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W7XY K7MT 09/18 14:32:00z Send another OK bill and Yell also so I can hear you.{97
K7MT W7XY 09/18 14:31:06z Reply route to Havre. I will wave when I go by !!!! Cheers Bill{HD}
K7MT W7XY 09/18 14:31:04z Reply GM Donnie I will be passing through Great Falls this morning in+{HC}
K7MT W7XY 09/08 00:15:21z Reply Just got home about an hour ago.. Hi to Fran and Max. Bill {EL}
K7MT W7XY 09/08 00:14:52z Reply Hi Donnie I was on fires in Billings when the Hill 57 started.+{EK}
W7XY K7MT 09/04 23:00:03z Send another Shutting down for now.{96
W7XY K7MT 09/04 22:59:46z Send another We coukd sEe open flames from our house,{95
W7XY K7MT 09/04 22:59:06z Send another Quite a fire on Hill 57 in Great Falls{94
W7XY K7MT 09/01 14:03:49z Send another You there Bill. I don't hear anything on 75 meterss.{93
W7XY K7YD 08/26 22:29:23z Send another Test to Doug{92
W7XY K7MT 08/11 14:30:43z Send another OK Bill {91
K7MT W7XY 08/11 14:28:08z Reply minutes very heavy down pour with lightning. Bill{ZT}
K7MT W7XY 08/11 14:28:06z Reply Hi Donnie, we just received .75 inches of rain in the last 30+{ZS}
W7XY K7MT 08/11 13:27:34z Send another OK Bill Got it Have a Great Day{90
K7MT W7XY 08/11 13:20:48z Reply Looks like all fires got moisture. Have a great Day !! Bill{ZR}
K7MT W7XY 08/11 13:20:46z Reply the West at 3 guts to 6 .3 inches of rain over the last 24 hours.+{ZQ}
K7MT W7XY 08/11 13:20:45z Reply Helicopters. Helena Valley TMP 54 Bar 30.03 Hum 96% Wind out of+{ZP}
K7MT W7XY 08/11 13:20:44z Reply GM Donnie, Fran, and Max !! Getting ready for work on IA fueling+{ZO}
W7XY K7YD 08/07 22:18:28z Send another Test to Doug{89
W7XY K7MT 07/28 14:42:23z Send another Welcome home Bill. Got report{88
K7MT W7XY 07/28 14:33:18z Reply acres and active. Seen it when I got off the plane. Cheers Bill{ZK}
K7MT W7XY 07/28 14:33:15z Reply to 6. Fire straight North of me (North Hills Fire) is about 2600+{ZJ}
K7MT W7XY 07/28 14:33:12z Reply Valley WX TMP 65 Hum 61% Bar 30.17 Wind out of the SW at 4 gusts+{ZI}
K7MT W7XY 07/28 14:33:10z Reply GM Donnie, Fran, and Max Home from Fairbanks AK !! Woo Hoo. Helena+{ZH}
W7XY K7MT-15 07/26 18:38:50z Send another Enjoy the heat we are getting noew Welcome Back{87
K7MT-15 W7XY 07/26 18:06:58z Reply Gm Donnie Fairbanks to Seattle was smooth. Hi to Fran and Max. {1
W7XY K7MT-5 07/16 15:09:56z Send another Good MOrning Bill.{86
W7XY K7MT-5 07/15 22:19:52z Send another today. Have a good day Bill.{85
W7XY K7MT-5 07/15 22:18:41z Send another Well off to dinner with the family. so shutting this dowm early{84
W7XY K7MT-5 07/13 14:29:37z Send another Good Morning Bill{83
K7MT-5 W7XY 07/13 14:08:05z Reply GM Donnie from Fairbanks !!! Hi to Fran and Max !! Bill{SQ}
K7MT-5 W7XY 07/13 00:59:19z Reply GE Donnie, Fran, and Max from Fairbanks AK..{YM}