W4BJB-9 messages

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W4BJB-9 W4BJB-7 04/19 14:10:38z Send another Try again{74804
W4BJB-9 W4BJB-7 04/09 22:15:46z Send another Test{A4F04
W4BJB-9 W4BJB-7 04/07 14:26:11z Send another Test results{EF837
W4BJB-9 K1MLN-7 04/06 00:37:08z Send another You have a good evening 73{9365E
W4BJB-9 K1MLN-7 04/06 00:36:59z Send another I'm very limited with APRS messaging at home{693EB
W4BJB-9 K1MLN-7 04/06 00:36:31z Send another I plan to do a few things with Aprs well here{72F45
K1MLN-7 W4BJB-9 04/06 00:35:46z Reply Good{7
K1MLN-7 W4BJB-9 04/06 00:35:42z Reply Enjoy the goof weather. You missed a week of rain!{6
W4BJB-9 K1MLN-7 04/06 00:35:20z Send another No problem. Only here for a few days.{3099C
K1MLN-7 W4BJB-9 04/06 00:32:24z Reply Ah. Sorry. Misheard the call. 73!{5
W4BJB-9 K1MLN-7 04/06 00:28:17z Send another Long drive today. Was scanning a bunch of frequencies{6DC23
W4BJB-9 K1MLN-7 04/06 00:26:47z Send another I didn't check in any nets. Just got to our location here in VA.{D3628
K1MLN-7 W4BJB-9 04/06 00:25:27z Reply 146.490? Thought I heard your call on the simplex net.{4
W4BJB-9 K1MLN-7 04/06 00:24:18z Send another What Frequency/Repeater were you trying to reach me?{F406A
K1MLN-7 W4BJB-9 04/06 00:01:17z Reply - were coming in for me.{3
K1MLN-7 W4BJB-9 04/06 00:01:07z Reply Though that would be an insane haul... I'm surprised how well you -{2
K1MLN-7 W4BJB-9 04/05 23:42:32z Reply Maybe it was me you heard{1