WB5TAD-7 messages

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SMSGTE WB5TAD-7 03/17 15:49:12z Reply @4097198192 Dad{M7799
SMSGTE WB5TAD-7 03/17 15:49:07z Reply @4097198192 Tanks{M7798
SMSGTE WB5TAD-7 03/17 15:49:02z Reply @4097198192 Aww{M7797
WB5TAD-7 SMSGTE 03/17 14:36:43z Send another @4097198192 Not as cool as you{64
SMSGTE WB5TAD-7 03/17 14:31:06z Reply @4097198192 U r cool with me dad{M7796
WB5TAD-7 SMSGTE 03/17 14:17:15z Send another @4097198192 I love you youngling{63
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/12 20:02:03z Send another a long time ago, and from a galaxy far far away /EX .{62
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 03/12 20:00:59z Reply rej62
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/12 19:20:39z Send another SP adowning100@gmail.co hello Andrew was here once a lon{61
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 03/12 19:19:20z Reply New message to: adowning100@gmail.co. Send /EX when complete.{321
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 03/12 19:15:44z Reply 1) 03/12/2019 19:00:38 //WL2K digital check in 3.12.19 634 bytes{316
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/12 19:01:27z Send another L5{60
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/12 19:00:44z Send another L{59
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 03/12 18:57:40z Reply 1) 03/12/2019 18:42:34 //WL2K digital check in 3.12.19 634 bytes{309
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/12 18:52:12z Send another l{58
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/12 18:50:51z Send another Y1 Digital check in via aprs-link WB5TAD{57
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/12 18:44:54z Send another L{56
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 03/12 18:29:26z Reply Hello WB5TAD-7{307
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/12 18:28:33z Send another SZMANC{55
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 03/12 18:22:00z Reply Login [362]:{306
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/12 18:22:00z Send another wb5tad{54
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 03/05 15:09:11z Reply Log off successful{231
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/05 14:54:11z Send another BYE{53
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 03/05 14:52:34z Reply 1) 03/05/2019 14:37:25 Re: Aprs test 550 bytes{222
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/05 14:47:50z Send another L{52
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/05 14:41:14z Send another Y1{51
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/05 14:40:34z Send another L{48
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/05 14:39:28z Send another r1{50
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/05 14:38:54z Send another L{49
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 03/05 14:36:45z Reply Unknow request. Send ? for help{221
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/05 14:36:44z Send another NACdgm{47
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 03/05 14:35:02z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{218
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/05 14:27:29z Send another NACdgm{46
WB5TAD-7 WNLK-1 03/05 14:22:02z Send another wb5tad{42
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/05 14:21:01z Send another NAC12{45
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/05 14:20:01z Send another Login [541]:{44
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 03/05 14:19:31z Reply Login [541]:{217
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 03/05 14:19:31z Send another wb5tad{43
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 02/28 21:28:30z Reply Gateway: WB5EXI-10 EL29EO 30 miles 59 deg, 145.050 1200b{439
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 02/28 21:27:49z Reply Gateway: W5OFT-11 EL29FT 30 miles 3 deg, 446.150 1200b{438
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 02/28 21:24:09z Reply Gateway: W5OFT-10 EL29FT 30 miles 3 deg, 145.050 1200b{437
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 02/28 21:24:01z Reply Gateway: N5TRS-11 EL29GS 25 miles 7 deg, 144.990 1200b{436
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 02/28 21:23:49z Reply Gateway: N5DCC-10 EL29JP 8 miles 11 deg, 145.050 1200b{435
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 02/28 21:23:48z Send another G5{41
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 02/28 21:15:40z Reply Aprs test Fm:SMTP:adowning100@gmail.com Msg:Testing{434
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 02/28 21:15:39z Send another R{40
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 02/28 21:13:53z Reply 1) 02/28/2019 21:13:42 Aprs test 343 bytes{433
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 02/28 21:13:52z Send another l{39
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 02/28 21:13:13z Reply Hello WB5TAD-7{432
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 02/28 21:13:12z Send another CZS163{38
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 02/28 21:06:32z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{431
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 02/28 21:06:31z Send another AZS12{37
WLNK-1 WB5TAD-7 02/28 21:04:16z Reply Login [163]:{430
WB5TAD-7 WLNK-1 02/28 21:04:15z Send another login{36
WB5TAD-7 WLNK1 02/28 20:57:10z Send another login{35
WB5TAD-7 WLNK1 02/28 20:23:48z Send another login{34
WB5TAD-7 WLNK1 02/28 20:19:49z Send another wb5tad{33
WB5TAD-7 SMSGTE 01/28 21:33:52z Send another @4097198192 hello Bud! I'm going to callyou around 4:30{32
WB5TAD-10 WB5TAD-7 01/21 16:41:21z Reply why not{3
WB5TAD-10 WB5TAD-7 01/21 16:41:21z Reply it's not working{2
WB5TAD-10 WB5TAD-7 01/21 16:41:21z Reply testing{1
WB5TAD-7 SMSGTE 01/21 15:36:52z Send another @4097198192 you are my favorite child{31
SMSGTE WB5TAD-7 01/21 15:27:41z Reply @4097198192 Good morning{M4594
SMSGTE WB5TAD-7 01/21 15:27:40z Reply @4097198192 Father dear{M4595
WB5TAD-7 SMSGTE 01/21 14:17:07z Send another @4097198192 good morning. text me back when you get this{30
WB5TAD-7 SMSGTE 01/18 18:01:44z Send another @4097198192 good afternoon. hope you have a great day. see you soon{29
SMSGTE WB5TAD-7 01/18 15:26:40z Reply @8324939979 Hello{M4380
WB5TAD-7 SMSGTE 01/18 15:26:20z Send another @8324939979 good morming{28