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WA6OEM W7BMH 02/26 01:33:21z Reply Test msg{57
W7BMH WA6OEM 02/25 02:03:47z Send another https://vapn.org/help/robust-packet{BH}
W7BMH WA6OEM 02/25 02:03:36z Send another modems Direwolf and UZ7HO. {BG}
W7BMH WA6OEM 02/25 02:01:26z Send another download link is about halfway down the page. It has bit of a+{BE}
WA6OEM W7BMH 02/25 02:00:36z Reply rejBD}
W7BMH WA6OEM 02/25 02:00:31z Send another Hi Mike - The WinRPR modem can be downloaded from this site, the+{BD}
W7BMH N7CMP-2 01/30 18:50:53z Send another Hello neighbor, missed your call 40M JS8 a few nights ago, snoozing{LV}
W7BMH K7OWW-10 01/14 16:35:40z Send another Did you move your packet bbs?
W7BMH K7OWW-10 01/14 16:29:23z Send another Hi Matt -Good morning, happy to see your JS8 HB going on 40M
W7BMH W7EWM 01/13 00:40:57z Send another https://aprs.fi/#!lat=44.0645&lng=-123.1461 Internet Server
W7BMH W7EWM 01/13 00:37:43z Send another Many more ops on now and the software is much better{WY}
W7EWM W7BMH 01/13 00:36:34z Reply Thanks Brian, it's new and tempoary. Just learning again.{2
W7BMH W7EWM 01/13 00:21:15z Send another Hi Elmer, good to see you on APRS again{WX}
W7BMH AI7NC-14 01/11 23:48:23z Send another ?aprss?
EUGENE W7BMH 01/11 23:44:45z Reply DX: W7SRA 44.50.80N 123.06.63W 51.1 miles 2 15:44
EUGENE W7BMH 01/11 23:44:01z Reply Directs(1)= AE7TO-1 CGRV NK7Z-9 PERPET VENETA W7SRA WB7DD
W7BMH WA6OEM 01/09 19:55:37z Send another Hi Mike, I saw a web page about HF installation in sailboats{RK}
W7BMH WA6OEM 01/09 19:54:55z Send another http://www.farallon.us/webstore/Pcup%20SSB.pdf{RJ}
W7BMH WA6OEM 01/09 18:07:36z Send another Fm W7BMH-1 To MBX [09:17:20]Mail for: WA6OEM{RI}
K7OWW W7BMH 01/08 19:35:22z Reply I will{RE}
W7BMH K7OWW 01/08 19:34:39z Send another You're welcome, call me later when you're free
K7OWW W7BMH 01/08 19:33:53z Reply around, Thanks you!{RD}
K7OWW W7BMH 01/08 19:33:47z Reply I will dig in more when I'm in front of my rig and can mess+{RC}
W7BMH K7OWW 01/08 19:32:47z Send another There is also BBS activity on RPR on 40 meters and 80 meters
W7BMH K7OWW 01/08 19:31:11z Send another A group gathers on 10.147.3 USB for APRS on Robust Packet
W7BMH K7OWW 01/08 19:30:23z Send another But its available for hams to use. Still experimenting with it
W7BMH K7OWW 01/08 19:29:59z Send another Robust Packet is a new HF mode, still proprietary
W7BMH K7OWW 01/08 19:29:23z Send another Soundmodem works great with a Signalink interface
W7BMH K7OWW 01/08 19:28:55z Send another The KPC3 cannot do the 1600 /1800 tones
W7BMH K7OWW 01/08 19:28:30z Send another The packet is 300 baud, with 1600 / 1800 Hz mark space tones
W7BMH K7OWW 01/08 19:27:41z Send another Hi Matt, currently a big group gathers daily 14.105 LSB
K7OWW W7BMH 01/08 19:26:52z Reply in the 20m packet.{RB}
K7OWW W7BMH 01/08 19:26:40z Reply Was hearing you Talk to Mike while I'm working. Im interested more+{RA}
W7BMH K7OWW 01/08 15:49:08z Send another Yes, it's the software, not the TNC, thanks for setting it up
K7OWW W7BMH 01/08 15:48:27z Reply excellent, aprsis32 must just do it by default?{QZ}
W7BMH K7OWW 01/08 15:47:49z Send another Hi Matt, it sure did, it responded to both queries!
