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EMAIL-2 WD9EWK-7 05/16 22:25:29z Reply Email sent to w8lr@twc.com{564
WD9EWK-7 EMAILt-2 05/16 21:42:04z Send another w8lr@twc.com http://aprs.fi/#!call=WD9EWK-7{4
EMAIL-2 WD9EWK-7 05/16 21:40:04z Reply Email sent to w8lr@twc.com{563
WD9EWK-7 EMAIL-2 05/16 21:40:04z Send another w8lr@twc.com http://aprs.fi/#!call=WD9EWK-7{5
EMAIL-2 WD9EWK-7 05/16 21:30:20z Reply Email sent to wd9ewk@amsat.org{562
WD9EWK-7 EMAIL-2 05/16 21:29:20z Send another wd9ewk@amsat.org http://aprs.fi/#!call=WD9EWK-7{2
EMAIL-2 WD9EWK-7 05/16 21:24:03z Reply Email sent to wd9ewk@amsat.org{561
WD9EWK-7 EMAIL-2 05/16 21:24:03z Send another wd9ewk@amsat.org http://aprs.fi/#!call=WD9EWK-7{1