WA4TTS-9 messages

fromtotime message
WA4TTS-9 SMSGTE 03/16 19:20:19z Send another @6155212290 So you like Ramen, do you?{07
SMSGTE WA4TTS-9 03/16 19:19:10z Reply @6155212290 Yess{M6385
WA4TTS-9 SMSGTE 03/15 15:59:41z Send another @6158041604 This is Jude from my radio.{06
SMSGTE WA4TTS-9 03/15 15:58:23z Reply @6158041604 Cha ching! It worked.{M6255
SMSGTE WA4TTS-9 03/15 14:52:07z Reply @WA4TTS It is working{M6253
SMSGTE WA4TTS-9 03/15 14:49:59z Reply @WA4TTS Test{M6254
WA4TTS-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:48:23z Send another @6159333010 This is Jude from my radio.{05
WA4TTS-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:44:53z Send another @6158041602 This is Jude from my radio.{04
WA4TTS-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:43:47z Send another #mynumber add 6159333010{03
SMSGTE WA4TTS-9 03/15 14:43:33z Reply The number 6159333010 has been associated with this callsign.{C6252
WA4TTS-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:41:40z Send another @6159333010 test{02
SMSGTE WA4TTS-9 03/15 14:39:24z Reply @6159333010 Got it{M6251
WA4TTS-9 KA4OTB 02/17 17:05:12z Send another are you on 246.790?{01