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W7BSB-9 VE7VIC-15 05/13 15:22:15z Send another whats the momday night net topic {05
W7BSB-9 W7BSB-5 05/10 21:56:44z Send another cool it wORKS{04
W7BSB-5 W7BSB-9 05/10 21:55:05z Reply from phone{1
W7BSB W7BSB-9 05/06 22:31:45z Reply gonna see how this works{VJ}
W7BSB-9 KG7YOL 04/15 23:07:39z Send another i really hope that didnt send 100 times{03
W7BSB-9 KG7YOL 04/15 21:48:54z Send another missedyour message was just getting home from work{02
KG7YOL W7BSB-9 04/15 04:43:08z Reply Greetings, Out and about?{m0001
EMAIL-2 W7BSB-9 04/11 15:41:08z Reply Email sent to w7bsb@winlink.org{875
W7BSB-9 EMAIL-2 04/11 15:41:07z Send another w7bsb@winlink.org aoes testing again [location] [call] [gps]{03
SMSGTE W7BSB-9 04/11 15:37:34z Reply @9713209386 Test 1{M9359
W7BSB-9 SMSGTE 04/11 15:36:35z Send another @9713209386 apra test{02
SMSGTE W7BSB-9 04/08 19:27:56z Reply @5032091368 Oh no. You ok???{M9112
W7BSB-9 SMSGTE 04/08 19:27:11z Send another @5032091368 ididnt research enough. got hairy and wrong way{01
KI7NCC-9 W7BSB-9 04/07 19:26:57z Reply 146.520{04
W7BSB-9 KI7NCC-9 04/06 02:39:14z Send another why you no call back on 529{02
W7BSB-9 W7BSB-5 04/04 18:38:47z Send another works{01
W7BSB-5 W7BSB-9 04/04 18:34:43z Reply test message{1