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KG7QJD W7SPF 11/09 03:17:23z Reply hi there!_ {2
W7SPF WM7X 09/28 18:39:36z Send another Radio to radio test{04
SMSGTE W7SPF 09/27 00:28:44z Reply @5094166727 One more chance for a.hosy tonight... Mckenzie called i{M2471
SMSGTE W7SPF 09/26 00:30:42z Reply @5094206102 Simply reply to the message from your cellphone as you {M2407
W7SPF SMSGTE 09/26 00:29:12z Send another @5094206102 Type your message here.{03
W7SPF SMSGTE 09/26 00:27:38z Send another @5094206102 Type your message here. W7SPF{02
SMSGTE W7SPF 09/25 23:55:07z Reply @5094166727 Blah blah blah, de wm7x{M2403
W7SPF SMSGTE 09/25 23:45:56z Send another @5094166727 test de W7SPF{01
QSOMTG W7SPF 09/21 22:00:00z Reply Nice seeing you! I might stop by tmr. 73 Jesse{43