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SMSGTE W7BSB-9 02/14 00:47:08z Reply @5032091368 Still at it??{M3474
SMSGTE W7BSB-9 02/13 21:55:23z Reply @5032091368 I'm Driving - Sent from MY CAR{M3456
W7BSB-9 SMSGTE 02/13 21:54:35z Send another @5032091368 will do :*{23
SMSGTE W7BSB-9 02/13 21:51:11z Reply @5032091368 Ok, :* hope you have some fun. Be safe and let me know {M3455
W7BSB-9 SMSGTE 02/13 21:38:16z Send another @5032091368 not sure{22
SMSGTE W7BSB-9 02/13 21:37:20z Reply @5032091368 When will you be done?{M3452
W7BSB-9 SMSGTE 02/13 21:33:26z Send another @5032091368 kinda bored. lunch break but staying in place{21
SMSGTE W7BSB-9 02/13 19:14:11z Reply @5032091368 What time do you think you will get home?{M3449
SMSGTE W7BSB-9 02/13 17:09:32z Reply @5032091368 :*{M3447
W7BSB-9 SMSGTE 02/13 17:07:16z Send another @5032091368 :* no service{20
W7BSB-9 SMSGTE 02/11 03:28:11z Send another @5032091368 thanks{19
SMSGTE W7BSB-9 02/11 03:13:15z Reply @5032091368 Got it here{M3242
SMSGTE W7BSB-9 02/11 03:11:40z Reply @5032091368 Yep just a sec{M3241
W7BSB-9 SMSGTE 02/11 03:10:24z Send another @5032091368 can you call it to see if i habe to go to breakside?{18
W7BSB-9 SMSGTE 02/11 03:03:32z Send another @5032091368 i dont have my phone{17