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KE0TTZ-14 W8HF-5 05/29 16:19:56z Reply Nice to hear from you. on my way to Maryland{M0001
W8HF-5 KE0TTZ-14 05/29 15:11:56z Send another I see you passing through Cleveland area again. Have a safe trip!{D4229
W8HF-5 NW8D-I 05/29 14:58:02z Send another Hello{5AB78
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/24 21:11:23z Send another Mowing!{87407
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/24 21:11:09z Send another Mowing!{4CDF7
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/24 19:29:51z Send another Mowing!{BE303
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/24 19:26:42z Send another Mowing{0C961
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/24 12:59:05z Send another Hello Michael!{43942
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/24 12:58:46z Send another Hello Michael{CB04A
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/24 12:58:39z Send another Hello Michael{05AD5
W8HF-5 N8NCL-I 05/22 15:29:46z Send another Hello{51237
W8HF-5 N8NCL-I 05/21 21:50:24z Send another Hello{F8EEC
W8HF-5 W8IH 05/21 21:42:55z Send another Hello Steve!{8CDCD
W8HF-5 W8IH 05/21 21:41:50z Send another Hello Steve!{954FC
DK6SP-5 W8HF-5 05/20 20:19:21z Reply Sure thing, yeah. Been in Dayton from Thursday 👍{2
W8HF-5 DK6SP-5 05/20 17:02:20z Send another Did you make it to Hamvention?{6ACE4
W8HF-5 DK6SP-5 05/20 17:01:26z Send another I live on 5 acres and was running APRS on my tractor recently{A27B7
DK6SP-5 W8HF-5 05/20 16:54:51z Reply Sure thing 😂{1
W8HF-5 DK6SP-5 05/20 16:21:44z Send another Are you sure planting crops at the airport? 😀{2C99E
W8HF-5 N8NCL-I 05/19 18:51:10z Send another I'm{B0715
W8HF-5 N8NCL-I 05/19 18:51:05z Send another Hi{6F294
W8HF-5 W8IH 05/19 17:20:18z Send another Hi Steve!!{028FC
W8HF-5 AB8M-9 05/19 16:26:51z Send another Hello{E5805
W8HF-5 AB8M-9 05/19 16:22:05z Send another Yo{A71A3
W8HF-5 KE0TTZ-14 05/17 18:51:05z Send another Greetings from Dayton Hamvention{6DF36
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/17 16:00:34z Send another Hello from Hamvention!{3418A
W8JWH W8HF-5 05/17 13:59:31z Reply rej20E2B
W8HF-5 K8JTK-5 05/17 13:59:22z Send another I'm actually running a PicoAPRS and TH-D75 as well as APRS.fi{20E2B
K8JTK-5 W8HF-5 05/17 13:57:50z Reply You using a mobile app or ??{3
W8JWH W8HF-5 05/17 13:41:14z Reply rej773D5
W8HF-5 K8JTK-5 05/17 13:41:05z Send another Trying{773D5
K8JTK-5 W8HF-5 05/17 13:40:54z Reply Staying dry?{2
K8JTK-5 W8HF-5 05/17 13:40:51z Reply Lol{1
W8JWH W8HF-5 05/17 13:37:21z Reply rejC9C2E
W8HF-5 K8JTK-5 05/17 13:37:13z Send another Hi!{C9C2E
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/14 21:13:32z Send another Hello{AD82C
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/14 21:12:13z Send another Mowing again{8517F
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/08 18:26:23z Send another On Allstar. Talk?{EBBA5
W8HF-5 N8NCL-I 05/08 14:40:06z Send another Hello Mike{76C78
KE0TTZ-14 W8HF-5 05/08 14:39:51z Reply Loading in Columbus tomorrow morn, then back{05}
KE0TTZ-14 W8HF-5 05/08 14:36:20z Reply AA:Autoreply- Sleeping it off 73{04}
W8HF-5 KE0TTZ-14 05/08 14:36:20z Send another Heading back to Iowa? Have a safe trip! 73{1598F
KE0TTZ-14 W8HF-5 05/07 23:21:36z Reply Had it on since I left Iowa this morning. Needs a new screen{02}
W8HF-5 KE0TTZ-14 05/07 23:16:32z Send another Excellent choice. Those were workhorses!{06822
KE0TTZ-14 W8HF-5 05/07 23:15:52z Reply Yep. An old Lenovo with Xastir{01}
W8HF-5 W8HF-3 05/07 23:09:28z Send another Works!{5320C
W8HF-3 W8HF-5 05/07 23:08:53z Reply Test{34
W8HF-5 KE0TTZ-14 05/07 22:29:23z Send another Running a laptop for APRS in semi?{7E050
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/07 21:49:53z Send another On Allstar{9A587
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/07 21:42:45z Send another Napping{FEE7C
DK1MI-6 W8HF-5 05/07 21:42:05z Reply super busy week. how are you?{25
