WA5VRL-7 messages

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WA5VRL-1 WA5VRL-7 08/31 19:15:58z Reply test is to rf 1315.{LN}
WA5VRL-7 WA5VRL-1 08/31 19:05:11z Send another test is to rf agn.{JM}
WA5VRL-1 WA5VRL-7 08/31 18:44:41z Reply test is to rf.{LM}KH
WA5VRL-1 WA5VRL-7 08/31 18:42:30z Reply test is2{LL}KH
WA5VRL-7 WA5VRL-1 08/31 18:41:57z Send another test is.{KH}LK
WA5VRL-1 WA5VRL-7 08/31 16:28:22z Reply test7.{LH}
WA5VRL-1 WA5VRL-7 08/31 16:27:24z Reply test6.{LG}
WA5VRL-1 WA5VRL-7 08/31 16:12:16z Reply test5.{LF}GZ
WA5VRL-1 WA5VRL-7 08/31 16:10:55z Reply test4.{LE}GZ
WA5VRL-1 WA5VRL-7 08/31 15:54:16z Reply test3.{LD}GZ
WA5VRL-1 WA5VRL-7 08/31 15:52:16z Reply test2.{L}GZ
WA5VRL-1 WA5VRL-7 08/31 15:52:02z Reply test2.{LC}GZ
WA5VRL-7 WA5VRL-1 08/31 15:48:05z Send another test1.{GZ}
WA5VRL-7 WA5VRL-1 08/23 14:07:18z Send another Test message.{QY}
WA5VRL-7 N0AOL-7 08/21 17:57:02z Send another Cool{BO}
W0MBH WA5VRL-7 08/21 16:49:50z Reply Right{SB}JM
WA5VRL-7 KE0LCK-9 08/21 16:22:25z Send another ACK !!{JL}
WA5VRL-7 W0MBH 08/21 16:22:12z Send another ALL QUIET UP HERE... Waiting for the exodus after the event...{JM}SA
W0MBH WA5VRL-7 08/21 15:43:26z Reply Gotcha{SA}
KE0LCK-9 WA5VRL-7 08/21 15:41:33z Reply Have to get outside for APRS to work
W7LRY-7 WA5VRL-7 08/21 15:27:04z Reply test reply{KO}JK
WA5VRL-7 W7LRY-7 08/21 15:26:38z Send another test message{JK}
WA5VRL-7 KE0LCK-9 08/21 14:28:31z Send another How's it going over in Weld ? All quiet here for now...{NT}
W0MBH-7 WA5VRL-7 08/11 18:00:21z Reply HI THERE{EK}
W0MBH-7 WA5VRL-7 08/11 17:52:55z Reply HI THERE{RX}PF
WA5VRL-7 W0MBH-7 08/11 17:51:39z Send another TEST, TEST, TEST...{PF}
WA5VRL-7 W0MBH-7 08/03 16:20:57z Send another vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv{UW}
WA5VRL-7 W0MBH-7 08/03 15:40:35z Send another test,test,test...{PK}