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N8URE-7 WA2FHJ 03/16 23:53:45z Reply QSL fm19{67
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/2 03/16 23:50:22z Send another KE4AZZ,KE4AZZ-3,W7BAZ,N1RCN,W4TBD-6,KB9VIC-9,KY4TA-7,KA8YES-6,
N1RCN WA2FHJ 03/14 00:37:19z Reply OSL and 73
N1RCN WA2FHJ 03/14 00:36:48z Reply Good Evening from EL87
N1RCN WA2FHJ 03/14 00:36:29z Reply OSL
N1RCN WA2FHJ 03/14 00:36:00z Reply will log LoTW
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 03/13 04:39:02z Send another AC8CL,WG0A,K1WY,KA8YES-6,K0KOC-7{UISS54}
K0KOC-7 WA2FHJ 03/13 03:01:27z Reply rejQ
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 03/13 03:01:25z Send another K0KOC-7,KB9VIC-9,KE4AZZ-3,AC8CL,KE4AZZ{UISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 03/10 05:24:52z Send another K0KOC-7,K1WY,W9QO,KA8YES-6{UISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL2/2 03/09 03:00:49z Send another WA0D-5,K1WY,KA8YES-6,KM4AZW,KB9VIC-9,N1NCB-1{UISS54}
K4KDR-6 WA2FHJ 03/09 02:57:47z Reply 73 from FM17
K4KDR-6 WA2FHJ 03/09 02:57:39z Reply QSL - 73!!
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 03/09 02:56:39z Send another KE4AZZ,WA4SXM-6,AA8KY,AB3GY,K0KOC-7,W9QO{UISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 03/07 06:14:37z Send another KA8YES-6,K1WY,K0KOC-7,W9QO,W4TBD-6,N1NCB-1{UISS54}
WA2FHJ W4TBD-6 03/07 06:13:45z Send another Hi from Doug FN13
W4TBD-6 WA2FHJ 03/07 06:12:54z Reply 73 de W4TBD got your message
WA2FHJ W4TBD-6 03/07 06:12:00z Send another Live OP FN13 PSE Call
DB0LUH-1 WA2FHJ 03/07 06:10:32z Reply rejUISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 03/07 06:10:32z Send another KA8YES-6,K1WY,K0KOC-7,W9QO{UISS54}
W8AB WA2FHJ 03/07 04:36:13z Reply Tnx for QSO, 73's
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/2 03/06 05:25:42z Send another N4WXB,KE4AZZ,KB9VIC-9,W9QO,W4TBD-6,KA8YES-6,N1NCB-1,K1WY,
WA2FHJ W4TBD-6 03/06 05:21:57z Send another Hello All. UISS v.5.4.4
WA2FHJ VP9NR-8 03/05 06:14:32z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
VP9NR-8 WA2FHJ 03/05 06:14:01z Reply Heard in BERMUDA VP9NR FM72 73'S {86
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 03/05 06:13:37z Send another N1NCB-1,KA8YES-6,W4IIA-6,VP9NR-8{UISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 03/05 06:12:11z Send another N1NCB-1,KA8YES-6,W4IIA-6{UISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 03/05 04:31:40z Send another KC2BRB-2,KE4AZZ,W9QO{UISS54}
N3ZLL-7 WA2FHJ 02/24 13:24:07z Reply RR{31
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/24 13:23:43z Send another K0KOC-7,W4TBD-6,K3DQB,W0JW-6,N3ZLL-7,KB9VIC-9{UISS54}
WB8JAY WA2FHJ 02/22 16:42:47z Reply Tnx 73
KD4ADC WA2FHJ 02/22 16:34:57z Reply Thanks and 73!