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/07 16:38:24z Send another Hello{557E1
DK1MI-7 W8HF-5 05/06 13:25:06z Reply Good morning!{24
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/06 12:51:48z Send another Good Afternoon{7B272
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/06 12:50:30z Send another Good Afternoon{847BA
W8HF-5 KM8V-7 05/05 20:31:59z Send another Mo Mow{33982
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/05 20:31:16z Send another Back on the tractor for round 2{2FDDD
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/05 20:30:50z Send another Back on the tractor for round 2{15A00
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/05 20:28:28z Send another Back on the tractor for round 2{637DA
DK1MI-6 W8HF-5 05/05 17:21:03z Reply but well meant{24
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/05 16:41:27z Send another Well, not done 😀{C9EF9
DK1MI-6 W8HF-5 05/05 16:40:52z Reply well done{23
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/05 16:38:53z Send another Done mowing for today{C6A4D
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/05 16:05:28z Send another Mowing{C110A
DK1MI-6 W8HF-5 05/04 22:02:18z Reply very much so{17
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/04 21:59:18z Send another Awesome{C35EE
DK1MI-6 W8HF-5 05/04 14:51:58z Reply test{13
DK1MI-7 W8HF-5 05/04 14:14:02z Reply Test back{23
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/04 14:08:42z Send another TestFC38A
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/04 14:08:41z Send another Test{FC38A
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/04 14:08:10z Send another Hello{AE7FD
W8HF-5 KM8V-7 05/03 21:19:39z Send another Did you get your visa to enter Lorain County? 😀{4911B
W8HF-5 KM8V-7 05/03 21:02:01z Send another Happy Friday!{C64D7
W8HF-5 W8HF-13 05/03 19:52:31z Send another Hello{F69D3
W8HF-3 W8HF-5 05/03 15:59:13z Reply Test2{23
W8HF-3 W8HF-5 05/03 15:57:02z Reply Test{22
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/03 14:15:24z Send another Test{FA935
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/03 13:19:53z Send another Test back{EE644
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/03 13:06:28z Send another Got your test{A30A2
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/03 13:06:18z Send another I fell back asleep 😀{5522D
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/03 13:05:00z Send another I just replied{02F79
DK1MI-7 W8HF-5 05/03 11:17:50z Reply Please reply {22
DK1MI-7 W8HF-5 05/03 11:17:37z Reply Sent you a message from -6{21
DK1MI-6 W8HF-5 05/03 11:10:22z Reply test{02
DK1MI-6 W8HF-5 05/03 11:07:04z Reply test{01
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/03 10:47:54z Send another So you received some of my messages over iGate?{D0C2D
DK1MI-7 W8HF-5 05/03 10:44:32z Reply Yes, Rx igate and SOME tx works{20
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/03 10:43:37z Send another Did see track from earlier walk{87C94
DK1MI-7 W8HF-5 05/03 10:40:25z Reply On{19
DK1MI-7 W8HF-5 05/03 10:40:23z Reply Working in it :/{18
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/03 10:39:21z Send another I can't message the new HT{B839C
DK1MI-7 W8HF-5 05/03 10:38:22z Reply Good morning!{17
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/03 10:37:44z Send another Test to FT1{15707
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/03 10:36:34z Send another Good Afternoon{21633
DK1MI-7 W8HF-5 05/03 04:20:42z Reply It came with this emergency battery that holds 3 AA cells{16
DK1MI-7 W8HF-5 05/03 04:19:53z Reply It's in a nice condition {15
DK1MI-7 W8HF-5 05/03 04:19:12z Reply That was the first thing I did after I made sure that all is good{14
W8HF-5 DK1MI-7 05/02 21:49:37z Send another Hope you bought a spare battery{AF6DD
DK1MI-7 W8HF-5 05/02 21:28:24z Reply It's really nice! {13
W8HF-5 DK1MI-6 05/02 20:29:27z Send another Test!{B14DA