WB7TIM-9 messages

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WB7BBU-1 WB7TIM-9 10/21 21:10:58z Reply GM Tim 73{13
WB7TIM-9 WB7BBU-1 10/21 13:22:20z Send another gm 73{74
WB7TIM-9 N7QME 10/18 04:12:26z Send another hi{73
WB7TIM-9 W7BMF-9 10/11 13:28:58z Send another he bro, hw the drive?{72
WB7TIM-9 W0MUD-9 10/09 14:10:05z Send another 73 bro, lets do cw soon. fb sk{71
W0MUD-9 WB7TIM-9 10/09 13:34:23z Reply cool{03
WB7TIM-9 W0MUD-9 10/09 13:27:38z Send another good to hear u{70
W0MUD-9 WB7TIM-9 10/09 13:23:54z Reply hey{02
WB7TIM-9 W0MUD-9 10/09 13:21:20z Send another hey bro{69
W0MUD-9 WB7TIM-9 10/09 13:20:34z Reply hey{01
WB7TIM-9 KI7KSD-7 10/07 04:18:41z Send another are u hikimg?{68
WB7TIM-9 W7BSB 09/09 21:16:09z Send another oh wow! small world. tu fer watching and 73{67
W7BSB WB7TIM-9 09/09 21:12:22z Reply popup on APRS at the same time{CB}
W7BSB WB7TIM-9 09/09 21:12:07z Reply I was just watching your video of tornado coverage and saw you+{CA}
WB7TIM-9 SMSGTE 08/14 20:39:06z Send another @3607232815 phone dead what kind dog food?{66