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W1JT-7 WD1L-10 05/04 21:34:32z Reply t{56
W1JT-7 WD1L-10 05/04 21:09:34z Reply i am on 5339{55
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 18:28:05z Reply home{34
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 18:17:27z Send another I see you are off cape{0e}33
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 17:42:25z Send another Okay i see you{0d}33
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 17:02:59z Send another Game over ?{0c}33
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 17:01:26z Reply just had lunch heading home now{33
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 16:52:20z Send another Game over ?{0c}32
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 15:59:38z Reply on way home{32
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 15:52:14z Send another Game over ?{0c}31
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 15:37:13z Send another got you in South Yarmouth{0b}31
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 14:46:02z Reply rr{31
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 14:37:07z Send another got you in South Yarmouth{0b}30
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 13:41:58z Send another hgot you in Yarmouth{0a}30
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 13:23:11z Reply yarmouth{30
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 13:17:54z Send another hgot you in Yarmouth{0a}29
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 13:00:26z Reply barnstable{29
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 11:56:29z Send another Okay sounds good{0Z}28
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 11:49:15z Reply will msg U when i get there{28
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 11:48:15z Reply heading to cape for soccer game{27
WD1L-10 W1JT 05/02 02:05:28z Send another Yes I did go and just got home trying to find something to eat...{0Y}20
W1JT WD1L-10 05/02 00:48:46z Reply Did you go to the meeting tonight?{20
W1JT WD1L-10 05/01 11:32:45z Reply Celtics had a hard night too{19
W1JT WD1L-10 05/01 11:32:29z Reply They've been close games....{18
W1JT WD1L-10 05/01 11:31:06z Reply Yeah, but we were down by 3 with Tornoto and came back{17
WD1L-10 W1JT 05/01 03:27:47z Send another Yes I did down by 2 that Sucks...{0X}16
W1JT WD1L-10 04/30 23:31:46z Reply You watching the game?{16
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/30 16:36:21z Reply thats a good question!{26
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/30 16:30:42z Send another GM Jim where is the sun{0W}24
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/29 16:11:57z Send another GM Happy Mon to you to{0V}24
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/29 12:57:26z Reply gm happy mon{24
W1JT WD1L-10 04/27 15:31:37z Reply I'll call you back in a minute{15
W1JT WD1L-10 04/27 15:30:32z Reply Just ran into the shack and the walkies' in the shed{14
W1JT WD1L-10 04/27 15:30:21z Reply thanks{13
W1JT WD1L-10 04/27 15:29:15z Reply to read{12
W1JT WD1L-10 04/27 15:28:53z Reply a look at it and see if the MSG I sent to -7 was available for you{11
WD1L-10 W1JT 04/27 15:27:03z Send another I am on 900 calling you...{0U}10
W1JT WD1L-10 04/27 15:26:45z Reply Sometime when you have a moment, I'd appreciate it if y ou'd take{10
W1JT WD1L-10 04/27 15:26:33z Reply I sold mine a while back ...{09
W1JT WD1L-10 04/27 15:26:19z Reply I like that radio, I just have trouble reading the screen{08
W1JT WD1L-10 04/27 15:25:07z Reply Ahh the FT1D..well it works good and it accepted a MSG from me{07
WD1L-10 W1JT 04/27 14:19:01z Send another Hi Jim, it is my FT1D hand held running aprs..{0T}06
W1JT WD1L-10 04/27 12:41:53z Reply Good morning, sent a msg to your -7 what is it? cool{06
W1JT WD1L-10 04/25 22:36:28z Reply Bruins...going to be a great game!!{04
W1JT WD1L-10 04/25 22:36:13z Reply I'm about to go get in the shower and get ready to watch the{03
W1JT WD1L-10 04/25 22:36:07z Reply got too cold to work.{02
W1JT WD1L-10 04/25 22:35:59z Reply Anxious to get to work on projects that I put on hold when the WX{01
W1JT WD1L-10 04/25 22:33:50z Reply Spending a lot of time out there now that the WX is warming up.{00
W1JT WD1L-10 04/25 22:33:44z Reply close to 3 as I can each day. Then home and out in the shed.{99
W1JT WD1L-10 04/25 22:31:27z Reply I worked until 3 today, I've been trying to get out of there as{98
