WJ3K-10 messages

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WG3K WJ3K-10 04/20 13:17:58z Reply Ack{16}XX
WJ3K-10 WG3K 04/20 05:21:50z Send another 0023 EDT{XX}15
WJ3K-10 WG3K 04/20 05:21:45z Send another until 2359 EDT X.Watches expired and all quiet, closed the net at+{XW}15
WJ3K-10 WG3K 04/20 05:21:38z Send another Ran Skywarn in Report Mode for tornado and flash flood watches+{XV}15
WG3K WJ3K-10 04/20 03:24:46z Reply to be anything too severe.{15}
WG3K WJ3K-10 04/20 03:24:40z Reply The storms are just starting to roll through here now. Doesn't seem{14}
WG3K WJ3K-10 04/20 03:24:10z Reply weekend.{13}
WG3K WJ3K-10 04/20 03:24:07z Reply Everything okay up there? I'm in Chincoteague for the rest of the{12}
WJ3K-10 WJ3K-2 04/07 23:39:02z Send another CMD DIGI OFF{IK}
WJ3K-10 WJ3K-2 04/07 23:25:31z Send another CMD DIGI{IJ}
K3SDW-9 WJ3K-10 04/07 14:35:50z Reply rejIH}
WJ3K-10 K3SDW-9 04/07 14:35:47z Send another I can pick you up tomorrow night. Dinner at Chapter?{IH}
WJ3K-10 MDAAW3-1 03/29 17:11:11z Send another Water Stop 3 for B&A Marathon Sunday 31 March 2019{IG}
WJ3K-10 MDAAW3-1 03/29 16:14:51z Send another Location for B&A Marathon{IF}
WHO-IS WJ3K-10 03/16 00:09:29z Reply G/Mark A Price/OH/United States{JD}VT
WJ3K-10 WHO-IS 03/16 00:09:28z Send another N9UDE{VT}
KG4USN-1 WJ3K-10 03/04 15:50:17z Reply QSL{1
WJ3K-10 KG4USN-1 03/04 15:49:04z Send another Test MSG{JF}
WJ3K-10 WX4LWX-10 02/23 02:09:53z Send another 147.300MHz T146 +060 147.300+N3JLT_01 {FL}MV
WJ3K-10 WX4LWX-10 02/23 02:06:17z Send another GOOD TEST{FK}MV
WX4LWX-10 WJ3K-10 02/23 02:04:47z Reply Testing{MV}
WJ3K-10 WHO-IS 02/23 01:54:18z Send another WX4LWX{FJ}
K3SDW-9 WJ3K-10 02/23 00:47:34z Reply rejFI}
WJ3K-10 K3SDW-9 02/23 00:47:24z Send another COME OVER TO 442.300 AND CALL ME WJ3K{FI}
W3VPR-1 WJ3K-10 02/13 23:17:03z Reply PATH WIDE2-1,MD3-3{da
WJ3K-10 W3VPR-1 02/13 23:16:46z Send another CMD PATH WIDE2-1,MD3-3{IR}
W3VPR-1 WJ3K-10 02/13 23:16:24z Reply PATH WIDE2-1,MDAA3-3{cp
WJ3K-10 W3VPR-1 02/13 23:16:18z Send another CMD PATH{IQ}
W3VPR-1 WJ3K-10 02/13 23:16:10z Reply INTERVAL 900{co
WJ3K-10 W3VPR-1 02/13 23:16:04z Send another CMD INTERVAL{IP}
W3VPR-1 WJ3K-10 02/13 23:15:39z Reply DIGI ON{cn
WJ3K-10 W3VPR-1 02/13 23:14:59z Send another CMD DIGI ON{IO}
K3SDW-9 WJ3K-10 02/13 22:57:06z Reply rejBJ}
WJ3K-10 K3SDW-9 02/13 22:57:00z Send another YOU HAVE A VERY SMART GPS{BJ}
W3VPR-1 WJ3K-10 02/13 22:49:43z Reply INTERVAL 900{cm
WJ3K-10 W3VPR-1 02/13 22:49:30z Send another CMD INTERVAL{BE}
W3VPR-1 WJ3K-10 02/13 22:49:29z Reply DIGI OFF{cl
W3VPR-1 WJ3K-10 02/13 22:49:25z Reply DIGI OFF{ck
WJ3K-10 W3VPR-1 02/13 22:49:25z Send another CMD DIGI OFF{BD}
WJ3K-10 W3VPR-1 02/13 22:49:21z Send another CMD DIGI OFF{BC}
W3VPR-1 WJ3K-10 02/13 22:49:09z Reply DIGI OFF{cj
WJ3K-10 W3VPR-1 02/13 22:35:25z Send another CMD DIGI OFF{BB}