W1JT-9 messages

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SMSGTE W1JT-9 05/19 15:00:43z Reply @myc K{M1452
W1JT-9 SMSGTE 05/19 15:00:33z Send another @myc tnx{04
SMSGTE W1JT-9 05/19 14:59:31z Reply @myc Good{M1451
W1JT-9 SMSGTE 05/19 14:56:46z Send another @myc test {02
W1JT-9 SMSGTE 05/19 14:55:42z Send another @myc test {01
N1IQI W1JT-9 05/14 16:47:04z Reply HELLO{56
N1IQI W1JT-9 05/14 15:30:51z Reply now{55
N1IQI W1JT-9 05/14 15:25:22z Reply I have you on track know{54
N1IQI W1JT-9 05/14 13:06:40z Reply hI jIM,WHAT TIME ARE YOU STARTING YOUR TRIP?{53
SMSGTE W1JT-9 05/13 22:09:29z Reply @etc Ok{M1205
W1JT-9 SMSGTE 05/13 22:09:04z Send another @etc on way{41
W1JT-9 N1IQI 05/12 18:12:32z Send another hope the wx will be good for you..{40
N1IQI W1JT-9 05/10 14:15:41z Reply will be looking for the msgs...{52
N1IQI W1JT-9 05/10 14:12:43z Reply hope the wx will be good for you..{51
W1JT-9 N1IQI 05/10 14:10:00z Send another got to get to work talk soon{39
N1IQI W1JT-9 05/10 14:09:41z Reply i will try to track you...{50
W1JT-9 N1IQI 05/10 14:09:16z Send another i will message you along the way{38
W1JT-9 N1IQI 05/10 14:09:15z Send another tnx should bd fun{37
W1JT-9 N1IQI 05/10 14:07:09z Send another track us{36
N1IQI W1JT-9 05/10 14:06:57z Reply Hope you have a good trip....{49
N1IQI W1JT-9 05/10 14:04:08z Reply wow {48
W1JT-9 N1IQI 05/10 14:02:41z Send another heading to dayton next wed{35
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 18:28:05z Send another home{34
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 18:17:27z Reply I see you are off cape{0e}33
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 17:42:25z Reply Okay i see you{0d}33
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 17:02:59z Reply Game over ?{0c}33
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 17:01:26z Send another just had lunch heading home now{33
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 16:52:20z Reply Game over ?{0c}32
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 15:59:38z Send another on way home{32
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 15:52:14z Reply Game over ?{0c}31
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 15:37:13z Reply got you in South Yarmouth{0b}31
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 14:46:02z Send another rr{31
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 14:37:07z Reply got you in South Yarmouth{0b}30
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 13:41:58z Reply hgot you in Yarmouth{0a}30
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 13:23:11z Send another yarmouth{30
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 13:17:54z Reply hgot you in Yarmouth{0a}29
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 13:00:26z Send another barnstable{29
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 05/04 11:56:29z Reply Okay sounds good{0Z}28
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 11:49:15z Send another will msg U when i get there{28
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 05/04 11:48:15z Send another heading to cape for soccer game{27
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/30 16:36:21z Send another thats a good question!{26
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/30 16:30:42z Reply GM Jim where is the sun{0W}24
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/29 16:11:57z Reply GM Happy Mon to you to{0V}24
N1IQI W1JT-9 04/29 14:22:56z Reply GM HAPPY MON{45
W1JT-9 N1IQI 04/29 12:58:19z Send another gm happy mon{25
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/29 12:57:26z Send another gm happy mon{24
N1HQL-9 W1JT-9 04/25 17:28:03z Reply Hi from gs FN42KK! {0
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 15:47:07z Send another headed to lunch ok on 900{23
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 13:15:15z Send another at office 73{22
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/23 13:12:03z Reply OK have a great day i will call you later on 900{0N}22
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/23 13:10:14z Reply OK have a great day i will call you later on 900{0N}21
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 13:08:33z Send another leaving bank now{21
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 12:52:43z Send another was tired did not much at all{20
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 12:50:40z Send another did not wrk on tnc{19
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 12:49:53z Send another sri was driving parked now{18
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/23 12:45:16z Reply Good morning Jim, did you get any work done lastnight on the TNC-Pi{0M}17
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/23 12:40:05z Send another gm on waw to bank{17
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/23 12:32:09z Reply Good morning Jim, did you get any work done lastnight on the TNC-Pi{0M}16
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/22 19:57:36z Send another heading home{16
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/22 16:28:08z Send another awesome g am headed to po now{15
WD1L-10 W1JT-9 04/22 16:10:59z Reply Got it, Nice...{0L}13
W1JT-9 W1JT 04/22 13:04:43z Send another bank{14
W1JT-9 WD1L-10 04/22 13:01:45z Send another sending from car{13
W1JT-9 KC1FGY-9 04/07 14:06:27z Send another great day{12
W1JT-9 KC1FGY-9 03/29 19:10:24z Send another tnx{11
W1JT-9 KC1FGY-9 03/29 19:07:53z Send another If I don't answer, try me on the Whitman Repeater
KC1FGY-9 W1JT-9 03/29 19:04:44z Reply safe travels{49
KC1FGY-9 W1JT-9 03/29 18:47:59z Reply safe travels!{48
W1JT-9 SMSGTE 03/23 12:40:43z Send another @myc ok{10
SMSGTE W1JT-9 03/23 12:40:24z Reply @myc Yes{M8054
SMSGTE W1JT-9 03/20 13:12:35z Reply @twc Please when you can{M7931
W1JT-9 SMSGTE 03/20 13:12:02z Send another @twc awesome leps takk soon{9
SMSGTE W1JT-9 03/20 13:02:37z Reply @twc Down the keys, all is well here. The shack at home looks great{M7930
W1JT-9 SMSGTE 03/20 13:01:47z Send another @twc hpe ur well{8
W1JT-9 SMSGTE 03/20 13:01:10z Send another @twc sitting waiting for bank to open and u poppe d into my thought{7
W1JT-9 W1JT-7 03/11 00:27:49z Send another leave{6