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W5OTR-14 SMSGTE 10/10 05:33:54z Send another @5127346755 Hi:you where?{94
SMSGTE W5OTR-14 10/10 05:33:16z Reply @5127346755 Still here{M3869
W5OTR-14 WB0HBJ-14 10/06 22:48:02z Send another 5125400844 holler at me sometime{93
WB0HBJ-14 W5OTR-14 10/06 22:45:38z Reply rej93
SMSGTE W5OTR-14 10/02 02:05:08z Reply @5125400369 Hello{M3185
SMSGTE W5OTR-14 10/02 01:36:59z Reply @5125400369 Hi{M3183
W5OTR-14 SMSGTE 10/02 01:36:38z Send another @5125400369 Hi{92
WXBOT W5OTR-14 10/01 06:08:29z Reply Nampa ID. Overnight,Mostly Cloudy Low 35{RX
WXBOT W5OTR-14 10/01 06:07:43z Reply Nampa ID. Overnight,Mostly Cloudy Low 35{RW
W5OTR-14 WXBOT 10/01 06:07:35z Send another tonight{91
W5OTR-14 AE5JO-9 09/22 04:02:45z Send another hi John{1
WB0HBJ-14 W5OTR-14 09/12 14:02:42z Reply rej3
W5OTR-14 WB0HBJ-14 09/12 14:02:30z Send another I'm in Rock Springs broke down since Saturday{3
W5OTR-14 WB0HBJ-14 09/12 13:57:45z Send another 512-540-0844- give me a holler{2
TA5AHO-4 W5OTR-14 09/12 07:34:43z Reply your log book
TA5AHO-4 W5OTR-14 09/12 07:33:59z Reply I think the qrz.com registry date range is out of date.
TA5AHO-4 W5OTR-14 09/12 07:32:19z Reply Thank you very much. Your Qrz page is beautiful too
TA5AHO-4 W5OTR-14 09/12 07:30:34z Reply hello, greetings from Mersin TURKEY, {2
W5OTR-14 TA5AHO-4 09/12 07:30:13z Send another I looked at your QRZ page. very nice{2
TA5AHO-4 W5OTR-14 09/12 07:29:23z Reply Hello from TURKEY 73{TR}
TA5AHO-4 W5OTR-14 09/12 07:28:24z Reply Hello Christopher Thank you for your message
SMSGTE W5OTR-14 09/12 07:26:25z Reply @5125400844 Ok thanks{M1211
W5OTR-14 SMSGTE 09/12 07:25:53z Send another @5125400844 look for the dead bear{1
W5OTR-14 TA5AHO-4 09/12 07:21:21z Send another hello, greetings from Wyoming, USA{1
WXBOT W5OTR-14 09/06 04:58:46z Reply Lometa TX. Tonight,Mostly Clear Low 71{XF
W5OTR-14 WXBOT 09/06 04:58:38z Send another 76853 today{26
TA5AHO-4 W5OTR-14 09/01 23:59:48z Reply Hi from TURKEY
SMSGTE W5OTR-14 09/01 20:54:55z Reply @5127346755 Answer phone{M146
SMSGTE W5OTR-14 08/31 00:08:38z Reply @5127346755 Maybe in radio cabinet{M9919
SMSGTE W5OTR-14 08/31 00:08:29z Reply @5127346755 Buy one asap{M9918
W5OTR-14 SMSGTE 08/31 00:08:11z Send another @5127346755 not here!next time{25
W5OTR-14 SMSGTE 08/30 23:53:38z Send another @5127346755 yes it is only way to get phone on{24
SMSGTE W5OTR-14 08/30 23:50:50z Reply @5127346755 It was on your cpap side{M9912
W5OTR-14 SMSGTE 08/30 23:50:38z Send another @5127346755 it was in my truck-phone died{23
SMSGTE W5OTR-14 08/30 23:50:29z Reply @5127346755 Your wireless phone charger?{M9911
SMSGTE W5OTR-14 08/30 23:48:09z Reply @5127346755 On amazon?{M9907
W5OTR-14 SMSGTE 08/30 23:47:21z Send another @5127346755 need that wireless charger{22
W5OTR-14 WA4VDP-9 08/30 09:35:47z Send another looking going west be safe{21
SMSGTE W5OTR-14 08/30 09:29:46z Reply @5127346755 Love you too{M9856
W5OTR-14 SMSGTE 08/30 09:29:22z Send another @5127346755 thanks for the nice visit. love you{20