy{06
WM7X-9 SMSGTE 09/28 18:35:14z Send another @5094166727 owsy howdy{05
WM7X-9 SMSGTE 09/28 18:04:15z Send another @5094166727 heklo stephen{04
SMSGTE WM7X-9 09/28 17:58:50z Reply The number wm7x-9 is invalid{E2672
SMSGTE WM7X-9 09/28 17:58:01z Reply The number wm7x-9 is invalid{E2670
SMSGTE WM7X-9 09/28 17:55:53z Reply The number wm7x-9 is invalid{E2668
WM7X-9 SMSGTE 09/28 17:55:53z Send another @wm7x-9 hi there{03