KD4ADC WA2FHJ 02/22 16:34:22z Reply Hello from Alabama EM74
VE3TSV-9 WA2FHJ 02/21 15:46:39z Reply Heard you via ISS{92
KB2M-4 WA2FHJ 02/21 15:46:21z Reply good morning fr el99
N9JTE WA2FHJ 02/21 15:46:16z Reply Heard U via ISS-73s N9JTE MARTY {48
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/21 15:44:08z Send another W0JW-6{UISS54}
W4TBD-6 WA2FHJ 02/21 14:09:35z Reply =3726.20N/07742.21W- 73 w4tbd@use.startmail.com
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/19 12:30:24z Send another K8OE,KA8YES-6,KL7JKC-6,K0KOC-7,K1WY,W4TBD-6{UISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/19 12:28:36z Send another K8OE,KA8YES-6{UISS54}
AA9DR-7 WA2FHJ 02/17 03:19:06z Reply TNX73 AA9DR EN62{24
AA8KY WA2FHJ 02/16 18:15:51z Reply Messages received, 73 from em88
WA2FHJ BLNQSL2/2 02/16 18:15:07z Send another W0IR,W9QO,K8OTY,K0KOC-7,KB3IAI-1,KE4AZZ-9,KO4UGF-5{UISS54}
KO4UGF-5 WA2FHJ 02/16 18:12:19z Reply ISS Digipeater from Cornelius, NC EM95NL
N3ZLL-9 WA2FHJ 02/16 16:40:49z Reply rr{W
N3ZLL-9 WA2FHJ 02/16 16:36:08z Reply rr{V
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/16 16:34:16z Send another KB9VIC-9,K7MT-6,KK0TT-3,K5DNA,K0KOC-7,K1WY,W9QO,N1NCB-1{UISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/16 16:34:10z Send another KB9VIC-9,K7MT-6,KK0TT-3,K5DNA,K0KOC-7,K1WY,W9QO{UISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/16 16:32:08z Send another KB9VIC-9,K7MT-6,KK0TT-3,K5DNA{UISS54}
K5DNA WA2FHJ 02/16 16:32:06z Reply Good Morning from EM35
K4KDR-6 WA2FHJ 02/15 19:00:45z Reply 73 from VA!
VE3TSV-9 WA2FHJ 02/14 18:09:39z Reply Heard you via ISS{88
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/14 18:08:17z Send another KB9VIC-9,AA9DR-7{UISS54}
AA9DR-7 WA2FHJ 02/14 16:32:28z Reply TNX73 AA9DR EN62{23
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/14 14:55:08z Send another N9JTE,KA8YES-6,KB9VIC-9,W0IR,WA9BNZ,K1WY,W9QO{UISS54}
KC7MG-3 WA2FHJ 02/14 14:53:16z Reply Greetings from Arizona DM42
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/2 02/14 13:20:59z Send another KB9VIC-9,KE4AZZ,N1RCN,K0KOC-7,N9JTE,KE9V-7,KL7JKC-6,KA8YES-6,
N4WXB WA2FHJ 02/13 20:35:33z Reply Hello Everyone from EM64ds 73 Bob N4WXB
WA4SXM-6 WA2FHJ 02/13 19:01:02z Reply rej
K7MT-6 WA2FHJ 02/13 18:56:54z Reply HOWDY FROM BILL IN MT DN46
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/13 15:47:04z Send another K0KOC-7,K1WY,N9JTE,AA8KY,KB9VIC-9,W0IR,KF0BMD-11,KG0YJ{UISS54}
N9JTE WA2FHJ 02/13 15:46:11z Reply QSL EN52wm - 73 73s N9JTE MARTY {27
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/13 14:08:27z Send another KG0YJ,KE4AZZ,KA8YES-6,K0KOC-7,N3COB,W0JW-6,N9JTE,W4TBD-6{UISS54}
N3COB WA2FHJ 02/13 14:06:16z Reply Greetings from Silver Spring, Maryland / FM19
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/10 18:11:08z Send another N9JTE,K5DNA,K1WY,WB8JAY,K0KOC-7,AB5XK-5,W9QO,VE2TMW{UISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL3/3 02/09 20:39:03z Send another N8URE-7{UISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/2 02/09 19:00:20z Send another KB0VBZ,AB5XK-5,AA8KY,WB8JAY,N4WXB,N9JTE,K1WY,AI4WX-6,AA9DR-7,
