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N0JVW WA0STX 06/13 01:19:02z Reply just read the msg about ordering the radial kit{2B}1R
N0JVW WA0STX 06/12 23:31:32z Reply hope you are getting good ideas for the phased verticals!{2A}1R
N0JVW WA0STX 06/12 23:31:21z Reply Fantastic...work is in the way of ham radio lately{29}1R
WA0STX N0JVW 06/12 21:54:54z Send another (It's Wednesday night){1R}28
WA0STX N0JVW 06/12 21:54:13z Send another Hi Joe, sorry about the delay. You are 100% copy here{1Q}28
N0JVW WA0STX 06/10 17:11:12z Reply third pi juicebox is still solid for 10+ days{28}
N0JVW WA0STX 06/10 17:08:35z Reply Had to reset 2 of the aprs pi. menus froze but were pinging still{27}
N0JVW WA0STX 06/10 17:05:07z Reply pse verify you received my ping back{26}1P
N0JVW WA0STX 06/10 17:03:21z Reply Test is good!{25}1P
WA0STX N0JVW 06/10 16:27:32z Send another Test ... Monday June 10, 12::27{1P}20
N0JVW WA0STX 05/25 09:04:29z Reply Interesting after having spent so many years land locked{24}1N
N0JVW WA0STX 05/25 06:29:19z Reply ever work any ocean mobile from your qth?{23}1N
N0JVW WA0STX 05/25 04:04:10z Reply Cardinals game{22}1N
N0JVW WA0STX 05/25 02:29:06z Reply excllent...done with work for the week--BBQ right now @folks & Card{21}1N
WA0STX N0JVW 05/22 18:23:51z Send another skip appears to be about 500 miles on 40 right now{1O}20
WA0STX N0JVW 05/22 18:22:59z Send another Yeah, I just snuck down to the shack to listen too...{1N}20
N0JVW WA0STX 05/22 18:22:11z Reply had time to play on HF. JS8 is back up on 40M alive today.{20}1M
N0JVW WA0STX 05/22 18:21:57z Reply I've been busier than usual& along with storms/lightening hadn't{1z}1M
WA0STX N0JVW 05/22 14:28:07z Send another Glad urs is stable now too. Boy, the bands are still lousy!{1M}1y
N0JVW WA0STX 05/21 21:13:03z Reply 14 days 23 hours! Glad to hear the Alpha is tuning better on 40M{1y}1L
WA0STX N0JVW 05/21 16:14:42z Send another 73{1L}1x
WA0STX N0JVW 05/21 16:14:36z Send another Hi Joe, sounds like your setup is stable now too !!! Good Job{1K}1x
N0JVW WA0STX 05/17 21:28:13z Reply 10 days and 23 hours here! I had to reposition a gps 10 days back.{1x}1J
WA0STX N0JVW 05/17 14:59:27z Send another Hi Joe, just checked; Up time here 31 days and counting - 73{1J}1u
N0JVW WA0STX 04/30 19:06:25z Reply storms pass{1u}1I
N0JVW WA0STX 04/30 18:41:26z Reply Slow to respond here--will plug the antenna in later today if/when{1t}1I
WA0STX N0JVW 04/29 19:19:32z Send another I've got JSCall on 40 meters on the 690{1I}1s
N0JVW WA0STX 04/22 15:53:29z Reply well{1s}1H
N0JVW WA0STX 04/22 01:13:49z Reply Will get the aprs settings entered when you have time & Jan is good{1r}1H
N0JVW WA0STX 04/21 23:18:43z Reply Happy Easter. No worries. I had a small plumbing project anyway.{1q}1H
N0JVW WA0STX 04/21 16:38:26z Reply Happy Easter! No worries. I did a small plumping project.{1p}1H
WA0STX N0JVW 04/21 13:39:00z Send another --... ...--{1H}1o
WA0STX N0JVW 04/21 13:38:53z Send another Happy Easter !{1G}1o
WA0STX N0JVW 04/21 13:38:48z Send another Hi Joe, sorry I didn't touch base yesterday, had to be caretaker{1F}1o
N0JVW WA0STX 04/20 17:59:07z Reply tnx ...can help with aprs in about an hour or so if you are not bus{1o}1B
WA0STX N0JVW 04/20 17:58:43z Send another good luck with Jumbo Spot{1E}1n
N0JVW WA0STX 04/20 17:58:31z Reply plus need to eat lunch.{1n}1D
WA0STX N0JVW 04/20 17:58:23z Send another Yeah, I've got do some caregiving this PM but everything looking up{1D}1m
N0JVW WA0STX 04/20 17:58:15z Reply trying to get a new jumbo spot working{1m}1C
N0JVW WA0STX 04/20 17:58:02z Reply fantastic! we can do aprs soon!{1l}1C
WA0STX N0JVW 04/20 17:57:57z Send another --... ...--{1C}
WA0STX N0JVW 04/20 17:57:49z Send another this morning, looking forward to settup up APRS{1B}
WA0STX N0JVW 04/20 17:57:34z Send another Hi Joe, Carl and I worked the bugs out of the AnyTone HT{1A}
N0JVW WA0STX 04/10 00:42:19z Reply talking to jerry on 3.605{1m}1B
WA0STX N0JVW 04/09 23:01:32z Send another WORK NOW --... ...--{1B}1l