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KK7EM W7ALX-5 12/02 22:53:56z Reply Hi Guys{1
W7ALX-5 KK7EM 12/02 22:53:55z Send another Aloha Jim, from Seatown village! {1
KK7EM W7ALX-5 11/26 02:12:44z Reply Happy T-Day Michael and Connie!{1
W7PMF-3 W7ALX-5 11/23 22:31:03z Reply All the best{1
KK7EM-1 W7ALX-5 11/19 19:34:21z Reply hEY MICHAEL - SENT BY RF{2
W7ALX-5 W7PMF-3 11/19 19:04:25z Send another Aloha Scot{1
W7ALX-5 KB7KUH 11/17 21:08:20z Send another Thanks! Got it. {5
KB7KUH W7ALX-5 11/17 17:29:36z Reply Hi Michale. This message is via PinPoint.
W7ALX-5 KK7EM 11/16 21:41:28z Send another Hello Jim, testing APRS on this sunny afternoon. {2
W7ALX-5 KB7KUH 11/15 17:31:57z Send another Good morning Don, it's quite a blustery day in Depoe Bay. {4
KB7KUH W7ALX-5 11/14 22:08:06z Reply Copy your message. 73's
W7ALX-5 KB7KUH 11/14 21:52:11z Send another Ahoy! Testing APRS from phone {3
W7ALX-5 KB7KUH 11/14 21:21:40z Send another Ahoy, testing APRS {2