K7OWW W7BMH 01/08 15:47:02z Reply did it respond?{QY}
EUGENE W7BMH 01/08 15:33:17z Reply DX: FLO 43.57.33N 124.04.50W 47.3 miles 257 07:33
K7OWW W7BMH 01/08 15:31:49z Reply Directs[2/2]:SCIO VENETA W6EOD-9 W7BMH WLTRVL
K7OWW W7BMH 01/08 15:31:49z Reply Directs[1/2]:AD7AM EUGENE FLO K7OWW-7 K7RTX KC7RJK-2 KK7EK PERPET
K7OWW W7BMH 01/08 15:31:12z Reply 12+41 22+41 11+39 20+41
K7OWW W7BMH 01/08 15:31:12z Reply DX:KPC3+[KISS] 2*PERPET(46mi@288°) d+R: 12+20 19+45 10+41 15+58+
WA6OEM W7BMH 01/06 16:20:54z Reply rejOT}
W7BMH WA6OEM 01/06 16:20:52z Send another 50 watts and I'm heard in Missouri and gated into APRSIS{OT}
WA6OEM W7BMH 01/06 16:17:46z Reply rejOS}
W7BMH WA6OEM 01/06 16:17:46z Send another Hi Mike, got robust packet running in APRSIS32 on 10.1473 USB{OS}
WA6OEM W7BMH 01/06 00:24:46z Reply rejRK}
W7BMH WA6OEM 01/06 00:24:36z Send another Mike, the link I sent is missing an "l" in .html{RK}
WA6OEM W7BMH 01/06 00:06:04z Reply Interesting, tnx, I'll check it out.{47
WA6OEM W7BMH 01/05 23:43:49z Reply rejRJ}
W7BMH WA6OEM 01/05 23:43:45z Send another Is still proprietary, owned by SCS company. Still learning more.{RJ}
W7BMH WA6OEM 01/05 23:42:28z Send another https://vapn.org/news/winrpr-saving-robust-packet-from-oblivion.htm{RI}
W7BMH WA6OEM 01/05 23:41:49z Send another It's robust packet, a new freeware mode, was proprietary{RH}
W7BMH WA6OEM 01/05 23:41:19z Send another Hi Mike, I've figured out the digi mode on 10.147.30 USB{RG}
W7BMH wa6oem : 01/05 23:34:40z Send another Used to be proprietary mode until oOctober 2020
W7BMH wa6oem : 01/05 23:33:47z Send another Its 's brobust packet, new free osofrwartware fo rHFor HF
W7BMH wa6oem :M 01/05 23:32:55z Send another ke, i I fugigured out the signals on 10.147.30 USB
W7BMH wa6oem : 01/05 23:31:57z Send another =4401.95N/12308.74WyWINLINK call 146.52 MHz
W7BMH AI7NC-7 01/05 00:13:59z Send another Sorry, I am in and out of the shack today doing many things
W7BMH AI7NC-7 01/05 00:12:57z Send another OK great, that was a good test of the standalone system
AI7NC-7 W7BMH 01/04 23:41:05z Reply it is not interfaced with pc software. running standalone{30
EUGENE W7BMH 01/04 23:27:48z Reply Directs(1)= AE7TO-1 PERPET SCIO VENETA W6EOD-9 W7SRA
W7BMH EUGENE 01/04 23:27:48z Send another ?aprsd
EUGENE W7BMH 01/04 23:27:25z Reply DX: W7SRA 44.50.80N 123.06.63W 51.1 miles 2 15:20
W7BMH AI7NC-14 01/04 23:24:57z Send another Are you running it into APRS software?
