WD4AB-7 messages

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W0LAB-5 WD4AB-7 09/01 23:43:02z Reply ITS WORKING! 73{3
N4BKR-10 WD4AB-7 09/01 22:06:29z Reply hang in there 73{24
WD4AB-7 N4BKR-10 08/31 22:15:59z Send another Yep see u fine{00002
N4BKR-10 WD4AB-7 08/31 22:15:22z Reply this is on the IS side. Can you see me?{SY}
WD4AB-7 N4BKR-10 08/31 22:13:59z Send another Dave need to buy an 878uv gps and a 6 pack of beer{00001
WD4AB-7 N4BR-10 08/31 22:13:34z Send another good morning{09
N4BKR-10 WD4AB-7 08/31 22:11:35z Reply good morning to you 73{21
WD4AB-7 N4BKR-10 08/31 22:09:01z Send another good morning{08
WD4AB-7 N4BKR-10 08/25 14:49:08z Send another going back to pipeline{00007
N4BKR-10 WD4AB-7 08/25 14:48:43z Reply good morning RUDY! 73{20
WD4AB-7 N4BKR-10 08/25 14:48:40z Send another got it going back to pipeline{00006
WD4AB-7 N4BKR 08/25 14:48:23z Send another got it going back to voice on pipeline{00005
WD4AB-7 N4BKR 08/25 14:47:49z Send another Good morning Curtis 73's{00004
WD4AB-7 N4BKR 08/25 14:45:43z Send another aprs madnesss{00003
WD4AB-7 N4BKR-10 08/25 14:44:58z Send another waaaaaazzzzuuuppp!{00002
WD4AB-7 N4BKR 08/25 14:44:28z Send another got it now{00001
WD4AB-7 N4BKR-10 08/24 20:26:20z Send another good morning{07
WD4AB-7 N4BKR-10 08/24 11:24:59z Send another goodmorning{06
N4BKR-10 WD4AB-7 08/24 11:23:42z Reply good morning{19
WD4AB-7 N4BKR-10 08/24 11:22:50z Send another goingqrt{05
WD4AB-7 N4BKR-10 08/24 11:22:44z Send another iloveaprs{04
WD4AB-7 N4BKR-10 08/23 23:26:51z Send another hello{03
N4BKR-10 WD4AB-7 08/23 22:22:13z Reply hey man{ES}
N4BKR-10 WD4AB-7 08/23 22:14:11z Reply hey Rudy{18