W7MIS-5 messages

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W7FRT-9 W7MIS-5 03/12 00:05:54z Reply Can You Hear Me?{4
W7MIS-5 W7MIS-9 03/06 04:18:20z Send another test{1
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/04 00:49:09z Send another so, it works and then stops sending after a couple messages{11
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/04 00:48:48z Send another nice{10
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/04 00:31:40z Reply Thats sounds good. I have a couple tbones going in the pan in an hr and a half{D9}C7
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/04 00:31:32z Send another did you get the message from the 710?{9
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/04 00:31:04z Send another the new sushi place/ hibatchi grill{8
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/04 00:30:27z Reply Where are you at. Looks like a restaurant. {D5}C1
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 23:25:10z Send another ah, okay send one to -9{7
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 23:24:20z Reply This app isn’t as good as aprs.fi for tracking. Only shows current location not the trail. {4E}17
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 23:21:51z Send another this is the most ive played with it other than smsgte stuff{6
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 23:19:13z Reply I got a multiple from you earlier{94}CC
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 23:18:35z Send another probably. i think mine sends 7 times{5
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 23:18:08z Reply Ya it didnt show right away it was successful. Maybe it tried a few times automatically. {92}CA
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 23:16:40z Send another i got that last one 3 times{4
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 23:16:16z Reply Would be nice to push it through though{8F}C6
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 23:13:36z Send another for sure{3
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 23:12:04z Reply Would be nice to push it through though{8F}C4
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 23:11:34z Reply Would be nice to push it through though{8F}C2
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 23:11:06z Send another thats handy{2
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 23:10:43z Reply This app doesn’t alert me when i have a message like the other one does but saves it till you open the app. {8D}C0
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 23:01:40z Send another test{3
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 22:35:36z Send another will do{2
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 22:35:03z Reply That time it went. Not sure what was going on. Let me know when your back on the rd. I cant find you on this app{A5}0F
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 22:33:00z Send another testing -5{1
W7FRT W7MIS-5 03/03 22:31:55z Reply Ok. That went here. Let me go back to -5. {A3}0B
W7MIS-5 W7FRT 03/03 22:31:33z Send another Testing FRT{1
W7FRT W7MIS-5 03/03 22:31:01z Reply Delete and send to frt this time{A1}09
W7MIS-5 W7FRT 03/03 22:30:34z Send another FRT{1
W7FRT W7MIS-5 03/03 22:30:14z Reply What did this come from?{A0}07
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 22:28:49z Send another -5{3
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 22:28:27z Reply Does it show on your end this came from w7frt or W7frt-5?{9C}FF
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 22:26:17z Reply But i got that so more digging for me i guess{99}FB
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 22:25:14z Send another interesting{2
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 22:24:51z Reply Not receiving anything here unless its a reply{98}F9
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 22:13:29z Send another Another Test{1
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 22:11:30z Send another received{2
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 22:04:43z Send another new test{1
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 21:50:11z Send another negative{4
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 21:49:58z Reply Did you get another? Just said test{8D}3C
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 21:43:45z Send another a step forward, sweet{3
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 21:43:20z Reply Ok. This one works. {8C}39
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 21:42:59z Send another received via aprsdroid on phone{2
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 21:42:12z Reply Test 2{87}31
W7FRT-5 W7MIS-5 03/03 21:42:01z Reply ?APRSP
W7MIS-5 SMSGTE 03/03 21:29:36z Send another @5095375071 From phone{3
W7MIS-5 SMSGTE 03/03 21:28:25z Send another testing{2
W7MIS-5 W7FRT-5 03/03 21:19:19z Send another testing from phone, no radio{1
W7MIS-5 KK7MA-9 02/15 20:31:36z Send another KK7MA- W7MIS Testing APRS{1