W7BMH AI7NC-14 01/04 23:23:36z Send another Hi Nathan, still get no reply to queries from your -14 node{XZ}
AI7NC-7 W7BMH 01/04 22:04:30z Reply gte was off freq.try again now{29
W7BMH AI7NC-14 01/04 21:42:23z Send another Hi Nathan, this node does not seem to respond to queries
W7BMH AI7NC-14 01/04 21:39:36z Send another ?aprs?
W7BMH AI7NC-14 01/04 21:38:08z Send another ?PING?
W7BMH AI7NC-14 01/04 21:37:34z Send another ?DX
WA6OEM W7BMH 01/03 16:46:22z Reply rejCU}
W7BMH WA6OEM 01/03 16:46:21z Send another Hi Mike, did you hear much on 144.240?{CU}
WA6OEM W7BMH 01/03 16:45:47z Reply Morning Brian{46
K7MT-8 W7BMH 12/30 19:12:06z Reply Hi Brian on Robust Packet for another Happy New Year !!! Bill{BX}
K7MT-11 W7BMH 12/30 19:08:23z Reply gates. Happy New Year !!!!{TC}
K7MT-11 W7BMH 12/30 19:08:17z Reply G'day Brian from Bill in Helena, Mt. VHF, HF, and Satellite+{TB}
W7BMH VE4KLM 12/30 17:24:43z Send another W7BMH>APWW11 via K7MT-11
W7BMH VE4KLM 12/30 17:24:40z Send another W7BMH>APWW11,qAR,K4KPN-10
VE4KLM W7BMH 12/30 17:24:40z Reply ?APRST
W7BMH K7MT-11 12/30 17:15:29z Send another Good morning from Brian in Eugene, OR. Listening 30 meters today
W7BMH AI7BQ :Th 12/28 20:46:48z Send another nks for the updates
W7BMH KK7GAB 12/27 20:47:26z Send another Hi Gerry, How are you doing?{DQ}XF
KK7GAB W7BMH 12/27 20:35:58z Reply Hi Brian, Are you there?{XF}
WA6OEM W7BMH 12/27 18:50:56z Reply AA:Tnx
WA6OEM W7BMH 12/27 18:46:22z Reply rejDP}ZY
W7BMH WA6OEM 12/27 18:46:08z Send another Enjoy the sun, CUL{DP}ZY
WA6OEM W7BMH 12/27 18:46:02z Reply rejDO}ZY
W7BMH WA6OEM 12/27 18:45:54z Send another I have worked stations runnining loops, stacked wrks well{DO}ZY
WA6OEM W7BMH 12/27 18:45:29z Reply I'd better get outside and enjoy this sunny day!{ZY}DN
WA6OEM W7BMH 12/27 18:44:56z Reply I also have a 6m KB6KQ loop that I use mostly for contesting{ZX}DN
WA6OEM W7BMH 12/27 18:44:21z Reply rejDN}ZW
W7BMH WA6OEM 12/27 18:44:08z Send another Makes a big difference for weaks sigs, meteors and aurora{DN}ZW
WA6OEM W7BMH 12/27 18:43:31z Reply I have a 4 ele 6m beam from Aarow Antenna, that I'd love to put up{ZW}DM
WA6OEM W7BMH 12/27 18:42:55z Reply rejDM}ZV
W7BMH WA6OEM 12/27 18:42:34z Send another Yes, will replace as solar cycle picks up. Want it in the air{DM}ZV
WA6OEM W7BMH 12/27 18:42:13z Reply Cushcraft?{ZV}DL
WA6OEM W7BMH 12/27 18:41:55z Reply rejDL}ZU
W7BMH WA6OEM 12/27 18:41:46z Send another 6M yagi boom bent by tree fall 2018, cracked when I straightened{DL}ZU
WA6OEM W7BMH 12/27 18:41:30z Reply rejDK}ZU