W1JT WD1L-10 04/25 22:29:10z Reply No worries on not being in the shack last night...{97
WD1L-10 W1JT 04/25 09:06:46z Send another rry i was not in the shack last night{0S}96
WD1L-10 W1JT 04/25 09:05:50z Send another TS-2000 so{0R}96
WD1L-10 W1JT 04/25 09:05:26z Send another Hi Jim, yes the 53.390 is a nice repeater i have it programed in to{0Q}96
W1JT WD1L-10 04/25 00:10:38z Reply the shed{96
W1JT WD1L-10 04/25 00:09:22z Reply Just got back from Lowes and then I just came in from working in{95
W1JT WD1L-10 04/24 21:27:45z Reply So, that's where I am, I want to see if there's any "action" on it{94
W1JT WD1L-10 04/24 21:26:09z Reply repeaters. The PL is 71.9{93
W1JT WD1L-10 04/24 21:24:01z Reply Hi, I'm sitting on 53.390 which is one of the 2 Braintree 6 meter{92
WD1L-10 W1JT 04/24 17:55:56z Send another i did watch most of the 2nd period but fell asleep in my recliner.{0P}91
WD1L-10 W1JT 04/24 17:49:37z Send another I did not see the end could not keep my eyes open went to bed...{0O}91
W1JT WD1L-10 04/24 10:51:25z Reply What a game last night! Was terrific!{91
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 15:47:07z Reply headed to lunch ok on 900{23
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 13:15:15z Reply at office 73{22
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/23 13:12:03z Send another OK have a great day i will call you later on 900{0N}22
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/23 13:10:14z Send another OK have a great day i will call you later on 900{0N}21
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 13:08:33z Reply leaving bank now{21
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 12:52:43z Reply was tired did not much at all{20
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 12:50:40z Reply did not wrk on tnc{19
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 12:49:53z Reply sri was driving parked now{18
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/23 12:45:16z Send another Good morning Jim, did you get any work done lastnight on the TNC-Pi{0M}17
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 12:40:05z Reply gm on waw to bank{17
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/23 12:32:09z Send another Good morning Jim, did you get any work done lastnight on the TNC-Pi{0M}16
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/22 19:57:36z Reply heading home{16
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/22 16:28:08z Reply awesome g am headed to po now{15
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/22 16:11:11z Reply If I don't answer, try me on the Whitman Repeater
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/22 16:10:59z Send another Got it, Nice...{0L}13
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/22 13:01:45z Reply sending from car{13
W1JT-7 WD1L-10 04/22 12:38:47z Reply j{54
W1JT-7 WD1L-10 04/22 12:33:57z Reply nice day{53
W1JT-7 WD1L-10 04/22 12:17:46z Reply im on 900{51
W1JT-7 WD1L-10 04/22 12:16:52z Reply works good from here{49
W1JT-7 WD1L-10 04/22 12:13:28z Reply at office{48
W1JT-7 WD1L-10 04/21 23:45:06z Reply gud day?{45
W1JT-7 WD1L-10 04/21 21:17:16z Reply in abington{40
W1JT-7 WD1L-10 04/21 21:16:54z Reply at party{39
W1JT-7 WD1L-10 04/21 21:14:57z Reply test{38
WD1L-10 W1JT 04/21 14:29:13z Send another PATH= W1JT>APU25N,W1MV-1*,WIDE2-1
WD1L-10 W1JT 04/21 14:29:12z Send another PATH= W1JT>APU25N,WIDE2-2,qAR,N3LEE-4
W1JT WD1L-10 04/21 14:29:12z Reply ?APRST
WD1L-10 W1JT 04/21 13:47:12z Send another I am on 5252{0K}89
W1JT WD1L-10 04/21 13:45:45z Reply I'll be doing the Green one next{89
W1JT WD1L-10 04/21 13:44:32z Reply one of the HW101 stations...maybe both as I don't really need them{88
W1JT WD1L-10 04/21 13:44:20z Reply rebuilding them both...want to get that job done and sell at least{87
W1JT WD1L-10 04/21 13:44:05z Reply for my Heathkit HP-23A Power supplies...I have two of them and I'm{86
WD1L-10 W1JT 04/21 13:42:57z Send another i have the green one{0J}85
W1JT WD1L-10 04/21 13:42:55z Reply I'm also going to put an order together today for the parts I need{85
W1JT WD1L-10 04/21 13:42:51z Reply get them both built and get playing with them{84
W1JT WD1L-10 04/21 13:42:28z Reply as well. One is the Red board and one the green...I've got to{83
W1JT WD1L-10 04/21 13:41:19z Reply here to build...definitely two. They are two different versions{82