W7SNK-9 messages

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W7SNK-9 NT7B-9 07/12 04:01:36z Send another 652{34
W7SNK-9 NT7B-9 07/11 00:52:14z Send another wth{33
NT7B-9 W7SNK-9 06/25 14:46:13z Reply Message Received...73!
W7SNK-9 NT7B-9 06/25 14:44:57z Send another go to wrk{32
W7SNK-9 NT7B-9 06/13 01:26:43z Send another yo hey from pdx{30
W7SNK-9 KA7JNY-9 06/13 01:17:14z Send another nice radio{29
W7SNK-9 W7EES-10 06/12 21:53:53z Send another hello{28
W7SNK-9 SMSGTE 06/10 04:30:35z Send another @2083691998 all the w7snk is ne 9 is this cae{27
SMSGTE W7SNK-9 06/10 04:27:23z Reply @2083691998 Is thebW7SNK-9 your call{M3293
W7SNK-9 SMSGTE 06/10 04:11:47z Send another @2083691998 enter my call and u can c me{26
W7SNK-9 SMSGTE 06/10 04:10:25z Send another @2083691998 yes i can. slow but posible also go to aprs.fi {25
SMSGTE W7SNK-9 06/10 04:08:09z Reply @2083691998 Can you receive txt{M3291
SMSGTE W7SNK-9 06/10 04:07:58z Reply @2083691998 Nice{M3290
SMSGTE W7SNK-9 06/10 04:04:56z Reply @5419128307 Rply{M3289
W7SNK-9 SMSGTE 06/10 04:04:20z Send another @5419128307 told ja haha{24
W7SNK-9 SMSGTE 06/10 04:03:30z Send another @2083691998 told ja haha{23
KI7UNJ-9 W7SNK-9 06/08 17:49:29z Reply QSL 73 {05
W7SNK-9 KI7UNJ-9 06/08 17:42:42z Send another looks like i got to far{22
W7SNK-9 * 06/08 17:27:24z Send another wreck mp233 i5 north exit closed{21
W7SNK-9 KB7IVK-9 06/02 19:47:19z Send another ?APRSP
W7SNK-9 K0PCH 06/02 03:47:14z Send another the coast?{20
W7SNK-9 KC7RJK-5 06/01 22:58:56z Send another gey hey hey{19