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KD4STT W3GME-6 05/09 23:34:38z Reply gary did you get a chance to look at the tower stuff?{BV}
W3GME W3GME-6 05/05 21:07:30z Reply doing it again{EG}
W3GME-6 W8MAE 05/05 20:08:00z Send another thbdjtmw{35
W3GME-6 W8MAE 05/05 20:06:47z Send another Qbwp{34
W3GME-6 W8MAE 05/05 20:05:53z Send another Qbwp{33
W8MAE W3GME-6 05/05 20:04:32z Reply test{KN}
W3GME-1 W3GME-6 05/05 18:45:28z Reply OK, this seems to work fine for messaging{EH}
W3GME-6 W3GME-1 05/05 18:43:49z Send another test{32
KF4YMC-13 W3GME-6 05/05 18:31:03z Reply Yip. He's making good time though.{6
W3GME-6 KF4YMC-13 05/05 18:30:36z Send another Must be lunch time{31
KF4YMC-13 W3GME-6 05/05 18:29:08z Reply Kenny is sitting still n of Corbin, KY{5
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-10 05/05 18:28:54z Send another Have a safe trip{30
W3GME-1 W3GME-6 05/05 18:24:19z Reply test from laptop{DX}
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-10 05/05 18:23:47z Send another Have a safe trip{28
KF4YMC-13 W3GME-6 05/05 18:21:39z Reply What U got? {3
W3GME-6 W3GME 05/05 18:21:04z Send another got it{29
W3GME W3GME-6 05/05 18:19:58z Reply Test{PR}
W3GME W3GME-6 05/05 18:19:49z Reply Test message{PO}
W3GME W3GME-6 05/02 23:31:02z Reply Read status message{TT}
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/14 13:31:05z Reply good morning Gary, started raining here north of etowah around 8 am{RF}
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/14 02:20:26z Reply seeing storm boxes soth of nashville tn{VC}
W3GME-6 KD4STT 04/12 20:23:14z Send another
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/12 20:23:07z Reply 73s try to meet up there.{ZL}
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/12 20:22:45z Reply 73s try to meet up the
W3GME-6 KD4STT 04/12 00:08:40z Send another talk to me on Dectur{27
N4AAN-1 W3GME-6 04/12 00:07:57z Reply rej26
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/12 00:07:08z Reply you going also?{ZI}
W3GME-6 KD4STT 04/12 00:06:54z Send another yes{26
W3GME-6 KD4STT 04/12 00:06:23z Send another qsy Decatur VHF{25
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/12 00:05:53z Reply Kenny clear already?{ZF}
N4AAN-1 W3GME-6 04/12 00:04:21z Reply rej24
W3GME-6 KD4STT 04/12 00:04:18z Send another he 73ed{24
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/12 00:03:08z Reply why isnt kenny messgaing us?{ZC}
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/12 00:02:28z Reply yeah and "the enemy is always listening".{ZB}
W3GME-6 KD4STT 04/12 00:01:37z Send another you can run but cant hide{23
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/11 23:59:23z Reply knowing the signal track verifies true location{YW}
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/11 23:59:13z Reply Joe seemed to be saying he was in cades cove. lol This is when+{YV}
N4AAN-1 W3GME-6 04/11 23:55:52z Reply rej22
W3GME-6 KD4STT 04/11 23:55:50z Send another as usual{22
W3GME-6 KD4STT 04/11 23:55:04z Send another yea teach him somthing new and he gets crazy{21
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/11 23:54:27z Reply everyone must be feeling pretty good, messing with everyone lol{YU}
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/11 23:52:02z Reply hes messin with us again lol{YS}
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/11 23:51:15z Reply what do you think kc4ojs, lot of traffic as kc4ojs-14{YR}
KD4STT W3GME-6 04/11 23:48:34z Reply no problem{YQ}
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:47:54z Send another 73{20
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:47:18z Send another digi or Winlink{19
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:46:32z Reply 73s my friend..SATURDAY!{48
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:46:08z Reply yes, simple fix{47
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:45:41z Send another 73 Kenny{18
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:45:12z Reply Yes...simple fix{46
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:44:39z Send another club station?{17
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:43:55z Reply Got to run guys..up at 4:30 tomorrow{43
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:43:06z Reply May need server reset{41
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:42:15z Reply I don't think the club station is{39
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:40:58z Send another cool{16
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:40:25z Reply This is from the MESH server{35
W3GME-6 KD4STT 04/11 23:40:11z Send another Good evening ops I mean Thomas{15
KC4OJS-3 W3GME-6 04/11 23:37:31z Reply My MESH is bigger than Thomas' MESH{48
W3GME-6 KD4STT 04/11 23:37:15z Send another Good evening Kenny{14
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-3 04/11 23:35:29z Send another Just having too much fun{13
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-3 04/10 23:48:51z Send another 73{12
KC4OJS-3 W3GME-6 04/10 23:48:19z Reply 73's{42
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-3 04/10 23:47:38z Send another copy{11
KC4OJS-3 W3GME-6 04/10 23:47:23z Reply I have one more computer to get ready{40
KC4OJS-3 W3GME-6 04/10 23:47:03z Reply Got to run my friend{39
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-10 04/10 23:46:35z Send another Do you hear me now{10
KC4OJS-3 W3GME-6 04/10 23:45:41z Reply He is old too!{38
KC4OJS-3 W3GME-6 04/10 23:45:23z Reply Thomas is lazy{37
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-3 04/10 23:43:51z Send another ok{9
KC4OJS-3 W3GME-6 04/10 23:43:15z Reply send something to my -10{34
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-3 04/10 23:43:08z Send another Talking to yourself{8
KC4OJS-3 W3GME-6 04/10 23:42:20z Reply No answer from Lynn yet{33
KC4OJS-3 W3GME-6 04/10 23:41:15z Reply talking to each other{31
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-3 04/10 23:40:05z Send another computer{7
KC4OJS-3 W3GME-6 04/10 23:38:58z Reply working with objects{28
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-3 04/10 23:38:15z Send another Wha is tes 3{6
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-3 04/10 23:36:27z Send another Yep{5
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-3 04/10 23:35:46z Send another Yes{4
KC4OJS-3 W3GME-6 04/10 23:34:05z Reply u c my -10?{27
KC4OJS-3 W3GME-6 04/10 23:33:21z Reply is this u new 710{26
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-3 04/10 23:29:00z Send another yep{3
W3GME W3GME-6 04/10 23:12:49z Reply What's up{DO}
W3GME W3GME-6 04/10 01:28:53z Reply OK...this iis too much fun{RM}
W3GME W3GME-6 04/10 00:59:41z Reply Received{RL}
W3GME-6 W3GME 04/10 00:59:21z Send another A follow up message{2
W3GME-6 W3GME 04/10 00:34:13z Send another Copy that{1
W3GME W3GME-6 04/10 00:32:53z Reply Finally on RF with APRS{RK}
W3GME-6 W3GME 04/10 00:09:47z Send another Very good{0
W3GME W3GME-6 04/10 00:07:32z Reply OK, this is a test{RJ}
W3GME-6 W3GME 04/09 21:02:56z Send another got it{5
W3GME W3GME-6 04/09 21:01:42z Reply Test message{CM}