WB8JAY WA2FHJ 02/09 17:20:37z Reply Heard you via ISS de Dan - WB8JAY
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/2 02/07 22:16:02z Send another K5DNA,KL7JKC-6,N9JTE,W0IR,KA8YES-6,K9ILU-7,AB5XK-5,N9AVG-7,
WA2FHJ BLNQSL2/2 02/07 22:15:41z Send another N4SG,K8OE,WA0D-5,W4TBD-6,K4KDR-6,WA4SXM-6,VP9NR-8{UISS54}
K5DNA WA2FHJ 02/07 22:10:57z Reply 73s from EM35{34
K8OE WA2FHJ 02/07 17:20:50z Reply Hi from Jeff, EN73{5
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/2 02/04 23:01:28z Send another W9QO,K1WY,KC5ILO-7,KG0YJ,NN4H-11,N9AVG-7,KA8YES-6,KD8UXW,
N3FWE-1 WA2FHJ 02/04 23:00:36z Reply QSL! 73
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/04 19:45:10z Send another W7BAZ,K0KOC-7,K1WY{UISS54}
K8OTY-9 WA2FHJ 02/04 18:15:35z Reply hi 73{2
KC1YJ WA2FHJ 02/04 18:09:54z Reply Was -15 overnight.{0r}
KC1YJ WA2FHJ 02/04 18:08:41z Reply Hi Doug - QSL 7F. This PM.{0q}
KE4AZZ WA2FHJ 02/04 18:06:16z Reply QSL / 73 KE4AZZ
KE4AZZ WA2FHJ 02/04 18:05:57z Reply de KE4AZZ EL87
WA2FHJ BLNQSL3/3 02/04 15:19:16z Send another VA3RRC-1{UISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL2/3 02/04 15:19:16z Send another VE3EJP,WA2NAN,VE3ZFM-3,KD2AYD-3,VA3KMC,VE3FFR,VE2REH-4,
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/3 02/04 15:19:15z Send another VA3FOY-3,VA3JLF-1,KG2M-1,K1EQX-7,VA3PEC,VE2LCH-3,VE3UEL,
AC4AG-7 WA2FHJ 02/03 23:49:06z Reply Hello from EM77{4
KC3SXH-1 WA2FHJ 02/03 23:48:51z Reply Hello from Pennsylvania{m0004
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/2 02/03 22:12:15z Send another K5DNA,K1WY,KC9YTT,K0KOC-7,W9RWB-1,N3ZLL-9,AB5XK-5,VE3TSV-9,
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/03 22:09:39z Send another K5DNA,K1WY,KC9YTT,K0KOC-7,W9RWB-1,N3ZLL-9{UISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/03 22:09:37z Send another K5DNA,K1WY,KC9YTT,K0KOC-7,W9RWB-1{UISS54}
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/03 22:09:20z Send another K5DNA,K1WY,KC9YTT,K0KOC-7{UISS54}
N9JTE WA2FHJ 02/03 22:07:47z Reply Live OP FN13 PSE Call Heard U via ISS-73s N9JTE MARTY EN52 Trevor{97
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/03 20:34:59z Send another N9JTE,AA8KY,K0KOC-7,K5DNA,W9QO,K1WY,KC2PP-2{UISS54}
N9JTE WA2FHJ 02/03 20:33:10z Reply Live OP FN13 PSE Call Heard U via ISS-73s N9JTE MARTY EN52 Trevor{96
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/03 17:18:27z Send another VE3TSV-9,KI4ASK-7,N9JTE,K4KDR-6{UISS54}
KC7MG WA2FHJ 02/01 18:53:09z Reply Hello from Arizona DM42
W4TBD-6 WA2FHJ 02/01 17:20:08z Reply 73 de W4TBD FMdk17
KT4TV WA2FHJ 02/01 17:20:05z Reply QSL hi from George FM07
WA2FHJ BLNQSL1/1 02/01 17:16:32z Send another W9QO,K0KOC-7{UISS54}
VE3RXH-1 WA2FHJ 02/01 02:55:24z Reply Heard via ISS{Q
WA2FHJ BLNQSL3/3 02/01 00:40:41z Send another N3ZLL-7,K0KOC-7,W0JW-6,WP4JMN-1{UISS54}