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KG4CWV W4KBW 09/17 22:42:58z Reply Good evening, Bob. You're checked in..{006
W4KBW KG4CWV 09/17 22:42:22z Send another Hi Cliff. Cbeck me in please.{TS}
KG4CWV W4KBW 09/10 22:37:16z Reply Howdy, Bob. Hope all is well. You're checked in.{002
W4KBW KG4CWV 09/10 22:36:22z Send another Well hi Cliff... Check me in please. Thanks!!!!{FX}
KG4CWV W4KBW 09/03 22:41:37z Reply Howdy, Bob. You're checked in.{006
W4KBW KG4CWV 09/03 22:38:12z Send another Hi Cliff. Please check me in. Thanks!!{DA}
KG4CWV W4KBW 08/27 22:31:34z Reply Hi, Mr. Bob. Yup, it's that time of the week. You're in.{005
W4KBW KG4CWV 08/27 22:30:24z Send another Guess it's time for an APRS check in.{CZ}
KG4CWV W4KBW 08/20 22:35:55z Reply Good evening, Bob. I have you checked in.{005
W4KBW KG4CWV 08/20 22:35:08z Send another Hi Cliff. I just got home. Check me in please.{CY}
KG4CWV W4KBW 08/13 22:53:21z Reply Good evening, Bob. Your APRS works fine. You're checked in.{007
W4KBW KG4CWV 08/13 22:52:32z Send another Hope you can see my message. hi ji.... ck me in pls.{RF}
KG4CWV W4KBW 08/06 22:36:57z Reply Hi Bob. You are checked in.{006
W4KBW KG4CWV 08/06 22:34:36z Send another Hey Cliff. It's check in time.{CA}
KG4CWV W4KBW 07/30 22:35:24z Reply Good evening, Mr. Bob. I have you checked in.{005
W4KBW KG4CWV 07/30 22:34:39z Send another Hi Cliff. Check me in please sir.{BZ}
KG4CWV W4KBW 07/23 22:34:28z Reply checked in.{006
KG4CWV W4KBW 07/23 22:34:24z Reply Good evening, Mr. Bob. Got lots of rain today.... You're{005
W4KBW KG4CWV 07/23 22:33:02z Send another Hi Cliff. It's that time again. Please check me in.{AA}
KG4CWV W4KBW 07/16 22:36:13z Reply I have ya' checked in.{008
KG4CWV W4KBW 07/16 22:36:07z Reply Good evening, Bob. It's good to be inside out of the heat.{007
W4KBW KG4CWV 07/16 22:33:47z Send another Hi Cliff. It's net check-in time. Stay safe and cool.{ZZ}