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KN4LQD-7 W4KBW 07/20 17:20:58z Reply Hi Bob enjoyed the morning but cant return today Dean{0
KG4CWV W4KBW 07/18 22:39:01z Reply Good evening, Bob. Got ya' checked in.{004
W4KBW KG4CWV 07/18 22:38:16z Send another Time to check me in.{KI}
KA9ZRZ W4KBW 07/11 22:59:52z Reply Please check me in thanks mike
KG4CWV W4KBW 07/11 22:57:32z Reply Good evening, Bob. I have ya' checked in.{007
W4KBW KG4CWV 07/11 22:56:34z Send another Hey Cliff. Check me in please.{AO}
KG4CWV W4KBW 06/27 22:43:50z Reply are checked in.{007
KG4CWV W4KBW 06/27 22:43:30z Reply Good evening, Mr. Bob. You{006
W4KBW KG4CWV 06/27 22:42:33z Send another Heeeeey.. Check me in. Byes{LU}
W4KBW KG4CWV 06/20 23:04:13z Send another that would dood it.{LT}
KG4CWV W4KBW 06/20 23:03:22z Reply Yea, I had the main band set to the wrong side of the radio.{009
W4KBW KG4CWV 06/20 23:02:22z Send another Ah... got your reply. {LS}
KG4CWV W4KBW 06/20 23:01:52z Reply Test.{008
KG4CWV W4KBW 06/20 23:01:47z Reply Hi, Bob. I have ya' checked in.{003
W4KBW KG4CWV 06/20 22:39:24z Send another You're available..... Great! Check me in{LR}
KG4CWV W4KBW 06/13 22:41:48z Reply Good evening, Bob. I have you checked in.{002
W4KBW KG4CWV 06/13 22:40:14z Send another Hi Cliff. Please check me in.{OX}
KG4CWV W4KBW 06/06 23:09:37z Reply No, Everything is fine here. The Weather Channel says we{031
W4KBW KG4CWV 06/06 22:51:39z Send another Hi Cliff. Hope you're not needing water wings. Check me in please.{CU}
KG4CWV W4KBW 05/30 22:48:31z Reply Hi, Bob. I have ya' checked in.{024
W4KBW KG4CWV 05/30 22:48:03z Send another Hi Cliff. Just got home a bit ago. Please check me in.{HO}
W4KBW W2AS-5 05/25 13:31:25z Send another Hellloooooo Mr. Al{HN}
W2AS-5 W4KBW 05/25 13:30:22z Reply hi Bob{15
KG4CWV W4KBW 05/23 22:43:13z Reply Good evening, Bob. I have you checked in.{013
W4KBW KG4CWV 05/23 22:41:57z Send another Time for a check in.{HM}
KG4CWV W4KBW 05/16 22:40:22z Reply Hi, Bob. You are checked in.{003
W4KBW KG4CWV 05/16 22:38:11z Send another Hi Cliff. Check in time.{HL}